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  1. Sorry for the sidetracked thought here. . . Does anyone know if there are days on the Alaska sailing Whittier to Vancouver that the DIY laundry is closed? I seem to recall hearing something about discharge regs in Alaskan waters.
  2. I would book it as soon as possible as the excursion boats have limited capacity., and it is an incredible experience to get so close to the glacier. If the CG does not allow the ship to enter Tracy Arm, they may allow them to go up Endicott instead, which is just to the right of Tracy if you are looking on the map. If that happens, the excursion will proceed in Endicott Arm and take you up close to the Dawes glacier.
  3. That is the funniest packing list I’ve ever seen. Laughs aside, its a good list. But I’ll give up my spot at the rail to make a trip to the head. 🤣🤣 One thermal mug for me, for coffee.
  4. I don't like crowds either. I cruised AK with family a few years ago on Carnival Legend (2124 pax capacity). It never felt crowded. Mom had a handicap room with a bowling alley balcony, and I had an interior across from her. We only used her balcony a couple times because the view was limited to that side of the ship, and it was pretty darn cold out there. There was always plenty of room on the outdoor decks, or from one of the interior public areas with windows from which to view the scenery. I was always able to find a quiet place on the ship to read or watch the scenery go by. So even if you end up on a high capacity ship, you'll figure out how to avoid the crowds/lines that can occur at peak times for meals, shows, etc. You are right about sticker shock. Since we hadn't used Mom's balcony much, I decided if DH and I ever booked an Alaskan cruise, we would book an interior and put the savings towards excursions. We booked a Princess southbound Whittier to Vancouver for next year. For us it was a choice of itinerary - we wanted Glacier Bay, as well, so I shopped who offered the route/dates we wanted with a price/promo I was happy with. As someone posted above, the price between the cruise lines excursions and privately booked are not drastically different in AK like the differences you can find in the Caribbean, so if you look at some of the websites that have Alaskan excursions, you'll get a pretty good idea of what to expect. Hope you find a sailing that looks like a good fit and you have a great time!
  5. PACD_JG your post made me smile. I was more or less forced into my first cruise 14 years ago for a family milestone. I too am an OCD traveler and love the planning almost as much as the trip, and YT was in its infancy back then, so most of my research was done here on CC, Carnival's website, and destination sites. I had a word doc several pages long of tips I had copied/pasted from various boards here, and remember getting on the Carnival ship and immediately going to find 'the secret door' near the bow. We're also booked on Royal Princess for Alaska next summer (moved from Sapphire) and once again I've been scouring through the boards and travel sites. The one thing I have noticed for me, from the 'pre youtube days' to now, is that watching the videos of my ship ahead of time has taken some of the fun away for me. I rather liked the excitement of getting on the ship and seeing it for the first time without knowing before hand what it looked like. That said, I wish I had seen some videos of the NCL Jewel before I sailed on her. Some of the decor on that ship was atrocious LOL!
  6. We use TYR 45L swimmer’s backpacks. Carry on acceptable size, great capacity, comfortable to wear through airport terminals. I’ve packed my snorkel gear including travel fins, all our electronics, meds, purse, and change of clothes, snacks, and water bottle in it on flights to Caribbean. And the price is reasonable.
  7. This may work from your phone, it worked from mine: Login > Menu > Booked Guests > Shop Activities & Services > Menu > Boarding Pass & Travel Summary > Close the PVP dialog > Travel Summary > Print Travel Summary. Any path you can take to get to options for booked guests may ultimately get you to the Travel Summary. It looks like they shut down the most obvious path but not all others. Good luck, hopefully you don't have to wait until Monday to see your new cabin assignment.
  8. Here's a screenshot from the 'Voyage Redeployment' email we received 8/31. First line of the second paragraph under Important Notices section mentions fare and promos:
  9. We received our initial redeployment email 8/31; our sail date is 8/27/22. The redeployment email does state " Your cruise fare and promotions will be protected and any Princess EZair flights and shore excursions will be moved to the new voyage. You will receive new booking confirmations no later than September 17. "
  10. Thank you for that tip! I was able to use the links from there to see what our cabin assignment is on Royal for 8/27/22 sailing. We were originally booked in an oceanview obstructed and are now in a balcony obstructed, but the document that I see now also reflects a huge price increase, so I'll wait until we get the official email and see what it says.
  11. Wow, the company writing the Medallion Class app needs to hire an SEO specialist. Until I searched just ‘Medallion Class’ in the Play Store, I couldn’t find it. If my search included ‘ocean’ or ‘Princess’, the app didn’t show up. (Android v.9)
  12. We did a whale watching tour for 4 people with Captain Terry White from Juneau Adventures and would definitely use him again.
  13. We stayed there one night pre-cruise in 2018 and it was nice.
  14. Check out the backpacks designed for swimmers. We always take our own snorkel, fins, and mask when we bareboat in the Caribbean. We each carry a TYR 45L Alliance backpack as our carry on. It holds our snorkel gear and necessities for an overnight stop very easily and freed up a lot of space and weight in our (paid) checked luggage.
  15. I chuckled when I first saw your handle on here, because that is what DH calls me. Over the decades, it's been shortened to just 'JB'. 😊
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