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  1. Hi Mysty, I missed this yesterday...……..BIG CONGRATS TO YOU AND MYSTER.....really, that was quite fast!!!!
  2. Hi Bo, I would think most lines would be quite accomadating when it comes to food these days. So many variables in 2019. Especially with a river cruise which has way less guests. WAY more than just steamed veggies.
  3. Hi again, thanks for the informative reply. I also like to eat between 6:30--7:00. I will check the website and see how it is set up.
  4. Hi Butch and Judy...thanks for the tips. I am sort of a "go with the flow person" (when it comes to dinner anyway). Booking TK Grille 8 months ahead? So they fill up every night this far out? Oh...I started a roll call for the Crossing, if you want to come say hello over there
  5. If I have an OBC....do I need to wait until after I board in order to use it for some tours? Or can it be used ahead of time?
  6. Hi, thanks for the reply......appreciate it!
  7. Instead of starting another thread hoping someone will answer me on this one.....question about the cruise line excursions..... Since the amount of passengers is much lower than mass market, for those of you who have taken tour's through Seabourn, have you found them pretty good? Smaller size groups? There are several places I will be visiting for the first time and just want some input from you long timers Thanks for the help
  8. JP, oh wow.....that does look delicious!.....I LOVE tomatoes!!!! Hey John, did you see the news about that arrest in Daytona? …….looks like a BIG event was prevented....(thank goodness).
  9. Hi Bo, I have been on one River Cruise and I am going on my 2nd one in October. My first one was back in 2016 on AMA Waterways and it was called TULIPTIME. Amsterdam roundtrip in the spring and the flowers were magnificent My next one is going to be on UNIWORLD out of Venice. Anyway, the cabin I had was just a standard window. Yes, it was on the smaller side but I sail solo so plenty of room. I think it was about 160 sq ft. Not sure the exact footage of the one coming up. But just remember, you are off the boat during the days....there is touring both am and pm! I know there are many river cruisers with a lot more experience than me so I am sure they will chime in too! Have fun researching
  10. Hi, good morning...I agree, being rude to a customer is unacceptable but (just my opinion), Maybe management needs to be informed and can fix the problem (before sending the server home).
  11. Hey Missy Good morning!
  12. Hi, thanks for the reply. Fortunately, I have the $$$ saved away for this trip. I can take a look at Viking though. Was your cruise a crossing?
  13. Hi Missy, great news about the Villa! Hopefully the sale of the old one and moving into the new will come together without too many issues.
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