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  1. Hi Joanne, sounds like you are up for doing things on your own at home. You may end up quite enjoying yourself if you tried one of the sit down restaurants on your own. Normally (well in my experiences) the wait staff in the Specialty restaurants are very accommodating and the food and service are usually excellent
  2. The Caribbean is warm all year round. I have sailed there in all the winter months over the years and in my experience, November/Dec/Jan/Feb are warm to hot outside. Inside the ship? I don't do formal anymore but have found dressy slacks and pretty tops with some nice jewelry is always appropriate.
  3. The only way to have a post removed is to email one of the moderators and ask them to do it.
  4. Yes, that is correct but why would you automatically assume the diner was embarrassed? I dine alone as well. You know what they say about assuming......
  5. Hi Spins, glad your a/c is fixed cabin must feel soooo much better! And that last comment.....why do people sign up and not show up? That question has been asked multiple, multiple times over the years. You probably know I was a Celebrity cruisers for many years and that always happened. Of course there were more people who signed up because of the ship size but the same premise applied--- many people who signed up didn't show up for whatever reason. They didn't feel like going, they were doing something else, they never got the invitation as to what time/where, etc...etc...etc....just whatever.
  6. Hi Spins, so sorry you are having a/c issues...…….that would make me nuts
  7. Hi Nancy, I will say some Maitr'ds//Hostesses/etc in the restaurants will ask if you want to share a table with others (for dinner). I have been asked that multiple times over the years. That is one way to meet others, not necessarily saying people say yes to the question though.
  8. You would not be able to see my scar (which I don't really care about to be honest). I am hoping the oil is going to work for the reducing of the hardness I have felt around the area. (helping to reduce it). I know it may sound weird but when you haven't had surgery you really don't know what to expect while recovering. Maybe it doesn't sound weird after all.....if you haven't experienced something then you wouldn't know....(not you personally) but anyone really.
  9. I was thinking the same thing...…..why would she be embarrassed? Because she is sailing solo? Dining solo? Maybe it is her preference. I have been sailing solo since 2003---not embarrassed about it in the least....I LOVE IT actually
  10. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I decided to get some coconut oil today. I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond (LOVE THAT STORE) and they had a few choices. You are right, it sort of looks like the old Crisco LOL....anyway, took a bit and massaged around the area but my incision is still covered with tape and they told me not to take that off-- it will eventually come off on its own. Anyway, that hardness had been reducing and maybe this will help even more.
  11. Hi Terry, no sharing ..sorry! I did run some errands today...not nearly as painful as it has been so I guess I am getting better each day. Still sore for sure but I suppose that is normal. One of my friends at work reminded me it may have been "outpatient" but it was still surgery and it will take time for everything to heal in full. It has only been just over 2 weeks. Just staying home the rest of the weekend.
  12. Good morning friends, well, we got Christmas bonuses yesterday,,,,have to go to the bank today! And after all these years, my retirement is now just over 2 weeks away!!!!!
  13. Sorry you thought I was harsh....that is why I posted the reply had no malice behind it.
  14. Good morning, I agree with "5 days is way too short"...flying across the pond for a 5 day cruise? Go for at least the 9 you mentioned.
  15. CNN has been shown on my last 3/4 cruises.
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