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  1. I may be wrong, but think when booking through US agency grats are not included and are added daily during the voyage. When booking with Australian agent or Princess Australia office they are included in price. Something to think about per person - usually around $US13 per day (may be more when in a balcony) - that sure adds up to $$$ during a cruise.
  2. I wouldn't count on upgrade just because you are Elite. I have been for more than 3 years, have cruised around 3 times a year and am still to receive an upgrade offer.
  3. If you are happy 2 Go on a Vacation you should book
  4. I was on the ship for the Circle Indian Ocean cruise which finished in Fremantle with some passengers continuing on to Adelaide or Sydney. The passenger was more likely to have picked up the virus whilst transferring home to Tasmania. The Sun disembarked the majority of the passengers on 10 March in Fremantle.
  5. Hoping South Pacific in June as I've nabbed a super special on Explorer.
  6. Enough already. This has become unpleasant. I knew that I could put another person on my booking, but that did not sit well with me. I cruise at least 3 to 4 times a year and would hate to be denied further bookings because I fraudulently entered into the agreement of booking my cabin. Gone are the days when I was able to "share with a stranger" and so must rely on friends to be available to cruise when a deal comes up. I have been on the past two Christmas cruises on the Explorer (with friends) and loved every minute. Had hoped I could repeat the experience this year.
  7. No Mr Walker........I particularly queried her constant reference to "solo" cabin. Told her I was not interested in special cabin, but wanted a regular twin cabin - willing to pay for that, but with only one passenger. This was a direct call to P&O. I quoted my loyalty number and she was aware that I have extensive history with P&O. In fact my last cruise in September with my family I was given priority treatment. P&O have never done that before for me, but I was given priority boarding, fruit bowls delivered to my cabin on two occasions, choc covered strawberries on one and an invitation to a cocktail party for very small group of passengers. All without any request by myself. I am Elite with Princess but have never experienced this treatment with P&O before. I was pleasantly surprised. But obviously none of this counts when trying to book a cabin for myself when "specials" are being offered.
  8. Thank you Brisbane41. I feel I should not have to lie or pretend to be in a partnership in order to book a cabin. If I am prepared to pay double (gulp!!) then I should be allowed to choose whichever cruise I want. The cruise lines in the past have taken my booking, but in this case it is a "last minute" booking, and therefore cheaper.
  9. Just tried to book Christmas cruise with Pacific Explorer as a solo passenger. Was told sorry no cabins available. When I asked about twin share, then cabins immediately became available. As a solo booking I would have been paying double the price, ie for two berths, how is that not discrimination? I realise P&O worry about lost on board spending with only the one person buying, but do they really think it is worth a cabin sailing empty by denying a solo cruiser?
  10. I have heard that the staff lose out, not only by lack of grats but that the head of their section asks them to "please explain" - have they not done their job correctly. Feed back from passengers goes a long way to the staff getting perks - like time off - if they do an excellent job. As others have said, just accept that it is part of your cruise fare. Lets face it, it usually equates to the price of a cocktail per day.
  11. Just read ship rescued three sailors, so will probably be late arriving
  12. I think the toxicology report would have been done when at the hospital. Probably standard for admissions
  13. Something new with P&O. My booking for September of this year now has an option to "Match Tour Price". If you can show them you have been able to book a tour cheaper than their price - they will offer OBC for the difference. They have been listening to passengers!!!
  14. Oh how I love this site.........thanks for the question Jinja0707. Reminded me that I would have to make arrangements for my car as well. I think we are both on the same cruise "Circle Indian Ocean". I've previously been on a 35 day cruise where I did not bother about my car, but the 7 weeks I'll be away for this time is so much longer. Will look you up at the Meet and Mingle........Jan
  15. Giving away secrets.......but 2020 is my 80th birthday year. I already have Indian Ocean cruise booked for January and now Tahiti in November. Can't take it with me and I "just love to cruise" - note my tag Pacificlover
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