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  1. BE AWARE: In case anyone else is cruising on the Emerald Waterways Adriatic Princess...please be aware. Here is my review and those of others on recent cruises in Croatia. When my wife first told me about an exclusive new cruise and brand new ship cruising the Adriatic and Croatia I was excited but concerned over the high cost as compared to conventional cruising. But, when I saw pictures of the brand new ship to be built in time for our cruise, along with the unique ports of call, along with the small size of the ship, I was convinced this trip would provide great value, pampered service, and excellent foods and beverages along the way and a truly unique experience. What put it over the top for me was that it was all backed up by Emerald Waterways, a company already a leader in river cruising. Having already experienced top notch service in river cruising from a different supplier, I naturally expected no less from a new ocean-going experience from Emerald. To say that this trip did not live up to my expectations would be an understatement. Firstly, the brand new ship was not delivered on time and, just 30 days prior to our trip’s departure after all payment had been made, we were notified we would be sailing on the three year old sister ship. Big disappointment! Upon arrival, where we were promised airport pickup, we had to go searching for our Emerald representative who we found walking around talking on his cell phone outside of the arrivals area. When we arrived at the ship, we had a pre-cruise talk from Ivana, our very capable cruise and tour director, who explained that we would be provided an 800 kuna credit per person for tours and drinks whilst on-board. As most tours were included, as well as drinks during lunch and two provided dinners, this had minimal value. Ivana even admitted that previous cruisers had great difficulty using up the credit with much of the credit left unused. In addition, the quality and selection of wines was poor, and those of even average quality were outrageously priced. Prices on land in various ports were very reasonable, so not sure how the ship’s pricing was arrived at. On our first sea day, a limited number of beach towels were distributed--probably 12 towels on board for 32 passengers, with the rest of us vying for the remaining tiny bathroom towels! Our exclusive itinerary, whilst interesting, involved docking sandwiched between 2-4 other ships requiring jockeying ships as early as 6:00 a.m. Each and every morning, a very noisy process between engine noise, exhaust fumes, and bow thruster activity--a nasty wake up call indeed. Sharing berths with other ships often ended up sharing their drunken party revelling as well as other ships’ passengers passing through our ship noisily all through the night and early mornings. We were excited to note that our ship had a swim platform. However, we were only able to use and swim once versus the (at least) two opportunities promised. Food was average at best with little variety with tasteless cooked meats that were often overcooked, boiled in their own liquids. Our best meals were served on land, far surpassing anything our ship had to offer. Once again, it is evident that Croatia has wonderful food options, so why was this not possible onboard. Tours were great and informative. Ivana, the tour director, was outstanding, but obviously frustrated that Emerald was not providing the service we expected, and all my fellow cruisers expressed their dissatisfaction, especially in light of the cost for the cruise. The rest of the crew worked tirelessly, but our captain was reported to speak zero English, so we had no opportunity to address any of our concerns. I doubt this to be true, but he used it more as a shield from the guests, as a sea-going captain must have a working knowledge of English? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Fraud Adriatic Princess II Cruise Review by Rubyworld Trip Details · Sail Date: July 2019 · Destination: Europe This was our 46th cruise, either river or ocean, and the first time I felt it necessary to write a review to protect other cruisers. We selected this cruise due to advertisements regarding a new ship being built. Two months before our cruise date we received an email stating the ship was not completed. Come to find out no ship was even started to be built plus there was never going to be an Adriatic Princess II to sail the Dalmatian coast as that named ship was already a small boat cruising the coast of Italy. A total advertising fraud. Emails have been sent to Emerald Waterways by several passengers on this cruise. Nothing has been done to date. We arrived to the old Adriatic Princess. Let me start with the positives: the cruise director, house keeping which was one person, and two bartenders/waiters/porters were wonderful. No fault or complaints about their service. The boat we arrived at was by no stretch of the imagination luxury. * The breakfast and lunch buffets were served on one 8 foot folding table. * There was no selection of meals, you got what was there and it wasn’t good. *. Even with the limited menu lunch salads were repetitive. * No facial tissue in the bathroom, limited amenities. *. Diesel smell in the cabins. *. Loud engine noise. * Sundeck lounges were dirty. *. Zero was done on any deck to improve aesthetics. So an advertised luxury yacht was really a rustic old boat. NOT what we paid for!!!! Do NOT book!!! Adriatic Princess II Cruise Review by BennieG 1 person found this helpful Trip Details · Sail Date: June 2019 · Destination: Eastern Mediterranean We sailed the Emerald Waterways Adriatic Princess Dalmatian Cruise on June 8 to 15th. I will save you the agony and money spent by informing you that this is NOT a “Luxury Yacht” as stated in their brochure, nor is it a new yacht. Imagine our huge disappointment upon finding out that the “New Luxury Yacht” that we paid dearly for has not even commenced to being built and all the advertising that Emerald Waterways is putting out for their “Luxury Yachts” is False Advertising!!! We were advised a week before sail date that our “Luxury Yacht” was not quite finished yet, let alone not even built. Obviously the short notice was so that we had no opportunity to cancel. I can speak for many of the passengers that we were hugely mislead by a company that supposedly has a great reputation. I for one will not trust to book on Emerald/Scenic cruises again. If it were not for the beautiful fellow passengers, the kind and hard working staff and a beautiful country this would have been so much more miserable and upsetting!!! There are so many reasons that made this NOT a “Luxury” experience, far too many to write but a few examples: *coffee comes out of a machine, nothing fresh brewed *food was very good home cooking but not fine dining experience *snacks were a skimp, only two bowls of pretzels one day *wine was awful with not good options to upgrade to *everything is self serve *it was only after some mutiny that we were able the experience to swim off the back If this had been advertised properly and half the price then it would not receive such negative reviews but shame on Emerald Waterways/Scenic for totally misrepresenting this particular trip. I sure hope that Emerald will make right to all the passengers who have been scammed and I hope that not more innocent people are mislead by their false brochures and advertising. The Adriatic Princess by Emerals Waterways Adriatic Princess II Cruise Review by JohnGChelmsford 3 people found this helpful Trip Details · Sail Date: June 2019 · Destination: Europe Feedback from Emerald Croatian Coast Cruise on Adriatic Princess June 8th to 15th 2019 Aware of Emerald's good reputation for River Cruises and after seeing the good reviews and recommendations on their website for this cruise, we decided to book the Dalmation Coast by Luxury Yacht cruise, and whilst we enjoyed the cruise, it was far from the "unrivalled luxury on-board" as is quoted in their brochure. Also on looking more closely at the reviews mentioned above, it is apparent that most if not all the reviews are only relevant to their river cruises. This is false representation to quote these on their website for the Dalmation coastal cruise and this could be considered in contravention of the Trades Description Act. I list below the 'bullet points relating to our recent experience :- • The cost of the cruise was definitely not value for money, even when adding the early booking discount and the on-board credit they gave at the last moment. Our experience does not relate to their advertising saying "The Dalmation Coast by Luxury yacht" - quoted from their brochure and website, "A floating boutique hotel" and "This exquisite yacht" - quoted from their brochure - Our impression of The boat, Adriatic Princess, came across, to quote the Ford model nomenclature, as the 'Popular Plus' variant compared to the Deluxe and Super Deluxe versions that we witnessed when crossing other boats to get ashore. Had we booked this cruise direct with Elite Travel, which effectively it was and not Emerald, the final cost including flights etc would have been considerably less than what we paid to Emerald. • Not being able to use a credit card on board is unbelievable - to expect cruise passengers to go onshore to an ATM to get cash to pay their tab is, quite frankly, ridiculous. In your their pre cruise booklet titled "Important Information" it clearly states, and I quote "Credit Cards : Euro card, Master card, Visa cards are accepted in all countries in major shops, restaurants and hotels as well as to settle your shipboard account" • The crew, whilst very pleasant and helpful, were not what you'd expect on a luxury cruise. In no way could the guys serving drinks "help you pair the perfect beverage" to quote from their brochure, and they did not circulate the sun deck asking if any drinks were required. Accepting that they actually chartered the cruise from Elite Travel, we would expect Emerald to have at least one representative on board such as the Cruise Director - this was not the case - Ivana, who was excellent, was employed by Elite Travel, as were the rest of the crew and the only reference to Emerald was the flag on the prow of the boat and the ball point pen given to us. • The noise insulation from the engines and transmission was totally inadequate. The noise in our cabin, No 10 on the middle deck, was so bad that when woken up at engine start-up in the morning at 06:00 was like having a vintage Massey Ferguson Tractor firing up in the cabin. I judge that the noise levels would have actually required ear defenders under HSaW legislation. It was so noisy that you could not hear the TV or announcements from the in-cabin speaker, and we were told by passengers in the cabins on the lower deck that the noise was horrendous - "Sumptuous cabin" quoted from their brochure - it most certainly was not. • We could not believe that a box of tissues was not provided in the cabin and bathroom, or a face flannel - even the cheapest motel or B & B provides these. This is 'penny-pinching' in the extreme and certainly not what you'd expect on a luxury cruise. • The food, whilst very good, was considered to be 'good home cooking', certainly not fine dining as you would expect on a luxury cruise and you had to accept what you were given for the dinners - no choice available. • The pre cruise booklet titled "DiscoverMORE - Optional Tours" was totally irrelevant to the Dalmation Coast Cruise - all the tours were only applicable to Emerald's various River Cruises. I sent this to Emerald and Scenic nearly 2 weeks ago and as yet have not had a response to my concerns other than an acknowledgement of receipt.
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