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  1. Giving away secrets.......but 2020 is my 80th birthday year. I already have Indian Ocean cruise booked for January and now Tahiti in November. Can't take it with me and I "just love to cruise" - note my tag Pacificlover
  2. Quick update........rang at 7.01am this morning, got a home based agent. My sailing of choice was the last one prior to relocation back to US. Result: only inside cabin left on deck I wanted was next to laundry. Agent was able to give me partial obstructed for same price. Happy camper! Prices are premium though due to demand. I would suggest you don't spend too much time deciding if you want to do one of these sailings.
  3. Not the Phillipines.......probably direct to home based agent...
  4. The guy was agressive and spoke to me as if I was a moron. Their office opens at 7.00am so will try then.
  5. Thanks for the heads up - have found dates etc. Strange though when I rang Princess hoping to jump the gun as I'm Elite.....they knew nothing about the sailings. I've done my homework re flight connections and am ready - will ring first thing tomorrow and hope I get a cabin.
  6. When you are booking one way they are expensive (if cruising back to Aus), but return Sydney look to be around $1,500 for either Qantas or Air NZ. I'll certainly be looking at the prices tomorrow for the cruise. Have been on Pacific Princess from Papette before and loved it.
  7. I'm booked on the Circle Indian ocean for 46 days on the Sun- I hope that this not a mistake on my part. The cruise is one that is rarely offered, so in this case the itinerary was my reason for booking, not the ship.
  8. Did you know the captain of this ship has a blog.........Captain, Who's driving?......I have followed him on at least 4 of his last world cruises. This is to be his last I believe. Interesting blog with blow by blow account of entering ports, plus photos taken whilst ashore.
  9. Please add... 24 January 2020.........Pacificlover........Sun Princess.......Circle Indian Ocean.......46 days. So looking forward to this one.
  10. I have stayed at the Circle Hotel in the past. I believe it has had an update since my last visit. It was very compact... with room for 2 queen sized beds, very small bathroom and fridge. More like a motel room really, BUT it is beach front, just across the road from main swimming area. At the zoo end. If you take the front rooms you have wonderful view of all the activity. Watch the lanterns being lite every night. Half a block from statue. Eggs and More underneath.
  11. Also factor in Qld do not have Summer Time whereas NSW does. NSW is one hour ahead.
  12. I would choose by which ports are enroute. My personal favourite would include Tahiti as I've been through Fiji etc on shorter cruises out of Sydney. Starting in Hawaii also gives you the chance to SHOP and not worry about overweight luggage.
  13. The Sun is doing a 46 day Freemantle to South Africa in January 2020. I'm thinking of it, but have my reservations re the age of the ship. Love the size. Heavily booked already.
  14. On my first visit to Moorea I too did the tour in a jeep type vehicle. Very interesting to say the least, with a "cowboy" driver, but I was younger then and really enjoyed the adventure. Great way to see the island and photo opportunities. By memory booked through the ship (with a warning not to go if you had back issues - pretty rough).
  15. I did a private tour Swim with Sharks which I found through Google. Absolutely fabulous!!! The private one was a full day and we swam (actually you stand in chest high water if you are short like me) and have sharks and sting rays surround you. Also visit a motu and have lunch and a few drinks. Google will find it for you. A similar tour is available in Bora Bora, but there are other cheap options to do there like take the bus to the beach. I think that the ship's version is twice the price and not full day.
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