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  1. SAS also picks up from FLL. If you do not stay at a hotel listed on their website that has pickup at the specific hotel, you could stay at a hotel with a free shuttle to/from FLL and use their shuttle service back to FLL, for SAS to pick you up from the airport. Speak to Steve directly at SAS, number listed on site.
  2. Look at hotels in Jersey City. Residence Inn is very close to a PATH station as are Hyatt locations near the waterfront and Double Tree. You will have spectacular views of lower Manhattan. PATH is only $2.75 and just a short ride into NYC. The PATH station at WTC is closed on weekends but the other PATH stations in NYC are not. No need for the ferry if you are going other than WTC station. https://www.panynj.gov/path/maps.html
  3. I used TJ this spring. Immediately after lunch our guide asked if the group wanted to visit the metro. It had to be a majority or all(I don't recall which).Since only a few wanted, there was no metro visit. Later in the day the tour van stopped for a second shopping opportunity. A few of us, not wishing to shop, stayed in the van for almost 25 minutes. I don't see why if your group agrees to a metro visit, and some choose not to participate, they cannot stay on the van as we non shoppers did. I would email and ask TJ but remember the group that day must agree to visit the metro. Good luck. 🍑
  4. Definitely follow Turtle's advice NOT to go up 12th Avenue and to use 10th Avenue. My first cruise out of MCT, we drove up 12th and as we got closer to terminal the left turn lane did not move. Did not move for so long that we got out of the vehicle and walked to the terminal. Second cruise, went up 10th, cross street, and eventually a left to the terminal with no traffic and no walking. 🍑
  5. I do know if you contact the cars services they will provide you with a quote. Again, ask if tolls, tips, any other fees added to the quoted price. If you google the luggage sites, I am just as certain the prices will be located either on the site or if you contact them.
  6. There will be taxis at the cruise port. You can also use uber or car service. The public transit options are the same just in reverse to getting to the port. Your arrival is on a weekend, traffic into Manhattan is lighter than weekdays. If the car service is significantly lower than uber, as your original post indicates, it would make more sense to book round trip service. There are numbered waiting zones at the port for ride services and are easy to find. The car service will know the area. The taxis are located in a different area, there will be someone outside directing to their waiting area.
  7. The recommended location in NYC to store luggage is Schwartz Travel on West 37th Street. You can also google Luggage Hero or Bagbnb for other locations in the city. As well as Uber there are taxis at Cape Liberty. Car services such as Dial 7 and Carmel Limo are options. The car services can also transport you from Manhattan to JFK, later in the day. Should be a fixed rate for a NYC taxi to JFK if you use them. There are also public transit options from Bayonne to NYC and Manhaattan to JFK but not as convenient as automobile
  8. You're welcome. If you do take PATH directly to the Hoboken station and take the light rail from Hoboken, you will not have to walk the streets Jersey City as the PATH and light rail tracks in Hoboken are within the same station and it will be easier to roll your luggage than along the streets. This video will explain the ticket purchase/validation for light rail transit... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLTtakLIN5U
  9. Use the trip planner on the New Jersey Transit site with 33rd St PATH as begin point & 34th St Bayonne as end. https://www.njtransit.com/sf/sf_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=TripPlannerTo There is weekend work on PATH impacting trains using the WTC station but not the 33rd St station. https://www.panynj.gov/path/maps.html The fare is only $2.75 if you go only to Newport PATH and uber/taxi to the port from there.
  10. Car services recommended are Dial 7 and Carmel Limo. Ask if tolls, tips, any other fees to be paid along with price quoted. There is public transit option but involves transfers. Best route would be PATH train from 33rd St in NYC going in direction of Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ. Exit at Newport-Pavonia station. Then walk to the Newport station of the Hudson Bergen light rail line. Light rail in direction of 8th Street Bayonne, exit at 34th St in Bayonne. The entrance to Cape Liberty is across the street but you do not want to walk, you would need a taxi or ride service. The cost to get to 34th Street would be $5 per person or $2.10 age 62 and older. Taxi likely $10 to port. You could choose to uber or taxi when you exit from PATH in Jersey City instead of walking to light rail, since you need a taxi anyway when you exit the light rail.
  11. The further away from NYC the lower the cost of the hotels. You can look at hotels in Parsippany, Wayne and Morristown areas of NJ. All are about 30 miles from the cruise port. Do not park at off site lots near the cruise port. Park at the port or use a sleep/park package. Trinity reservations is recommended often for sleep/park packages.
  12. PATH has scheduled track work on weekends that impact service to the World Trade Center station. PATH is not closed on weekends, that specific station is. You can still take PATH from Grove Street station to NYC stations as far as 33rd street NYC, you may have to travel via Hoboken.
  13. The car service I use operates exactly the same way. There is an extra charge for pick up prior to 5 am and there is no extra charge for whatever day of the week that service is required.
  14. Add East Rutherford NJ as an option. Hilton across from the sports complex, Homewood Suites on rt 17 south & Residence Inn off Paterson Plank Rd. The Hilton is isolated, the other two locations are close to numerous food options on 17. Park Avenue in Rutherford has non chain good dining options.
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