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  1. I will say, I like TJ MAXX's handbag/purse selection.........they have a lot of choices🙂
  2. I brought 1 bottle home with me.........first time I have even brought any type of beverage home with me from any cruise and I have been cruising for almost 20 years.
  3. I wonder if this part of the cruise may change in 7 or 8 months.........like next summer maybe the dinner requirements will be more relaxed.
  4. Good morning, I checked Tauck and every cruise I was looking at is sold out already. Basically, their entire summer of 2022 has nothing available for this itinerary. I will continue to research and see what comes up.
  5. Good morning, Oh how my mind has seemed to have gone out to sea......(bad punn). Terry and Mike, I followed your thread🙂
  6. Hi Debbie, nice photos🙂 thanks for sharing. So, is it ready to go on the market? Do you think it will sell pretty quick?
  7. Hi folks, thanks for all the replies🙂I appreciate them. Actually, AMA has a 7 night cruise with 3 nights pre-cruise in Lisbon. I know I was just there and love it. There is quite a bit I did not see, so thinking of doing this one........still researching.
  8. Hi, thanks for the kind words🙂 I appreciate it. I will do my research and see what happens. Actually, I have something else in motion with SS for August but still waiting to see if that comes through. It will now determine if/when I go earlier in the summer.
  9. What cruiseej said.......I echo it...... Even in "normal times", credits always take longer than charges. Not saying it is fair or right, but I worked in accounts receivable for many years......I took your $$$ and posted payments on a regular basis. I also issued credits back to customers as well. Don't ask all those little details but credits always took more time....refunds are in that category.....no, it didn't take 6 months but sometimes the credit card company just took their sweet time......I didn't do the credit card portion myself. It is a server......so credits are definitely more detailed than charges.
  10. Hi friends😀 I just returned home (very late) Thursday night from an Ocean cruise out of Lisbon for 12 nights😀. It was FABULOUS......loved Lisbon and all the Islands surrounding it. I loved it so much I have been re-thinking cruises for next year. I was looking at the Seine but now I want to do the Douro instead. So of course the question is, which line? I have been on AMA and Uniworld and really loved both of those sailings. Just want to get some feedback on those of you who have taken one on The Douro...........any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. This would be for next summer🙂
  11. I am outgoing and I enjoy dining with others. I mean I eat on my own without any issues but for me? It is not awkward (for me) to meet new people while cruising. And a river cruise? It is so much more intimate.......I don't find eating on my own for all 7, 8, 10 or however many nights the cruise happens to be "fun". I just got home from a 12 night sailing on an Ocean Cruise out of Lisbon. I loved it so much I want to take a river cruise next summer on the Douro.😀 Maybe in 7 or 8 months the dining on a river cruise will be more relaxed.
  12. I just got home from a cruise that sailed out of of Lisbon and it was fabulous😃........got home VERY last Thursday night (like into Friday).......feels so weird being home again. I miss the ship😟 This was my first time visiting this part of Europe. I really love it. So much so I am now researching river cruises for next summer on the Douro😀
  13. Good morning BB, I have been on a cruise to Lisbon......got home very late Thursday night. It was a fabulous trip😃 I recall posting about having cheeses for dessert (rather than sweets)........well, I did that several times on my cruise and it hit the spot. I just don't always feel like something sweet.....I know, some of you will think I am crazy LOL.......
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