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  1. Lois R


    Hi, my flight arrives at 1:30pm....by the time I get to the hotel (haven't booked one yet) not sure how much time I will have to do it...…..I want to go to Ground Zero though and if possible have the time for that museum.
  2. Hi folks, I just booked a cruise on Azamara (solo of course). First time trying them and looking forward to it. I love the size of the ship (smaller) and this itinerary looks great too. Sailing out Manhattan, going to Bermuda and Charleston! Been to both places before and love them both. I have read good things about the cruiseline over the years. Now it is the waiting game. The cruise is in April so have to get through the next few months!
  3. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi JP, I forgot to reply to you...….yes, they have some really eclectic things on the menu. I was thinking of going there for dinner tonight LOL...….will see how I feel later today. There was a couple at the bar sharing this BIG bowl of what looked like a floral bouquet of veggies.....their version of a croux de te……..one person could not eat it all....LOL and they have roasted Brussell sprouts with mushrooms that looked delicious too. And they have regular entrees, dinner salads, all kinds of stuff....everything is VERY fresh....you can see the guys in the kitchen cooking away!
  4. Lois R

    Booked my first AZAMARA CRUISE!

    Hey Cynthia hope you have a great cruise and would love to know your thoughts upon your return!
  5. Lois R

    Booked my first AZAMARA CRUISE!

    Hi Claudia, I think we sailed on Celebrity together a long time ago...….glad you enjoyed Azamara!
  6. Lois R

    Booked my first AZAMARA CRUISE!

    Thanks.…...yes, I had to make a choice (the right one) and was too wishy washy to book that...….of course Uniworld still has 200.00 of my money so I will do a cruise with them eventually LOL...…..
  7. Hi friends, just booked a cruise sailing out of Manhattan....going in April on Azamara...…I will keep an eye out for weather the closer I get to sailing but am just excited about it. I will go see a show pre-cruise and I am sure black slacks will be just fine. Hopefully I won't be going into a late winter storm LOL...….booked my flights already and I will get insurance so that would help if needed. Now I need to book a hotel. Oh, the cruise goes to Bermuda and down the east coast to Charleston...…..for 11 hights and I need to decide what show to see on Broadway too...…..have any of you seen Hamilton? And they are doing My Fair Lady again...…...one of my most favorite musicals ever! Hope all you fashionistas are doing well on here!
  8. Lois R

    High end cruise

    30 days sounds AWESOME......My sis and bil sailed for that many (might even have been closer to 45 days) back in April. They flew to Singapore and started from there......I think they did 4 b2b cruises and didn't get back home till almost the end of May. I wish you both well, with smooth seas and a wonderful retirement too.
  9. Lois R

    Booked my first AZAMARA CRUISE!

    Hi Anne, I am sure the shower situation will be just fine...…..I adapt easily. Just one of the differences I had noticed.
  10. Lois R

    Silversea Water Cooler: Welcome! Part Five

    Hi, thanks for your post. I checked the link and unfortunately, I won't be able to make the tour....My flight arrives at 1:30pm and the last tour is at 2. Not sure how long it will take me to get to whatever hotel I book but I will never make a 2:00 tour. (I will probably still be at the airport LOL) I am looking at your hotel on line...….certainly looks nice that is for sure!
  11. Lois R

    Caribbean cruise on the Spirit

    Hi, the cruise is next week right? Couldn't the cabins have just sold out without any "special circumstances"? Why does it sound like you think something is wrong? I have cruised to the Caribbean more times than I can count and they are usually sold out all the time.
  12. Lois R

    Booked my first AZAMARA CRUISE!

    Hi Anne, thanks for your reply. To be honest, I was always treated very well on Celebrity. But glad to know the staff on Azamara is good too. I had some major life changes and so have the opportunity to sail (what I consider) luxury. Smaller ships, less people...….I did notice on major difference is the food...…. Silversea is awesome...….everything is much fresher, more made to order since the amount of guests are so much less...…I am sure I will enjoy Azamara too...though I did notice folks say the cabins are smaller...like on the big ships.....they still have shower curtains? Silversea is all shower doors......separate tub from the shower as well.
  13. I like Hampton Inn's AND I like fancy too...…...I have tastes for all sorts of properties. Depends on my mood and budget. I will take a look at this as well.
  14. Hi Carol, I had a friend tell me about The Beekman.....and The Nomad...….I am going to look at them as well. And I will look at your suggestion of The Lotte Palace...….thanks. I am going to have take a cab one way or the other LOL...…..I would love to see show the night before my cruise though
  15. Lois R

    Booked my first AZAMARA CRUISE!

    Hi, I have been to Bermuda a couple of times before......thanks for the suggestion. This may sound off putting, and I don't mean it to be but I don't care if I meet "Golf Widows"...…..I know what that is......I have been sailing solo for 15 years and I actually love my own company. As long as people are friendly, I don't care if they are married, widowed *for real...….divorced, etc..... and I LOVE golf, although I don't play, I have followed the game of golf since I was a young girl (and I am now 60 LOL).