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  1. I tend to agree, but as I said above there is still a Dinner and a Show called Velvet on the Breakaway. It mentions the use of acrobats in the description.. It sounds like it would be the a Cirque-like show. But I agree, I don’t see comparable on other ships. So maybe they are still in the process of removing things from the website.
  2. Interesting. It does not show on the ship’s list of entertainment on their website. And the Illusionarium doesn’t show on the list of Public rooms on Deck 6. It shows on the floor plan, but nothing is written to describe it. Odd, I think. It was there in Late January when I was on board. I do see the comparable Dinner and a Show on the Breakaway — a show called Velvet.
  3. Perhaps on some cruises. But not all. My October 2021 still have Sail Away rates at all non-Suite levels.
  4. So, I would urge anyone who rebooked on a cruise that is supposed to have the extra Latitudes point per night, to call NCL and have it added, if LATITUDES does not currently show up on your confirmation. It was not on mine after repricing yesterday. Since I saw the above posting, I called NCL and that part of the promo was indeed NOT on my bookings. The agent added LATITUDES to both my cruises and it now properly shows on my confirmations. Remember, not all cruises may qualify for the additional point. You might want to recheck on NCL.com first to see if it is one that qualifies.
  5. My repriced confirmations also do not have the LATITUDES promo code on them. I'm hoping the extra point is bundled into the LATVIP15 code which obviously gives the 15% discount. Does it normally show up on the Reservation Summary page on your Account on NCL.com? I don't see any mention of it there either.
  6. In the US, NCL will happily reprice your cruise to the currently available pricing at any time up to when the final payment is due. This is because, up to that date you can also just cancel the cruise and rebook it again to get current pricing. However, when they reprice, they also change you to any promos that now apply (and you no longer get the promos in effect on your original booking). For cruises that are a good way off, the prices may go up and down thru time and the promos (the Free at Sea offerings and sometimes on board credits and a few other things) also come and go. So it is to your advantage to follow the ever-changing promos and then do the math as to whether it makes sense for YOU to reprice. I have repriced my October 2021 cruises three times already and have saved hundreds of dollars off the original booking. On one of the reprices, I lost perks, but they weren’t that important to me, so I took the price decrease anyway. Today’s promos actually lowered my price again AND added those perks back into the deal. Do fake bookings for your cruise each time the promos change up to the last step on their website and see how things compare to your current booking. Call NCL if you want to change. Just tell them to reprice to the current promo. It doesn’t always yield a price reduction. After final payments are due, none of this will work. At that time they often drastically reduce price to fill the ship. SOMETIMES, people still call to see if they can get a price reduction and SOMETIMES NCL will offer you a little OBC, But they don’t have to. I don’t think it’s all that different from Royal Caribbean. But NCL doesn’t have a concept of refundable and non refundable deposits. They are all refundable up to the cutoff date. The CruiseNext certificate doesn’t change anything. They will carry it forward when you reprice.
  7. Both cruises are paying the full 100% solo supplement. Here are the cruises: Norwegian Spirit October 22, 2021 - Venice to Istanbul (9 days) October 31, 2021 - Istanbul to Athens (7 days)
  8. It's all a matter of supply and demand of the particular cruise. I'm currently paying $1388 (solo rate, all-in price) for a regular inside cabin on a 7-day Mediterranean cruise and $1738 for a 9-day. Hardly outrageous in price.
  9. I also just had NCL reprice my two October 2021 Mediterranean cruises under the new promo. Both my cruises qualified for the additional 15% Latitudes discount (which I don't see promoted on the main NCL.com page). I'm not sure if all cruises do or not. But mine did. My bookings also now include 1 Bonus Latitudes Point per night according to the website. Neither of the Latitudes offers show up until you're inside the process of booking your cabin. I am traveling solo. With these promos, one of my cruises went down in price by $108 and one went up by $80 for an overall decrease of $28 for the 2 cruises prices. Plus I now get 4 Free at Sea perks instead of 2. The price differences above include the gratuity fees for the beverage and dining packages. So it was a no-brainer to reprice I was already in the lowest category inside cabin. To get these prices, one of my cruises made me select the Guarantee Inside category. But when the agent repriced the cruise, their system did not move me out of my chosen cabin into the Guarantee pool. There really would be no reason for it to do that, since I'm already in the lowest category cabin. So I still have the same cabin for both of my cruises. As these promos come and go, in addition to checking if I can get a better deal for my existing bookings, I also always check to see how much it would cost to upgrade to a balcony. With the current promo, that upgrade number is now about $550 than from when I originally booked my cruise. If it gets much lower, I may just have to open the wallet and pop for a balcony.
  10. Same promos. They are just using the "retail value" price (as defined in the T&Cs) for each of the perks x 2 passengers x 7 day cruise as the basis for the promo marketing. I didn't look into the Kids Sale Free option, but I'm sure it's probably the same too. It does say "on select cruises" for that one, so they probably looked at what the savings for 2 kids on those cruises were.
  11. Looking at the Terms and Conditions, I don't see that anything has been changed. Unless I missed it. I suspect the some Marketing type just magically came up with those $$ numbers to make the same old promo look fantastically different. For the alcohol and dining packages, my guess is that the ships systems can't actually do that cap if it were asked to.
  12. The Imagination is currently off the southern coast of Greece and is due in Aliaga, Turkey on Sept. 14 for its demise.
  13. I suggest the OP provide the ship that they might be sailing on. That could impact their suite experience some. My 2 cents... food is subjective. It will also depend where you eat on the ship. Drinks are the same across all the lines as far as I can tell. Tours are the same across all lines, often run by the same local companies in the ports. Do you like or dislike small children? I have never been bothered by small children on any cruise I've been on. The suite-specific dining options vary from ship to ship.
  14. You are correct. It all comes down to the math of what you will doing onboard the ship. It will be the "best deal" if you don't mind a guarantee and you don't intend on spending money on the things that the perks cover. If you're a non-drinker who doesn't care much about food or internet access, then the sailaway rate probably is the best deal. Otherwise, it possibly isn't. So, I don't think it's the best deal for everyone, necessarily.
  15. The cruise I have booked for Oct 2021 (Spirit) has Sailaway Rates showing for the current promo. In fact it is a Sailaway Rate that also includes the $50 per port shore excursion promo.
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