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  1. Hi JP, glad you were able to get that taken care of! Looks like the rest of us are going to have quite a long wait.
  2. Hi Melody, oh, I gave a list of my meds to the pharmacy yesterday......they are all covered on my new plan. As for my Drs? All but one. It is ok on that one as he is my GP and I have used him for many years. I will just pay him out of pocket when I have a Dr's visit......It is about 75.00 (or there abouts). But all my specialists are on my plan. I made sure to check that before I hit submit.
  3. Good morning, Sharon, good to see you. I have a deposit down for a cruise in October. Who knows if it will sail. I also have a deposit down for a cruise in March 2022. Well, I had a surprising visit to the Pharmacy yesterday and was not happy. I didn't know my CVS is NOT contracted on my new Insurance Plan😦....I have been using them for, well, forever. When I bought this plan (It is part of ACA) it didn't tell me which pharmacy was included and I guess I just assumed CVS would be on it. (that is what I get for assuming). FORTUNETLY, my Publix Pharmacy
  4. Good morning, I am still here too...........I have no clue when I will be able to get a vaccine either. The 65 and up group are eligible now and I am 62. I am not tired of us on here, just not much to post about (without getting my hand slapped anyway). I still have a cruise on the books for October. So far it is still there!
  5. Hi JP..........oh wow........I wonder if my Sept cruise will be cancelled..........
  6. Hi Terry, oh my goodness....so you were really out of commission! Hope you are feeling better and thanks for checking in with us! Hope it is a good game tonight🙂
  7. Hi folks, hope everyone is doing well. Haven't stopped in for a while. Been quite upset with all the activities from last week☹️ and it seems our cases continue to just get worse. Not sure when I will be eligible for my vaccine. I am not in the "65 and up group" and I know those folks are getting it first in my city. Will continue to keep an eye out for it though. Hope everyone stays well.
  8. Hi JP, give Chris Happy Birthday wishes from me too. Dinner looks great😃
  9. Good morning friends, hope everyone is having a good weekend. Someone mentioned earlier in this thread about Terry not posting. I am wondering if he is ok and I looked back on this thread. He has not posted since the last week of December. Terry, if you are around, let us know you are ok! I know tomorrow night your Buckeyes play! I am rooting for Alabama but hope it is a good game!
  10. Hi JP, we call those Latkas........my Mom would make them for the holidays. They are a staple during Hannukah. I don't think my Mom used flour though. Anyway, thanks for giving me a good memory.🙂
  11. Hi Roma, so good to hear from you again!🙂
  12. Hi Kat, I watched all day too.......and we are in the same boat. Can't post what I really feel on here but I can say it was horrible.☹️
  13. Hi Melody, I know what you mean.... The Capitol Building is where so much of the workings take place. I was watching to see the count and then all of a sudden the news went to the outside of the building. I watched all day..........lets hope we can make through another 13 days.
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