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  1. Can you tell us if live Sunday afternoon/SNF/MNF/TNF games are shown in bars or public areas on Azamara?
  2. RE: Cabin 6089 Ship: Journey Can anyone give us a description of the "partially enclosed balcony" in Journey cabin 6089? What percentage of the view is blocked? Can two people sit on the balcony and still see out? Thanks
  3. We are 22 days out from departure and have not gotten a bid, even though balcony cabins are still being advertised. We are in Cabin 6089 on the Journey and are concerned about the "partially enclosed balcony". Hoping it's not "too" enclosed! Thanks Grandma Cruising.
  4. Should I ask my travel agent to investigate an upgrade? I'm willing to pay a little more for a better cabin. Or is the process "bid only" directly thru Azamara for an upgrade? Confused!
  5. We invited another couple who are Viking loyalists to come with us on their first cruise with Azamara on the Journey on November 30. We told them about the A Evening event and they were excited to enjoy this. It's a bit embarassing for us if this is canceled. It would seem a giant corporation like RCCL could pull together 1 special evening given they had 5 months notice. They still have plenty of time to do so!
  6. We are on the November 30th sailing from San Juan. I'm hoping for evening dockside entertainment at the port in Barbados. It would be GREAT if bars could be set up off the ship so we could enjoy our beverage package during the party. I wouldn't mind having a large steel drum band perform. Being next to the ship is a convenience for all. I understand the frustrations many have voiced. We plan to enjoy the cruise regardless.
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