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  1. The HSL route planner is very helpful, if you want to use public transit. From the LHD terminal, the only public transit is bus 14 going in the direction of Pajamaki. You could take it to the 10th stop, Bulevardi, which is the closest to Esplandi but likely too far to walk for your mom. Market Square is even further away. To avoid walking, take bus 14 to the 4th stop at Hernesaarenkatu and then switch to bus 17 in the direction of Kallio. The closet stop to Market Square for bus 17 is the 8th stop at Pohj Makasiinikatu. It is on the same street as the Makasiiniterminaali but closer to Market Square. Tickets are bought on the bus only with cash, up to a 20 Euro note. An all day pass is 9 Euro, and is good on the bus, tram and the public ferry to Suomenlinna Island. Single tickets are also available from the driver. If you do use the bus, leave enough time to make the connection between bus 17 and bus 14 on the return trip
  2. These will give you many choices... https://luggagehero.com/?utm_expid=147117755-6.b5c9cjpYS7-PQoE7ubGhWg.0 https://bagbnb.com/
  3. From what I have heard, passports are not impacted by the shutdown but Global Entry and TSA Pre Check applications are and will not be issued during the shutdown.
  4. Don't let the 2 or so moaners bother you. Think of it as entertainment though they do have a good routine down sort of like Edgar Bergen and his dummy! 😊
  5. Oasis to Bayonne??? I read on this board that Royal only exiled ships to Bayonne and I read Oasis "wouldn't be coming to(Beautiful and Gorgeous) Bayonne anytime soon" earlier in this thread. Just can't believe all the fake news circulating. Can we hire an attorney to stop all these lies, this "witch hunt" of Bayonne???😂
  6. One beer coming up but still think cheese goes better with your wines.
  7. Should have known you would answer a question with a question instead of a reply. Let me explain to you in terms you, hopefully, will understand. I originally wrote what would NOT be coming to Bayonne. I never commented on what would sail from Bayonne. Somehow, from what I wrote, you construed that I did comment on what would sail from Bayonne. FAKE NEWS!!! Even if you still do not understand, I do understand why you wrote what you did though so I wont tax you any further.
  8. Anthem boarding will start between 10:30-11 am. Both times I sailed Anthem, I was on the ship before 11.
  9. Good news. Anthem is a good fit for the climate sailing from Beautiful and Gorgeous Bayonne. Liberate her from across the pond and bring her back home.
  10. No not at all. How did you draw such a conclusion???
  11. Agree with you Lovescats. Some on this board feel the need to belittle Bayonne and then pass it off as a joke. Then continue the belittling by using Beautiful and Gorgeous, proving it was never a joke originally but when I repeat it then they get offended🤣
  12. Enjoy your visit and cruise from Beautiful & Gorgeous Bayonne. Oh boy, now the whiners be mad.
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