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  1. Did you contact TJ to specifically ask your question or are you relying solely on the website and prefer to ask on CC rather than the tour provider? I did a tour with TJ this spring and communicated via email with their office. I paid my excursion prior with my credit card. On the day of the tour, those who had not paid in full, paid immediately after meet and greet at the first stop, specifically for tour payment, at a souvenir store. I did not see anyone pay in rubles. One couple, and only one couple, brought rubles to tip the guide/driver.
  2. You are correct, AAA does not charge a fee to its members to convert currencies. There was a difference of 12 cents in the amount of DKK I received in exchange for US dollars on the date of transaction between AAA's rate and exchange rate I saw online that morning.
  3. I wrote I was charged 12 cents to convert dollars to euros, I did not write 12 cents per dollar. You asked if converting money at AAA was "a lot". My post was to inform the op that it does not cost "a lot".
  4. I recently did a Baltics cruise and my credit card was accepted whenever I needed it. I am certain you can get by without local currencies. Prior to the cruise I did get Euros and 150 Danish krones from my local AAA office. I was charged 12 cents to convert dollars into krones, well worth it for me. I am glad I also had Euros as my wallet, which had my ATM card, was stolen during my trip. The Euros from AAA were in the safe and allowed me to continue my trip without using a credit card for cash advances. If I had relied only on ATMs in Europe, it would have cost me more than the conversion fee imposed by AAA had I used my credit card.
  5. The Parsippany hotel will be in a more secluded, suburban area. You will find choice of restaurants on nearby route 46. The La Quinta is on a very busy highway, certain to be noisier than the ES but may not be an issue for 1 night. La Quinta is adjacent to a mall with a Target, supermarket and 3 of 4 restaurants. I don't think you can walk to the mall because of fencing. Driving, you must use the back exit of the hotel and local roads to get to the mall. You will have a better selection of restaurants by using the hotel's front entrance/exit directly into route 3 east to Park Avenue, Rutherford about 1 mile away. The Clifton hotel is closer to Bayonne. Enter the NJ turnpike by the Meadowlands sports complex via 3 east.
  6. The 30 day limit is standard for all branch offices of the USPS, however that does not mean the rule is not circumvented. As you know, you have entrusted your present mailman to handle such issues previously and he has. With his retirement brings uncertainty. Start with your new regularly assigned carrier, assuming you do get one. If you do, explain the situation to the carrier and how Marty handled past situations. Most likely your carrier will be considerate and most especially if you are appreciative of their efforts. If you cannot arrange with the carrier, speak directly to the postmaster do not deal with a supervisor. Ask the pm, how the situation can be resolved. The pm can certainly allow the mail to be held longer than 30 days, it is their decision, regardless what the regulations are. The question is, will the pm be cooperative. If the pm does not extend the hold, I advise against putting in a change of address. Not all mail will be forwarded. Some mail, at the senders request, cannot be forwarded. It will be returned to sender with your new address and it is then their responsibility to send to the "new" address. It will be your responsibility to inform these such senders that your "new" address was just a temporary change of address, once you put a second change of address to your original/actual home address. A possible solution would be to submit a hold for 30 days, restart the mail for a day or 2/3. Now the important part, someone would have to initiate a new hold of mail(covering the remaining days of your travel) using your house phone via 800-ask-usps. The original hold will have expired and you are allowed a new hold. Via phone, the USPS does not verify who is calling, only that the phone number matches to your physical address. The issue of your hold mail accumulated from the original 30 day hold has to be addressed, as while a new hold has been phoned in and mail delivery resumed for a day or so (to allow for the new hold), the USPS can return the mail already held at the post office if not claimed. They should not return the held mail but they can. Your call as to choose to risk it. If you trust a neighbor with entering your house to start the second hold, likely you would trust them with your hold mail delivered to their address at the end of the 30 day hold(be sure the carrier will deliver to the neighbor). The postmaster is the key individual, as the pm can bend the rules. If you cannot arrange with your new carrier, have a meeting with the pm, explaining the situation, your concern and possible solutions but let the pm decide so they feel better about themselves.
  7. There are 2 elevators, one by the train platform and the other is after you cross the bridge, close to the stairs that lead to Osterport bus station. The one by the bus station was not working in mid May and I thought Danish Viking posted, a few days ago, it was still not in service. He stated it is working which makes your traversing the tracks much easier. Thank you Danish Viking for all your input on this board, you helped me when I visited. There is a small souvenir shop on Bredgade, #51 I think, that has a Viking troll outside. It's photo is now my wallpaper.
  8. Based on my experience in May, if you must choose between going up the steps in the photo and descending a similar stairway or using the exit via the main hall and then walking to the Osterport bus station, choose the two stairways. The main hall also has at least 2 different stairways, though not as many steps as in the photo. You will still have to walk the distance to the bus stop and managing multiple bags will be too difficult in my opinion. In May, departing the cruise port, bus 25 (due to the marathon held that day) terminated all bus riders at Osterport. Many of us went to the elevator only to find it not in use. All then chose to traverse the stairs, all except me. With just a carry on, a personal item and a small collapsible bag and mobility issues, I determined the stairs would be too difficult. I was in no time rush, so I walked to the Osterport train station. I struggled with my bags on the sidewalk and when I reached the station and saw the steps I needed to descend to get to the tracks, I realized the original stairs were the better option even if it meant I needed to make 2 or 3 trips per stair case. If you only need to exit the train station and then use a car service/uber, then I would suggest exiting via the station not the staircase in the photo.
  9. The van seats 8. 2 will be in the front with the driver. In the back of the van are two rows that fit 3 each. The last row of three can only access their seats with one seat of the middle row folded, therefore they exit the van last and enter first. Vents for ac/heat are above middle row. With only 6, there will be more space but some will still have to sit in the last row.
  10. Glad to see the elevator at Osterport is working, it was not on May 19.☹️
  11. This was my experience in early May. Our arrival time at Le Havre was 7 am with an expected clearance time of 7:30. Passengers waiting to disembark, I was one, were let off at 6:55 am. There was no 9 am train that day and I had booked the 8 am train. It was also a holiday that specific date. There was no one in the terminal. There were no taxis at the port. Another ship arrived first, and a few of their passengers were waiting by the taxi sign/line. Passengers from our ship waited for taxis at the same location but in a different line direction. When the first taxi appeared, both lines attempted to get in. The taxi left with someone from the other ship who was on cutches. No other taxi present and two lines of cruisers waiting for taxis. A few of us from our ship, having to board the 8 am train, decided to walk to the train station. I had a general idea of which way to walk but it was still confusing. It was taking a long time to exit the cruise port. Eventually, other taxis were arriving and a group of 8 of us stopped an inbound taxi and he was glad to take us to the train station. Arrived with time to spare but only because of the taxi ride, if we had to walk the whole distance, it would have been tight time wise. On the return, there were (again) no taxis at the train station. There was a line of about 6-8 waiting for a taxi. I suspect this was because it was a holiday in France the day we arrived. All ended up being okay but there was concern making the 8 am train to Paris. I wanted the 9 am train and in the future, I will not take an 8 am train again
  12. The HSL route planner is very helpful, if you want to use public transit. From the LHD terminal, the only public transit is bus 14 going in the direction of Pajamaki. You could take it to the 10th stop, Bulevardi, which is the closest to Esplandi but likely too far to walk for your mom. Market Square is even further away. To avoid walking, take bus 14 to the 4th stop at Hernesaarenkatu and then switch to bus 17 in the direction of Kallio. The closet stop to Market Square for bus 17 is the 8th stop at Pohj Makasiinikatu. It is on the same street as the Makasiiniterminaali but closer to Market Square. Tickets are bought on the bus only with cash, up to a 20 Euro note. An all day pass is 9 Euro, and is good on the bus, tram and the public ferry to Suomenlinna Island. Single tickets are also available from the driver. If you do use the bus, leave enough time to make the connection between bus 17 and bus 14 on the return trip
  13. These will give you many choices... https://luggagehero.com/?utm_expid=147117755-6.b5c9cjpYS7-PQoE7ubGhWg.0 https://bagbnb.com/
  14. From what I have heard, passports are not impacted by the shutdown but Global Entry and TSA Pre Check applications are and will not be issued during the shutdown.
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