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  1. Put me in the "bad planner" bucket. We've been so busy and our cruise snuck up on me. We're leaving on Harmony in about a week (2nd time) and will be staying in an Owners Suite. I completely neglected to book Perfect Day waterpark passes and they are showing up as "unavailable" online. Does that mean they are sold out? And, if so, can our sky concierge help us obtain passes for our kids?
  2. I received notification last night that our RoyalUp bid was accepted. We're 24 days from sailing as of today and booked a suite guarantee for 4 passengers (parents + 2 kids) on Harmony OTS. We were assigned a GS on Deck 7 last weekend and got our RoyalUp email a couple of days later. All 4 person suites for our sailing are showing as sold out, but I had 5 choices for RoyalUp bids - an OS, CLS, Aqua 1-bed, Aqua 2-bed and Star Loft Suite. I bid on only two categories - the OS and the Aqua 2-bedroom. The starting bid for Aqua 1-bed was too high, I don't care for the CLS balconies and the Star Loft Suite starting bid was very high for us. Anyway, I received an email last night that our RoyalUp bid was accepted for the Owner's Suite - we got one on Deck 14 port side (just below pool deck so noise is a slight concern, but we're pretty heavy sleepers). I bid $20 above the starting bid of $400 (so $840 total for the upgrade from GS to OS for 4 people; $210 pp); as we started with a great guarantee rate we ended up in an OS for what it would have cost to put all four of us in one balcony cabin (we booked late). I was surprised our bid was accepted this early; seems like most ppl don't hear until shortly before sailing. Then again, I haven't read all 96 pages of this thread so I may be wrong about that. Good luck to the bidders still waiting!
  3. I posted just after you - we also booked a 4 pax guarantee on Harmony and were assigned a GS. I wonder if we're on the same sailing? I haven't gotten any "RoyalUp" email, but maybe I don't understand how it works? As to whether it is "worth it" to upgrade, in my opinion that depends on how much you paid pp for your initial fare, how often you vacation and whether the extra $$ is a hardship or inconvenience. GS are very, very nice cabins, but aren't as spacious as some of the other offerings on Harmony. However, given the typical price differences, GS are a great deal. We are traveling with our two kids as well (7 and 9, so younger and less smelly/moody than yours - for now). We got a great rate, so I'd likely pay $400 pp more to have 2 bathrooms and the in-room dining table. For us, personally, we prefer to order room service breakfast off the MDR menu each morning and enjoy eating at our leisure and in relative peace. We've had a royal family suite before and having a dining table that accommodated all of us was amazing. Due to school, sports, and work obligations, we only travel as a family a couple of times a year. I prefer to be as comfortable as possible when we do so. But your initial cabin assignment is nothing to be disappointed about!
  4. I started the thread posted below on Wednesday. We received our cabin assignment last night; I am seeing numerous guarantee questions so I wanted to give an update. We were assigned a Grand Suite on Deck 7. We received a great rate on this guarantee so I'd have been pleased had we been given a JS (we had a resident rate + sale + Crown and Anchor discount), but I did have my fingers crossed for a GS so we can have access to Coastal Kitchen, the lounge, etc. I *think* the fact that we had 4 passengers may have helped with this assignment; there aren't as many JS that accommodate 4 as I'd have thought. Anyway - good luck to all of those who are waiting. As we've reserved nothing it's time to get to work (we've been on Harmony before and are pretty relaxed lol). We've had a Royal Family Suite before on Freedom and it was definitely our best cruise, in large part due to that cabin and the convenience of in-room dining.
  5. Lol thanks for the replies. We haven't received any email welcoming us to any class of suite yet. Message received - the only thing you can rely on is an actual cabin assignment and there don't seem to be any reliable indicators of what sort of suite one is likely to be assigned.
  6. Hi all - I've searched but can't find this question addressed on the boards. We booked a suite guarantee for 4 passengers (2 adults, 2 kids) on a Harmony sailing leaving June 2019 - got a great rate. Anyway, no cabin assignment yet and I'm happy if we get a Jr Suite. I completed check-in and viewed our Set Sail Pass, which still say GTY for our cabin, but we have a muster station assignment of E2 and under "Suite" it says "Sky". It appears that Junior Suites are "Sea" class suites, and "Sky" is the next level up. Does this mean we are likely to be assigned a GS or greater, or is the "Sky" designation on our Set Sail Pass meaningless at this point? Again, we'll be happy with a JS, but I noticed this and am merely curious if I can attach any meaning to this at all (based on recent experiences, my guess is that no, this doesn't mean anything).
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