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  1. Thanks for any information. We bought the cellar 2 wine package I was sure this included as per the HAL that this included tax/gratitudes? perhaps I read this wrong and can’t get onto the site as we are no longer booked but traveling. reveiw to come thanks
  2. Thanks everyone for the input. We are off today - once I pack. Pouring rain in Vancouver - warm and cozy clothes I'm so excited - there is no bad cruise. Looking forward to relaxation, friends and meeting new ones I will write a review on our return I have a bad history of not writing a review - but this time I will make the effort.
  3. Thanks everyone, Two gift bags ready! One for my partner - with a couple of goodies for him and the other for our friend's cabin. Wow - great suggestions, and I'm up early packing now as I was lost in shopping yesterday for the items. Fun. My friends, they haven't been on this forum - so busy, they haven't thought much about cruising, speaking with them last night - they were just throwing together a suitcase. I bought one set of sea bands too - hopefully, they won't be needed but my friend is unsure how she would be in high seas. I know she didn't buy any as she was asking if gravol best to take. Does anyone know best over the counter sea sickness pills and can they get on board? Luckily, we don't get sea sick and have been in big seas, around cape horn and also Austraila crossing and the worst once leaving Vancouver going south to LA. HAL wouldnt sail out because of the storm, and we were on NCL and they decided to leave and get ahead of it. Well we were in the storm for two days. Luckily, we had fun rocking and rollin. Not everyone did. Thanks again, great input I will send a review when we are back. The worst for submitting reviews Pouring rain in Vancouver.
  4. Especially with the forecast !!!!! Rain in Alaska !! For sure will get these
  5. Everyone has been awesome !!!!! thanks for all the great tips and the gift bags are going to nice and full!!!! Doing one for our cabin too as all the items will come in handy for us too! Especially the champagne. I think we are allowed only one bottle to walk on with each. Too bad they wouldn’t permit a little one for my friends bag, I guess I can just pay the corkage - might as well get a full size one instead ! So many helpful suggestions I’m going out to shop !!!! Sailaway on Sunday !
  6. Any suggestions for a little welcome gift bag I want to our first time cruiser friends who are joining us on a cruise on Sunday? things that are useful on trip ie: highlighter for daily bulletin
  7. Thanks - it was the last few reviews on Cruisecritic reviews - “floating Petri dish”, dirty ship, food terrible in mdr. Now reading responses from fellow board followers - I’ve been set straight ! I know it will be all that I’ve experienced in the past and what makes cruising great for us. I think having friends coming who have not cruised adds some pressure .... I want them to love cruising too so we can do more together. Have a great cruise in April and thank you for your research!
  8. Thanks so much !!! Glad you had great time Great 👍 - best food award - looking forward to some great meals !
  9. Thank you everyone I’m confident we will have a great cruise. The cruise critic review I recently read - was about food being terrible in the MDR and the ship was called a “floating Petri dish” But I’m not concerned after reading responses. We will have a great time and have always enjoyed the service and food and how can you not enjoy the lovely decadent experience of a cruise. There are Always complainers which we are not To respond to the complaints of so much illness on ship - i bring my own small hand sanitizer to do a quick squirt before I start to eat. Not just coming into lido as then you touch all serving spoons etc and some people haven’t used entry sanitizer or have coughed or sneezed re-infecting their hands. Living with so many on a ship - you can’t wash your hands too many times. Thanks again for putting me back on the right tract ....count down - we leave Sunday from Vancouver and return to Vancouver
  10. Thank you for all this information - totally reassured !! People are correct, enjoy and don’t look at reviews. The last person that wrote on cruise critic review said food awful, floating Petri dish (lots of illness), said they would never cruise again after week on Westerdam. I love cruising and coming back to HA after many years of cruising Celebrity. HA has provided great service, food and experience on my past experience. Menus look great - thanks for alll the pictures and review!
  11. We have just booked and leave soon for a one week alaska cruise and bringing friends on first cruise soany bad reviews - can anyone else give me some insight thanks
  12. Thank you so much - we will wait until we are on the ship.
  13. thanks so much Kazu. I have cruised HAL several times but for years have been on different lines, mostly celebrity. I'm going to check my star status ..... and most likely just book the cellar 2 wines and dinner separately. thanks for the advise. I thought i read its cheaper to book the wine package before the trip but doesn't server get a bonus if you book the wine package the first night at dinner - is it more expensive?
  14. I live in Vancouver and my son lives in victoria Ive taken the pacific connector bus many times and its a good service, until i discovered flying Harbour Air ...... Its so fast and economical and absolutely stunning flight. I fly Vancouver Harbour (close to cruise terminal) to downtown harbour of Victoria. I have gone one way for 84dollars Canadian depending on which time you can go. This cheaper or close to the price of a car and one passenger on ferry one way and twenty minutes and you are there. I didnt read all the responses but hope this helps
  15. Unfortunately, After calling HAL, the person was unable to answer all my questions regarding this wine package for our 7 day cruise. It states 6 bottles of wine - I had to call to find out indeed it is the cellar 1 type wine - the lowest end (any comments on these wines?) 2. I asked what are the two wine tasting events.... HAL didn't know. I did explore and one wine tasting is event is almost 50 dollars(premium) on board and second is 25 dollars does anyone know if we get to do both of these ?. The HAL contact has no idea. If we get the premium wine tasting that would be worth while overall what do people think Thinking of doing this as I like the idea of the Pinnacle which is included and having a nice dinner the sail out evening from Vancouver to Alaska. Coast line is lovely Or: 4 bottle of Level 1 and 4 bottle of Level 2 and skip the Cellar Wine Master Pack and buy Pinnacle separately and not go to wine tasting Can you tell - I do love my wine Thanks for any advise anyone can give
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