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  1. I saw Come From Away in April.........I agree, it was AWESOME, FANTASTIC........FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Well, I am on a River cruise right now, sailing in Venice.......on Uniworld's River Countess and loving it. 112 guests and everyone is quite friendly. Crew/staff are awesome........food is fabulous, riverboat is lovely. (sailing solo of course LOL)and loving it😃
  3. Well, I am now sailing (solo of course) on a river cruise......there are a few other solo guests......so since it is active right now and the question is about compliments? None that I can think of actually. You mentioned NOT saying the backhanded ones............so I will not say those LOL..........but to be 100% honest, I still do get those......
  4. Good morning coolers.........well, it is morning here.......we are sailing now and will be having a tour later this morning. JP, the tour inside the church was amazing........it was just us and our guide. I think about 100 people went (we only have 112 total). So it was just us.....I had seen the outside before but had never been in it. The mosiacs are unreal! I have to say everyone is quite friendly and the staff/crew are wonderful. Mix of guests is very diverse. You have to love folks who love to travel! Hope everyone is well........Mysty, glad you are enjoying your new abode!
  5. Hi again....right now I am in Venice on the River Countess (Uniworld) on a river cruise😂.....just wanted to let you know I put a deposit down on this cruise before I left home on Friday. So, I am officially on this TA too!
  6. Hi friends, sitting in a lovely little area on board the ship looking out at some ugly weather.........rainy and jacket weather. The internet is complimentary so thought I would check in. The River Countess is a lovely riverboat....colors of blues abound. My cabin is very nice, great shower and very comfy bed. My flight arrived in Venice on Saturday morning and driver was waiting for me to take me to my hotel. Stayed at a Pennsione type of property called Hotel Antique Figure. Family owned and the staff were wonderful. It is located across the water from the train station. I highly recommend it. Tonight I am going on a tour that is only for the ship guests.........inside St Mark's Basicilla after hours......should be pretty amazing. Oh last night's dinner was fabulous. I had a pasta dish with garlic and olive oil with fresh parm (cheese of course). It came out perfect....al dente and popping hot! And, I feel like the cold is finally getting on the tail end............ Anyway, hope everyone is doing well.
  7. Hi folks , I am at the Philly airport and board in about one 1 hour. Todd, it is an 8 hour flight. Thanks for all the good wishes!
  8. Hi friends,,,,,,I still have the cold....the one good thing is I am in business class so on the flight overseas I can lay back and sleep. I don't need to leave for a couple of hours. All packed. Thanks for the good wishes.
  9. Sorry but the Nyqil worked and helped me sleep all night. I still feel icky but at least I slept for more than 8 hours straight through so my rubbish was good.
  10. Hi JP....any special stuff you can prescribe? LOL...…...wave your Magical MD wand LOL...…...I am really trying to just fight it. I took 2 X strength Tylenol and before I go to bed tonight I may take some Nyquil. It is the generic but should still work. And hoping by the time I drive to the airport on Friday I will be much better (PLEASE)!!!
  11. Mysty, lovely photos! I am really, really p'od.everyone in my office has been ill (cold, coughing, etc) and omg.... 2 days before I leave my throat is now sore I bought some zicam and been gargling with warm salt water and drinking tea and sucking on lonzenges…….my problem is normally it goes from my throat to a cold...... NO, NO, NO………...please I cannot get sick!!!!
  12. Hey stranger.....this will be my 2nd time in Venice...so if you are asking? I loved it!! And cannot wait for this cruise!
  13. Hi Meg, this will be my 2nd river cruise so I know how different it is from an Ocean...….but I loved my first one and really looking forward to this one too.
  14. Hi Meg, sounds like a wonderful trip and I hope you have a fantastic time. I will be in Venice on Saturday and did much of my packing already. Taking 1 checked bag and 1 carry on. (going on a River Cruise). Safe Travels to you!
  15. Nelie, no need to apologize.....we have had make-up/health/clothes, etc...…..on this forum for many, many years. Glad you found some of the responses helpful.
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