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  1. no good snorkeling in or around SXM - 'best' is a relative thing but most likely around Creole rock in the Marigot Bay or around Tintamarre in Orient Bay
  2. we had a blast on this excursion several years ago - boat very comfortable and food very good
  3. my recommendation would be to do a discover SCUBA dive - kids are too young for that - but anyone age 14 and above would be able to dive with minimal instruction that day
  4. agree - we love surfside beach we spent most of our days there while there for a week long SCUBA trip - came back from diving to chairs, delicious food, good wine - MUCH more affordable than any of the places on Eagle beach - also more of a local hangout than Eagle or Palm
  5. We stayed in 6131 last fall - lovely cabin - we loved how close it was to the stairs and elevator - literally a flight or two to just about anywhere on the ship we wanted to go...
  6. aware of that - we spent 12 days on Ambergris Caye - just was saying to plan early - by the time we decided we wanted to do it, there were no flights available for the duration of our vacation - and no boat trips either - even with a flight back to the mainland... next trip to Belize I will definitely make a trip to Caye Caulker - but I will plan better
  7. OK - so how does it work when we have two unlimited packages? Different accounts?
  8. Can't speak for Moomba - never made it there But Reflexxions is AWESOME! great food - best mojito anywhere - fabulous staff! I miss it!
  9. can't tell you the best place - but can give some advice on where to stay away from just back from a week on Aruba and the one place I wouldn't return to is called CocoLoco - rude staff - outrageous prices - about 100 bucks for two worn out loungers - an umbrella - four cocktails and two bottles of water - the chairs and umbrellas alone were 40 bucks US - twice what they are at Reflexions - Save your money - take a taxi to Surfside beach and spend the day at Reflexions - it is actually walking distance from the pier
  10. Cannot speak about the excursion per se - BUT will say that we went to shark/ray alley and Hol Chan while there on a land vacation - both very cool but very crowded, even on a day with no ships in port - wanted to go to Caye Caulker but could not find flight or boat there... next time
  11. also might note that Reflexions is very inexpensive - prices in menu are in NAF - to convert you divide by two and add ten percent - so our 220 dollar afternoon (a bottle of wine - three mojitos - ceviche - snack platter - four bottles of water) ended up costing 110 bucks! with a view that cannot be beat!
  12. We are just back from a week in Aruba on a SCUBA diving trip - the diving wasn't that great - BUT we dove from a group on surfside beach called SE Aruba - (they were awesome too, just ftr) - just down the beach from them was the Reflexions bar - one day my husband got sea sick during the first dive and the shop was nice enough to drop him back at the shop while we went out for our second dive - he decided to 'wait it out' at Reflexions - paid 20 bucks for two chairs and umbrellas - I joined him when we returned about an hour later - some of the best ceviche I have ever had for lunch - nice wine - the best mojito ever - fabulous staff - very very friendly and very easy to get a cab later - we liked it so much we spent four of our six afternoons there
  13. We were in Grand Cayman for family vacation just last week Spent the day at Royal Palms Beach Club - very nice - delicious food (highly recommend shrimp tacos and conch fritters) - great wine list - rumor on the island is that it has been bought by Four Seasons and won't be around long - not easy to find due to tons of construction around it but still a great day - We got lucky the day we were there - no ships in port so we got freebie chairs, umbrellas and cabana -
  14. Jborosara

    Belize safe??

    Spent 12 days in Belize last February - had a great time Did not ever feel unsafe during that time - also didn't often wear shoes, which was nice Having said all of that - the only part of the mainland that we saw was the Belize City Airport - which is not bad - nicer than Grand Cayman (though that isn't saying much) - A few shops - can buy rum and your own coke zero and mix own drinks - nobody gave a darn about that Ambergris Caye is very cool - if I were stopping on a cruise ship, I'd hop on a taxi to the airport - buy a ticket to AC and spend the day - the flight is 15-20 minutes and the island is very cool
  15. Bikini beach bar on Orient beach (one of the five stars) recently reopened - From what I've heard work is also being done on Kon-tiki and Kakao with openings expected in time for the high season this winter Also several smaller beach bars open and renting chairs - Chez Leandra has a kitchen and renting chairs - Perch Lite is open past the rocks by Pedro's We have visited for extended vacations several times - will be on a cruise stop this November and absolutely plan to go to Orient Beach - my only holdup was making sure there are adequate bathrooms - assume with a fully functional restaurant and bar now open that there are Is it the same as pre-Irma - certainly not... but I will still be there
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