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  1. https://www.thebaggagehandlingcompany.com/
  2. If travelling during the night do you make much use of the scenic view? It seems some cruises travel at night giving more daytime hours to visit on land and others travel by day where you can enjoy the scenery. I think I prefer the scenery, especially from that window.
  3. I made the mistake of jumping on matters I usually don’t. I am very upset and that I have been targeted. My own fault I should have stayed clear. I shall not give my opinion again as I am not up to this.
  4. Are you going to keep on quoting every country. Give it a rest. This is why people stop using this forum.
  5. Exactly, plus concentration of population is totally different, much more widespread.
  6. My new rose gold bag and shoes. Not been able to use them yet. Maybe July, September, January?
  7. I have been logged out, but I’ve moved from the computer to my phone. Doesn’t usually happen though.
  8. I think they are withholding cabins in all areas to reduce footfall and people have just bought up the cheaper cabins first as normal. I think isolation cabins are down nearer the medical centre.
  9. Was great to see a bit of sun in the Caribbean tonight on tv.
  10. We have visited Guadeloupe on a cruise and travelled through the town where the bar and police station is but were not able to visit inside. We went the gardens just outside town where one of the murders took place. It is a beautiful place with lovely flowers and vistas. Humming birds and flamingoes. Very good.
  11. On another subject anybody have any bulbs blooming in their garden yet? Please post pictures when they arrive. No prizes, sorry.
  12. There seems to be bullies on both sides of the arguments as far as I can see over the last few months. It isn’t all one sided. Wish they’d stop.
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