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  1. Good morning....doing ok. 3 weeks into Radiation. I have this week left and Mon/Tues next week. They told me this is the time it would feel the worst and they are correct. But I will get through it. Thanks. I may take another look at the joggers.
  2. I have seen areas on websites to click on "age" and possibly something may come up for a Sr discount but I have never seen discounts for excursions.
  3. Have you tried their jogger style?
  4. Hi I have never heard of this brand and so decided to look at their website. All the pants are in the high $70's and high $80's range......have they lasted you a really long time?
  5. Black and White...…...always a classic
  6. Hi, I agree with the previous post. I would not be too concerned about the timing and what tours are available. River Cruises have so few guests on board---I know on my recent cruise (back in Oct) I didn't sign up for anything ahead of time. Did it all while on board and everything turned out fine.
  7. Yes, it is more than just your meals.....you want a drink at xx time? As long as the bar is open, the drink is available.
  8. WOW....ya think? LOL....awkward? It could have been horrible. 3 weeks for a first trip? That is pretty daring.
  9. Hi, oh...ok, live and learn....never heard of the term.
  10. Hi Jan, thanks for the kind and informative post Have you been to Buchart Gardens before? It is AMAZING!!!!!! The flowers/plants/everything......all the different areas have their own flowers and they are all beautiful!
  11. Hi Jazz and others......well, my cruise is coming up....sort of LOL...I have all my flights booked and hotel in Madrid is booked too. I will have 2 nights there but only one "Full Day"....suggestions for tours on that ONE day? Just about 2 months to go
  12. Hi Jan, well, what you went through makes what I am doing really minimal...….I will try to take a better attitude going forward (I have sort of been feeling sorry for myself lately) but it is what it is. 7 more treatments. ....this coming week and then Monday and Tuesday of next. I know it could be way worse and I will have to continue to remember that fact. So glad you are ok!!!
  13. Glad you had fun....did you mean to say you BLOGGED?
  14. OMG.....you were in ICU for 3 weeks??…..so sorry to read this!!!! But so happy to know you are ok!!!!
  15. My first cruise? That was back in the 80s when I got divorced....went on a short one on a line no longer around. I think it was "The Big Red Boat". My 2nd cruise was in 1992 for my parents 50th Anniversary....short family cruise on an old Carnival ship. I didn't cruise again until 2003....that is when I "started cruising" on a regular basis. I was trying to find a vacation for a solo....I have been divorced since that very first cruise back in the 80s....anyway, I decided to do some research and spoke with my sister who had cruised many times (she and bil still do). I went on a Caribbean cruise in May 2003----LOVED IT and have never looked back....in the last 17 years I have been on over 50 of them and it is the best vacation my money can buy
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