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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive review! I took this class on Victory and it was identical to what you described so it must be pretty standard. I loved it as well, and would definitely do this class again on another cruise. EAT FIRST!!
  2. Flying home tomorrow...look for a full review soon! *Spoiler Alert* IT'S AMAZING!!!
  3. Happy Birthday from The Nile...De Nile? Nah...Enjoy 50, I'll see you there soon!
  4. Happy Birthday from The Nile...De Nile? Nah...Enjoy 50, I'll see you there soon!
  5. Fran, Yes, we did the sunrise tour! We were picked up at our hotel (Winter Palace in Luxor) at 4:15am and we took a felucca across the Nile to the West Bank. Then we all stood around until the Aviation Ministry determined whether we could fly or not. Once we got the go ahead we inflated the balloons and took off...around 5:30am. We flew for about an hour, not directly over the Valley of the Kings, because that is on the other side of the mountain, but the Valley of the Queens and Hapshutsut's temple. It was absolutely one of the highlights of our trip so far! As far as cost goes, I am not entirely sure because this ride was a gift and paid for by someone else, but I believe they run around $200-$250....but don't quote me on that. Do bring a few American dollars to tip your chase crew at the end though...like $2-$4 per person is plenty.
  6. Did the hot air balloon ride yesterday!!! Totally amazing!
  7. Wow...I miss one day and I have 5 pages to read! Well I am in for the read, hopefully! I am currently sitting at the Marriott in Downtown Cairo but the internet here is spectacular! FYI - Egyptian wine is not to bad either! Safe travels Sid!
  8. Fran - These were taken at the Citadel and the Roman theater in downtown Amman.
  9. Hi all, I am currently in Jordan on the Pre-Trip with Overseas Adventure Travel and having an absolute blast! Today we toured the Citadel in the morning, Stopped at a local falafel place for lunch, a street cart for Kunafeh a walk through the old town in the afternoon, including the ampitheater and the Friday markets for local goods/fruits. For dinner this evening, we broke away from the group to meet a friend who lives here so our experience was different from the group but a super fun "fusion" restaurant where the local hipster crowd hangs out. Really interesting! Tomorrow we head to Jerash and Ajlun before heading back to Amman for our home hosted dinner. Any question...ask away! I will try to get them answered!
  10. Barrheadlass - I leave for this trip with OAT in three weeks! Doing the Jordan pre-trip as well. I will be sure to let you know how it went! This will be my first trip with OAT so I am interested to see how they do things.
  11. Thanks for the heads up! I have both the Hilton and the Delta and it was available for the Hilton so perfect timing as I am getting ready to book a January 2021 birthday cruise!
  12. The Rhapsody out of Venice to this day remains my family's favorite cruise! Suprisingly Katakolon was our favorite port, then Ephesus (Royal doesn't stop there anymore), then Dubrovnik. The ones I thought would be my favorite were nice, but those three ports blew me away. I reviewed it: https://soccermomtravels.com/2016/08/22/cruising-venice-the-greek-isles-and-the-eastern-mediterranean/ It is in like 10 parts so feel free to skip the boring parts!!
  13. Funny! I am doing Egypt in September and China next year!
  14. This is what I do as well. Works great and super small to fit in luggage.
  15. I am waiting for January 2022...It will be my 50th birthday and I really want to jump on a yacht club cabin as soon as they come out. I really hope that they do the same itineraries as they have listed for January 2021 for the Divina. I would love to do one of the January T/A's for my birthday. How vigilant on release date checking do I have to be to get a YC for one of those? Anyone know of any good tracking methods??
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