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  1. It seems to be so random. While I did receive my cruise credit and 3 of my excursions back right
  2. That clip was lovely. I was supposed to be on the Nieuw Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. I will miss meeting some of this great staff on board. So glad these two HAL ships are back to the U.S. -
  3. Exactly the same for me. About the same cancellation date with the 50/50 offer also. My cash was also applied to my card within a couple of days. Truthfully, not sure I will ever use the FCC but it is not all that much. I am older and not sure if I will cruise again. In any case, I am happy to have some cash back sooner rather than later.
  4. I also wonder how many FCC will not be used. I have a small one but am not sure that I will cruise again due to my age. As someone mentioned in a previous post FCC will be like gift cards that are never redeemed and eventually expire - a good analogy I think. I would have preferred a full cash credit but was at the 50/50 point to cancel. My friends who were joining me were doing 2 previous cruises before I was to join them so their cancellation window was much shorter than mine. I have traveled solo before but decided I didn't want to this time under current conditions. The only upside was we were ahead of the cancellation onslaught and received our 50 percent cash back to our credit cards two days after we cancelled March 6.
  5. I liked it better when my biggest concerns for a cruise were what shoes to pack and which night to book the Pinnacle Grill!
  6. We were at the 50 percent cash back/50 FCC level when we cancelled a few weeks back. We were ahead of the flood of cancellations I think. Our cash back posted to our credit cards the day after we cancelled. Happy to have some cash back at this point. I have a small FCC which I may or may not end up using. I have traveled for many years and have never had to cancel a reservation or even switch an airline booking so I figure even if I choose to never cruise again due to my age I did ok over the long haul; and my possible economic loss pales in comparison to what other folks will be facing.
  7. I wonder how they would handle FCC that people, such as myself, have who fall into the 70 + category of preexisting conditions if those requirements are enforced? I have a medical condition that is well controlled by medications and during a recent physical my dr. said there is no reason why I couldn't live another 20 years!! That being said I would never ask him or expect him to sign the necessary paperwork So many things will need to be ironed out going forth in terms of cruise lines.
  8. The sentence is corrected and should have read: there is no reason why I shouldn't live another twenty years. Forgot the most important word!
  9. It will be interesting to see if they implement the doctors letter required for persons over 70 with underlying conditions. I fall into that category; although my underlying condition is totally controlled by medications. In fact, at my recent physical my doctor said there is not reason why I shouldn't another twenty years! That being said I would never put my physician in the position of signing this medical paper; even if he would do it in the first place. At that point, rather than using my FCC to rebook a future cruise when things settle down I would ask for it back and book al land tour or resort stay!
  10. I think I can actually see my veranda for what would have been the April 28 sailing around the Mediterranean! I know cancelling a cruise is not the worst of what it happening, but it still makes me sad. It was to have been a lovely reunion with best friends. Not sure when we will be able to do it again. I may try for a solo cruise with my FCC - but not until all this blows over. Stay safe and healthy - that is the most important thing right now.
  11. Refunds seem to be coming in a rather sporadic pattern. I received my cruise refund (50 percent back to my credit card - 50 percent FCC) withing 24 hours of my cancellation which was about two weeks ago. I also received credit back to my credit card for three cancelled shore excursions at the same time. I am still waiting on my credit for my last shore excursion (we booked four). All my excursions were acknowledged in separate emails as cancelled. I have not yet received the email explaining how everything was broken down regarding refunds.
  12. Same with me. I received refunds on three out of my four excursions right away. I did receive notification that all four had been cancelled. I think I will check with Holland America down the line a bit. I am sure they have so much to sort out right now and I have been notified that they are cancelled. I understood from my travel agent that when you cancel your cruise; your shore excursions are cancelled at the same time
  13. I am hoping to use up my FCC from a cancelled HAL cruise for another cruise later this summer or fall, if things are settled by then. My friends who were supposed to join me are unable to come and I am not sure when we can vacation together again. Our schedules are pretty tight for the next year. It looks like I will be cruising solo. I have done it before but it has been awhile. I remember last time my biggest issue was the dining experience. I need advice on how you handle mealtime. As I remember before I did free style (pick your own time) but I was thinking this go round I might do assigned time. I think it would be easier to get to know the same people. If that doesn't work out; there is always the Lido deck! Thanks for any advice and words of encouragement.
  14. Typo: I meant cabin not cagin (maybe an unconscious reference to my last teeny interior cabin)
  15. We have been looking ahead at a few future cruises to use our FCC. It is interesting that, even within a 24 hour period of time for a specific category or cagin the prices are quite unsettled; going up and down quite dramatically. I guess everything is in a state of flux now!
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