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  1. First time MSC cruiser with some questions: 1. Bella experience selected: Can I select a classic dining experience? i.e. traditional dining style, a dedicated table each night, to enjoy personalised service from the same waiter, know my dining preferences. If not, can I request a set time and waiter in the Flexi Dining room? Can you pre-select a set time AND set table daily? 2. Embarkation: What time will allow the least amount of waiting in line to board the ship, yet will still allow us to eat in the main dining room for lunch which is open from Noon to 1:30pm. 3. Disembarkation: Since times for disembarkation are by room, and for us that time is around 8:15am, can we wait until 9:00am to disembark, to allow us to finish breakfast in the main dining room. 4. Broadway Theatre seat reservations: The app, MSC for me, allows you to reserve for the show in the Broadway Theater. Does it reserve a place or an actual seat? ie general admission ticket or a served seat? Same question for Cirque du Soliel. 5. Dining: are you able to order the entree without the vegetable? order two steaks entrees? Order the chicken, steak, and the salmon? 6. Towels: Can you take a pool towel off the ship to use on shore?
  2. No whistles on March 10.
  3. Can my cruise experience be enhanced by sailing on one ship over another? What tangible activity/experience will be improved? I understand that crew will change after Covid-19. But with that in mind, I have listed/ranked, ship provided experience with preferences that can guide your discussion. Once again, thank you for your critique. Entertainment 1. The Punchliner Comedy Club is the most important experience for us. We enjoy a laugh late at night prior to retiring for the evening. We prefer the rated R comedy. Can you comment on the comedians on each ship? 2. The Stage Shows is the next important experience for us. We enjoy the Rock and Roll shows after dinner. We tend to sit on the second row and immerse ourselves in the action. Can you comment on the quality and impact of stage performers on each ship? 3. Karaoke is the another important experience for us. We enjoy watching fellow cruisers butcher songs. The host and venue makes or breaks the experience for us. Can you comment on the karaoke venue and host on each ship? 4. Casino, does any Carnival ship still have a Poker Tournament with cards instead of a computerized table? Dining 1. The Main Dining for dinner in with set dining is the most important dining experience for us. We enjoy an engaging waiter and quality food. In the past, we enjoyed a decent cut of steak and a tasty chicken breast. Does the food quality vary by ship? 2. Guy’s Burger Joint and Blue Iguana Cantina have been a tasty experience for lunch. Does the food quality vary by ship? 3. Does Carnival still offer a dining room breakfast? Does it depend on the ship? Does any ship offer something above and beyond what another ship doesn’t offer?
  4. Here is your problem. penny-wise and pound-foolish.
  5. The short answer: No. The long answer: It is your loss, not the cruise lines. People spread disease, not cruise ships. When AIDS began to spread, did people stop having coitus? No. People are more careful and life goes on. The same can be said of cruising, both types. See there a pun.
  6. https://www.namadr.com/practice-areas/cruise-lines/ Binding arbitration is incorporated into passenger ticket contracts for Carnival Cruise Lines, to efficiently and expeditiously resolve passenger claims. NAM is the arbitration administrator for the world’s leading cruise lines. Claims are reviewed and determined by independent, experienced and neutral arbitrators. Comprehensive Dispute Resolution Rules and Procedures provide a fair, impartial and expedient process so that issues will be resolved in a timely fashion. NO juries, no federal court, no big payouts.
  7. Using a regular taxi is $20 per person, round trip. The ferry to Pinel island was $12 per person, round trip.
  8. Day 7 – At Sea Ice sculpture, Baked Alaska, Cruise director Corey,
  9. Day 5 – St. Maarten Pinel island – north side of island, yellow beach, beach bar, looking toward St. Maarten. Dinner pictures: Twice baked goat cheese, hotdog with chili and cheese, beef rib, prime rib, crème Brule, cheesecake, and chocolate.
  10. Day 4 – St. Thomas Highlights: Sapphire Beach; Strong waves after lunch. $10 pp each way. Chairs $9. Iguana, shade tree, beach, and waves. Dinner pictures: Beef and Veal, cake, lemon cheesecake, Alfredo’s Pizza – Margherita, Hawaiian, tiramisu. 24k Gold Party, Karaoke, Princess theater.
  11. Day 3 – Sea day Highlights: Vegetable carvings, deserts, Slice pizza, International Café pot pie, London Broil with mint jelly, desert, chocolate boat, gourmands, Captain’s champagne, Karaoke.
  12. Day 2 – Princess Cays 8:30 a.m. Estrella for breakfast; Omelet, pancakes, hash brown potatoes, OJ and Coffee. 11:00 a.m. Tender to Princess Cays; we waited until the initial rush left the ship. 12:00 p.m. BBQ Lunch; Cheeseburger, hotdog, potato salad, and chocolate chip cookies. 6:00 p.m. Sabatini’s Italian Trattoria; Fondue, Lamb, Trio of ziti, chicken parm, lasagna, Veal masala and tiramisu 8:00 p.m. Michael Misko the magician / Comic; Excellent magic, decent comedy; far right seat.
  13. Embarkation: Dropping off the luggage with porter was quick and easy. Parking in Terminal 2 garage was convenient. Waiting in 43 minute line to enter terminal was long. Others waited 75 minutes in queue. The delay due to former embarkation company having a staff member test positive for Covid-19. The new company hired was still learning the process of embarkation. Health questionnaire requires and forehead temperature checked. Estrella Dining Room for Lunch; Beef Tenderloin, medium was very good. Walked the ship; We started on Deck 19 and worked our way to Deck 5; She is clean, beautiful and nicely floor planned. Only negative, occasionally a front elevator was out of service. Sailaway Party by pool with DJ Brickhouse. She was marvelous by selecting great music. Cielo Dining Room for dinner; Beef ribs, Chicken, Cheese leak tart, desert, birthday cake. Comedian Miguel Washington in Princess Theater. I heckled him once as he was barely good this night. Karaoke Power Hour in Princess Live! ; excellent passenger singers. Dance the night away in Vista Lounge; with DJ Brickhouse. 6
  14. On the Sky in 3 1/2 days. Thank you for the review.
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