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  1. I am a stressed teacher and will be traveling solo and hope to do the Aug 3 cruise. The flight times are crazy. I live in Philly so not that far from Bermuda. Some of the flights have 10 hour layovers. Would Viking air be a good idea Do they have an in for better flights?The flight availability certainly has changed in the last year. Friends and I were able to get direct flights to Spain and direct return home from Venice. I hope to meet some new friends on the cruise but also r and r after my most stressful teaching year in 30 plus years. Thanks G
  2. I have always had trouble getting HAL to respond to simple email questions so not surprised I did not get the survey. 😉
  3. Thanks Ray. The August 1 singles are both booked but I am looking at August 11. ACL comes highly recommended and I am sure their protacals in place are safe, if not safer, that any you would find in your local stores, etc. Will most of the attractions be open at the port calls
  4. Has anyone heard the suggestion that you do a 14 day self quarantine when you if you take a cruise this summer? I am in the older category but otherwise in perfect health. Would love to do this cruise but not sure. I do need to get away somewhere!
  5. Has anyone booked any of their New England tours for this August? Thanks Gailellen
  6. Is your American cruise Company still a go and are you going? We are thinking about a New England cruise later in August. So many things to obviously ponder at this point. Thanks
  7. I believe both New Zealand and Australia are closing their ports at least through the remainder of the year. They may open their borders just between the two of them.
  8. Arriving home from Venice after an awesome Mediterranean Cruise
  9. Best news This news literally makes my day; possibly even my year the way things are going!!!!!! I will start looking ahead for next year or the year after; depending!
  10. Monte Carlo. Hopefully, will be able to do same Med. cruise next April
  11. I would love to rebook my Med. cruise now for next April but am waiting for clarification from HAL regarding their over 70 policy. I am 72 and a very well controlled diabetic - Upon my most recent physical my MD said I could easily live another 20 years! Will wait a bit for this policy to be ironed out. I would be traveling solo.
  12. Barcelona. Waiting to sail tomorrow on the Nieuw Amsterdam
  13. We were looking at this cruise too but rumor has it Australia and New Zealand will be shutting their ports for quite awhile. These two countries have almost eliminated Coronavirus!
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