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  1. I'm not surprised by all your reactions to Infinite Verandas. Here's my dilemma: We're scheduling a family cruise (ages 90-21) for next Christmas season. My nieces and nephews can only take 7 night cruises because of work (understandable) and my mom (the 90 year old) doesn't fly so we are limited to Port Everglades and Miami. That turns out to be very limiting. My husband and I have been big fans of Celebrity. We love the M and S-class ships, and in recent years have exclusively stayed in Sky-Suites (love the space, veranda, and Luminae). It's been years since I sailed on Princess (my last experience was them wasn't pretty) and I'm not very familiar with other "mainstream" cruiselines. The only Celebrity ships that work for us are Apex or Edge. I'm not enthused, so I was trying to figure out the best way to do it. I'm pricing out Sky Suites for everyone but I'm guessing that will turn out to be too much, and of course, even if my H and I stay in a Sky Suite, we won't be able to dine in Luminae. I think the best I'll manage is to try for Sunset Verandas and put my mom in a Sky Suite by the elevators. Anyway, thanks for confirming my fears.
  2. Thank you everyone! Your responses have been helpful.
  3. We're planning a Christmas 2020 cruise for our entire family and am wondering if the Edge/Apex work well for people using scooters/walkers/wheelchairs. It seems to me I read early reviews of Edge that pointed out places on the ship that were unaccessible/difficult to get to for people on wheels. Thanks for your help!!
  4. I had that cabin on Infinity in Alaska 15 years ago. It was perfect for Alaska. We had 2 lounge chairs with wool blankets in addition to the other deck furniture (I don't remember if the lounge chairs were there or we asked for them). It was cool out and I had a cold for most of the cruise so I just wrapped myself in blankets, laid on a lounge chair, and let the beautiful scenery float by. Have a wonderful cruise.
  5. I was in the Galapagos on the Celebrity Expedition 10 years ago, so things could have changed. There was one child on our cruise, an 8 year old with his grandparents. When we saw him at the airport in Quito, I rolled my eyes. This did not seem like a trip for a young child. BUT he was great! He was interested in everything, was comfortable hanging out with adults, and added to our enjoyment. I really think it depends on your kids. (Contrast this to the kids - mostly teenagers - we encountered on safari in Africa. They were surly and bored. A waste of their parents' money.)
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