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  1. Hi Lauren, thank you from me as well. I had actually looked at their website and was thinking about trying a cruise but never ended up doing one. I travel solo....Just read the blog....so you went on your own too! It looks fantastic......I may have to look at this again!!!!
  2. I sailed with AMA back in 2016 and LOVED IT...food, service, tours, etc...….everything was really good!!!!
  3. Have a great cruise😁 what cruiseline?
  4. Hi Bob😁thanks for the detailed review and final thoughts. I sail on Uniworld in Oct (first time with them )and I appreciate all of your input with pros and cons. I am looking forward to my cruise very much😁 and hi to Robin as well!
  5. Davey, so sorry about the tour and the meal. I hope you spoke with both the shore excursion desk and maitr'd about these issues.
  6. Hi Sue, I sailed with Azamara for the first time back in April (you probably know I sail solo). I met various folks. It was an ok experience. Overall I had a good time but I don't have anything else booked with them. I do know there are other solo cruisers who love them. I met a gal who sails solo exclusively with them so for her, they are her "Go To". So, like anything else, it is different strokes for different folks. Oh, I will say, I am 61 and I am guessing the majority of passengers were probably 10 years older than me (or more). I don't care about that part but just giving you a heads up. I hope you have a great cruise
  7. Ohhh......Vancouver is awesome too!...….go walk around Granville Market for sure and go to Stanley Park!
  8. Terry, I LOVED my floatplane tour with Island Wings out of Ketchikan. So much so, I did the same tour on 2 of my sailings. I know it is redundant, but when the plane flies between the fjords? It is AMAZING...………. And another lovely view is if you take the cable car in Juneau up to Mt Roberts. I would recommend it too! Not sure if you go to Victoria but it is also a favorite place of mine. Butchart Gardens is a "MUST SEE". I know they are not in Alaska but they are on many Alaska itineraries. They are some of the most beautiful gardens I have ever visited. https://www.butchartgardens.com/
  9. I love their toiletries...the items I bring from home are toothbrush, toothpaste, flossing stuff, deodorant, etc...…... But shower gel, shampoo and conditioner? I always use what the cruise line provides.
  10. I hope you have a fantastic trip....I have been to Alaska multiple times and always use the term "majestic" when it comes to sailing there. When the weather is good, you can see the sky meeting the horizon......meeting the water...…….really quite amazing.
  11. Just point to the Guinness or the bottle of whiskey and you will be fine
  12. Hi, I have been to Europe multiple times as well. Personally, I dress for comfort and have never been a "dress gal" so I don't wear them. As for shorts/tops/etc...If I am traveling in the summer, I wear short sleeved tops and knee length shorts or crop pants (I know some women hate them but I dress for me, not them). I like cotton, because it breathes and Europe can be hot during the summer months. As for my feet? Good walking shoes are a must (for me). I have a pair of black walking shoes and wear them with socks. If my shoes give me away as a tourist? Oh well, there is usually a lot of walking when touring in Europe and I definitely don't want hurting feet. I will be in Venice in October and it will probably be cooler so long pants will be part of my daytime attire on this trip but will still be bringing the walkers.
  13. I sailed with AMA too (as a solo) and recommend them as well.
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