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  1. Hi friends, Terry, glad everything came out ok.......as for a vast wasteland, I have a ton of that myself😲
  2. Hi Debbie, shocked about your hubby or overall? I am not shocked about much.......I understand some folks think their vote doesn't count or they think it takes too long for things to change but I will say, I do think every vote counts.. Glad your hubby voted too this time!!!!! And from what things are looking like? I think there will be LOTS of new voters for this one!
  3. Hey Debbie, I would say I am sorry but that would not be true.....I am a Rays fan.......omg, what a game!!!!!!!!😃
  4. Hi girls, good morning.........Sharon, the dip is wonderful for veggies/pita chips, etc........ You know during a general election only about 60% of the people vote......there are people who are eligible who NEVER vote☹️ From what I have been seeing/reading, hoping for a much larger % this time around!!!! Early voting shows nearly 55 million people have already voted!
  5. Hi Sally, I know Fresh Market very well too. I have one about 20 minutes away but the Publix I shop at is much closer. But I do like Fresh Market as well. As for those long haulers? It seems this horrible disease has very, very long time after effects☹️.
  6. Yep....Publix is always good! They keep the stores very clean and the folks are always cordial/friendly/helpful.
  7. Hi Kat, not sure when I will be going back......the only reason I was there really......I was looking at the Steinmart in the same shopping center. All the Steinmart's are closing this coming week and I was seeing what was left (not much at this store) LOL. I am truly a Publix shopper🙂
  8. Hi girls, well, I actually went to Trader Joe's today! Got a few different items to try.......one is a dip......."everything bagel yogurt dip." It is DELICOUS! I also tried their spinach dip but haven't opened it yet. Got a few other things too, some baby broccoli, some mushrooms too. And I got 2 different types of frozen veggies.......one is various roots that you bake (instead of potatoes).........beets, parsnips, carrots......will see how they taste. And the other is a bag called "COLORFUL CARROT COINS"..........a blend of orange, yellow, white and purple carrots! They look interesting for sure😃
  9. Hi Terry-------😃hope you have a wonderful day!
  10. Good morning friends.......it really is quite amazing how many people are voting early!👍.....we still have 10 days left until 11/3 and over 51 million folks have already voted!!!!!!!!
  11. Hi Kat, glad the Dr said your eye is ok! Upper 30s?😲 wow.........it is still shorts and t-shirt weather here! ***Not a political comment*** Yesterday we had over 71,000 new cases of Covid!☹️ I know the real MD's are saying we are going to be having a VERY hard winter........looks like it is already starting........ Please be safe everyone!
  12. Hi, I saw that this morning.........and we here in the states are not doing well either☹️.........cases continue to rise....... over 70,000 yesterday.......and more than 1,000 deaths. This is just bad for all of us, especially now that fall/winter is coming.
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