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  1. The itinerary has them at Margaret River but the bridge cam says heading to Fremantle ,Wonder if they have missed Busselton or have they not got there yet ?
  2. Excellent itinerary . Love the 3 days in Capetown . We did a similar cruise which finished in Capetown and then had 3 days post cruise .So much to do and see there and all relatively close at hand .At least with this cruise you get to cruise back home rather than a long flight .
  3. Auckland ferry commuter chaos: Who is to blame? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12302255 More problems for Auckland . Have not heard of this happening before, as far as I know there is plenty of room for everyone.
  4. Regents Seven Seas Voyager and Queen Elizabeth are in today Tues 21 Jan
  5. Great deal . NZ agent has cruise only for. $1056 Inside and $1811 balcony. Cant beat $88 per day . Wonder if the overnight at Yorkers is putting folk off.
  6. Great to see that cam back , not sure about the $10 fee to view 😳
  7. Whakari is still puffing away. No one has set foot on it since the rescue teams returned. Whakatane is quiet andthe tourist boats are offering fishing trips or a visit to Whale Island , which I believe is a bird sanctuary . .
  8. Last night the automatic tsunami warning sirens went off at 9 pm in the Bay of Plenty and continued for 15 minutes. Because of the continuous siren many people evacuated to higher ground . The swells had been much higher due to the cyclone so I would not be surprised that that may have been the cause ......but no one has said anything yet.
  9. Looks like raindrops are falling in Adelaide today ,20 Jan , which will be very very welcome Lets hope it is rain and they are not just cleaning the ash off the windows 😳
  10. Seabourn Encore ,Maasdam ,and Oceanias Regatta are in town today . Seabourn at Princes Wharf , Maasdam at Queens Wharf and Regatta at Captain Cook Wharf .
  11. They have a perfect day for Waiheke . Hardly any wind and not a cloud in the sky . The water will be sparkling and the village will be humming .
  12. Looks OK today. Ruby is at the sugar wharf in Lautoka
  13. Encore is anchored off Waiheke Island today and is tendering passengers ashore to the Waiheke ferry terminal. Should be a very busy day on the Island .She then takes a 45 minute cruise and docks in Auckland tomorrow .πŸ˜€
  14. Carnivals Pacific Explorer in Sydney today 19 Jan
  15. Are there any ships up around Fiji or Tonga at the moment ? Warnings are out that the seas will be high even as far as NZ.
  16. They would probably be the very ones fighting for a front row seat .🀭
  17. Another advantage is that you are up high in the bus and get a great view of the countryside from London to Southhampton.
  18. It’s either Feast or Famine. 😳
  19. Taxis and shuttles are readily available at Auckland. Heres the link to the airport information page https://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/transport/taxis-and-shuttles
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