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  1. Our experience on the Bliss: The Local: just fine, nothing special Ocean Blue: excellent service, good food not great Teppanyaki: very good, better than I was expecting Cagneys: good food, good service, the atmosphere could have been better, it felt like there were too many tables too close together. The steak was good, the lobster not so much. Q: some of the best BBQ we've ever had MDR: good service, good food Buffet: mediocre, and that's judging it by buffet standards. Breakfast was standard buffet, lunch was hit and miss at best, had one disappointing dinner and didn't return. On balance, I don't think that's negative. We're looking forward to eating in any of the restaurants again.
  2. In general, the dining package should be cheaper than a la carte. Especially in Cagney's.
  3. I was on the Bliss two weeks ago and was told Prohibition was no longer being shown. I don't know if this is permanent or temporary. On our cruise there wasn't anything replacing it.
  4. "Better" is debatable, but booking excursions with the cruise line will be more expensive.
  5. I'd call NCL. You should have been able to book at 120 days.
  6. I know people don't like to hear this, but sometimes the smartest thing a business can do is to "fire" a customer. Some customers are far more trouble than their business is worth. It's a two way street. She didn't like the way that NCL runs their business and NCL decided they didn't want to do business with her. Isn't that what's best for everyone involved?
  7. The movie studio probably paid for the toy as part of their marketing. Not really a great comparison.
  8. Or less than $30 a day on a 7 day sailing. . .
  9. This isn't a flame thing, it's genuine curiosity. It's clear that you have multiple issues with NCL, but you're still choosing to sail with them. I'm just wondering why?
  10. It sounds like the OP would be happier on another cruise line.
  11. I made our reservations right at 120 days for Sept 1 and I can confirm it was there but it's gone now. Even with all the research there are still surprises. Looking forward to whatever it winds up being. People seem to love Choir of Men and I've heard good things about Burn the Floor.
  12. I remember reading on this forum a few months back about a search tool for unsold cabins on your sailing. I'm not finding it using the CC search. Anyone smarter than me have this bookmarked?
  13. For people who have stayed/been in an inside cabin and a balcony cabin, do you think it's worth it to upgrade for the extra room? Is it even noticeable? I've read from several reviews that being able to watch Glacier Bay and other sights from the balcony can be preferable to watching from the Observation Lounge. I found the balcony to be more than worth it for Southern sailings, but I haven't had one in Alaska. FWIW, I expect that we won't be spending a great deal of time in the cabin between the ports and shipboard activities. Thank you.
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