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  1. The company I worked for (22 years), before I retired, was bought by an investment company, who had no experience in our industry. They ran the company into the ground. They thought they knew what to do, but turns out that they were wrong. Hopefully, that won’t be the case with Azamara
  2. It will be interesting as to how this unfolds.
  3. Same here. Can’t get signature to update. I have tried all the fixes mentioned here.
  4. Thanks Phil and uktog. With the Corona virus concerns, travel will surely be impacted. Coupled with service problems (including e mail), this does not bode well for cruise lines. My RCL stock, as with most others, has taken a big hit. Time to step the service up!
  5. The port is awful. We were there one year ago. Took a taxi from JW Marriott (they didn’t offer any other mode of transportation). Taxi driver was so confused. And we were no help. We showed him the port address. The language barrier didn’t help, but we were lost. Finally, I saw the ship, and recalled a tiny bit of high school Spanish. I shouted, “Aqui, aqui.” That he understood. We finally got there. But...if you can take a shuttle, that is a great idea. Btw, we did indeed ask the hotel for an English speaking driver. They assured us we would get one. We didn’t.
  6. Thank you Bonnie MacLaird. I got my statement!! Sadly, if you had not got involved, I would still be waiting. That speaks to some very questionable customer service. It should not be this way. Azamara should want to take care of their customers, without involvement of Bonnie. Sad indeed. But....I am grateful.
  7. Thank you. I used azamaraguestrelations@azamara.com, Which is what the website said to use. I also sent the email to loyalty@azamara.com.
  8. We took a cruise Jan 5 out of Buenos Aires. Customer service on the ship was great. Not so with the land based operation. I asked, by email, as they instructed, for a copy of the folio. The ship never provided a folio, and I was asked by our insurance for a copy. (My wife got sick and had to see the ships dr). I have emailed three times, but Azamara is not interested in providing this. The last time I emailed them, I also sent a copy to the loyalty club. No answer, not even an acknowledgement that they will get with me as soon as possible. It appears that when they want your money, they can respond immediately. After they get your money, one wonders if they really care. I realize I could call someone, but not interested in setting on rot for a long time. Besides, it is not how they asked for the folio request to be handled. (Btw, I sent the insurance company the invoice from the ships doctors. They wanted more.)
  9. Hi Bonnie. We are on the January 5 sailing out of Buenos Aires, headed to Antarctica.
  10. Yeah, I was finally able to log in. It finally worked. Thanks!
  11. Anyone else having trouble signing into Azamara’s website? We are trying to check in online, but can’t get in. Website goes to a blank page. Even tried the app. It didn’t work either. Just for grins, I tried signing in on Celebrity and RCL websites, but no luck.
  12. No, I haven’t had good enough service to compliment HAL in the past. Btw, after two weeks I heard from them. Finally. They insisted the website worked, etc. Untrue and a bunch of nonsense. I booked a cruise for my wife and me on Azamara. Goodbye HAL.
  13. Thanks for this info Fouremco. It helps make my point about businesses in general. Once they have your money...... Funny, Celebrity and Princess have actually responded to me quickly over the years. HAL, not so much.
  14. Good point Boatdrill. I was planning to let them know. Don’t think they care, but.....
  15. First of, thanks to all of you who responded. Great feedback. There are definitely some HAL apologists, who think any amount of time one waits on HAL is fine. I get that. I don’t agree, but I do understand loyalty. Taxmantoo makes an import point on eight days but 2 of them were weekends. I get that, and it would be relevant if HAL wasn’t open 7 days a week. I do agree about relaxing. And I am relaxed. My posting this topic was just a form of venting. And pointing out the hypocrisy of them saying to fill out a written form. E mail it in. We will get back to you. Cshapard points out while teaching in NC, it was impossible to reach school district personnel. How sad that cshapard had to visit their office to get answers. And maybe my vow to take my money elsewhere is over the top. But....my principles say otherwise. Boatdrill says if my timeframe (that HAL doesn’t know about), is more important, then I am right to move on. I agree. And...it shouldn’t make any difference if HAL knew my timetable. They clearly don’t care, timetable or not. They should not have a form, if they aren’t going to respond to it. (Btw, this is day 9 and still no response). Tater, rightfully points out to just call them about the Private Sale. Tater has a good point. However, I think I will stand by my thoughts when I started this post. Which was: “I will probably take my business for an upcoming cruise elsewhere. While my $8-$10 K is a small pebble in the water to them, I have a problem with poor customer service. Too often nowadays, on any business, customer service ends when they get your money. It is sad.” Thanks to everyone for your feedback!
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