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  1. Glad you were able to have a blast anyway. And happy you have always enjoyed all your sailings no matter what. Maybe some folks have different expectations. When you say you'll never understand? That is what makes us all different people. Different strokes.
  2. Hi....uh....you certainly can complain......sounds like disturbing the peace to me! If they do it all day? Call the PD and have them come out! It sounds AWFUL.
  3. WOW.....sorry they hated it so much and they must have a lot of $$$ to burn as well.
  4. I got some good and not so good news from AMA today. Sounds odd, I know but my refund is coming but they had their CC server crash (which I know can happen--I worked in accounting/credit for the past 30 years). Anyway, they have 2 days worth of transactions that all need to be re-keyed. So the good news is I am getting my refund but it will take longer than I was told. Ship happens......but at least now I know what happened to my last amount I am still due.
  5. Hi, I just got off the phone with AMA again. My rep felt horrible about this and they found out the server they use to process cc payments/credits crashed and there are about 2 days worth of transactions have to be re-done. My last credit is in that batch. My gal apologized profusely and I understand that type of thing can happen first hand....... I worked in accounting in my previous job for 29 years and it happened to us from time to time. She really felt bad about it because she thought it had gone through. Anyway, at least now I know why the last amount is not credited yet. Should be coming within another week or so.
  6. Hi again, Stumble,I just spoke with AMA again. The server they use for cc payments crashed and ALL the payments they thought were processed have to be re-keyed. They acknowledged mine was in that batch and will be entering everything again. I know what this can be like because I worked in accounting for 29 years with my previous employer and sometimes the credit card server can have issues (actually did have them from time to time). My rep at AMA apologized profusely and said there are 2/3 days worth of credit card transactions that need to be re-done. At least now I know what happened to my last part. It should be coming within a week or so. I should have said payments/credits...
  7. Hi friends, not sure if any of you watched, but last night FOX had a special on with Elton John hosting....different musicians played songs from their individual homes. t was pretty neat.....it was a fundraiser and now, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are going to do something from their home/studio on Wednesday night on CBS so if anyone is interested, tune in. I am sure they will raise a lot of $ too. Good cause, first responders, etc.
  8. Thanks, just waiting for this last amount to show up.
  9. Just thought I would let folks know I have received 90% of my refund back onto my Credit Card. Still waiting for one more credit to show up. The amounts were issued as separate entries. I was in touch with my rep at AMA and she told me she could see her accounting dept had issued me a full credit. Hopefully that last amount will show up this coming week. I will give it a few more days before I contact them again, but so far, I have received most of what is due back.
  10. Hi, I have been checking.....I have a Capital One.....It took the first 3 refunds a few days to come through. I am not going to say she is telling me a lie...…no reason for her to do that.....she agreed with me on the total. I have a few options, call her again, call VISA again, wait another day or 2, do nothing LOL.....I will give it another day or 2.
  11. Hi Terry, good to see you again. The thing is, AMA has issued me a bunch of refund but there is still one amount I am still due. My rep at a AMA said everything was issued on the SAME DAY. I am going to give it a few more days and hopefully this final amount will show up! If not? I guess I will have to go through that "dispute process".
  12. Ohhhh…….my heartfelt condolences go out to that person's family. I do hope Roma will be ok.
  13. Hi folks, can't re-open the windows here LOL...even though it is still March it is a/c time down here!!!! A re-set would still be good though.
  14. Good afternoon.....I thought I had read Roma was supposed to be released on Friday?.....but now I am not sure. Now it is Sunday...…..I hope she is doing ok!
  15. Good morning, I will fit right in then.....I have never been a "big make up" person! Even when I was working, I put on a bit of eye shadow and some mascara----that's it. Now, since 2020 started---I can't remember putting any make up on---LOL..I retired on 12/31 and my face has been make up free.
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