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  1. That's interesting. I ordered distilled water for my cruise coming up in about a week, also on the Volendam. I did not receive such an email. I also contacted Ship Services a couple of weeks ago to request an extension cord for my cruise. I guess we'll see if I actually get one...
  2. Yes, I believe you should book it as soon as you know you want one. I understand they "sell out". I will say I booked mine about six months ago, only because I happened to be calling Ship Services for something else and just booked it at the same time. The number for Ship Services is 1-800-541-1576. Have your booking number ready.
  3. But the lower star mariner sharing the cabin with a 4 Star Mariner gets the same perks as the 4 Star, don't they? Or has that changed since Covid?
  4. Thanks everyone! I suspected it would depend on the ship/crew.
  5. I haven’t cruise for quite a while. I’m about to go on a cruise with many tender ports. Can one of you advise if those of us with tender priority (4/5 star mariner, Neptune Suites and Club Orange guests) can include others who don’t have any priority, with them as part of their group, so all get on an earlier tender? This would be to ensure the private tour group all gets shoreside in time for our tours. If yes, it can be done, is there a limit to how many we can include as our “party”? If it can’t be done, that’s okay. We just need to know what the rules are. Thank you!
  6. In addition to what FlorenceItaly says, you should have received an email confirmation from HAL when you placed your order.
  7. Order it pre-cruise; it costs more onboard.
  8. Log in to your account (via the website) and go to your booking. Under Food & Beverages,click on Water and the distilled water comes up for me as the first item to purchase.
  9. The Tasermiut excursion is held at the Qaqortoq community hall according to their website. I’ll try to remember to report back in a few weeks, when I go.
  10. My sister booked a cruise for the two of us while she was onboard and I was not. This was in Feb/23. I do know that you cannot book FCDs for someone not onboard but I believe you can book cruises for others not onboard. (Doesn't make sense that one can be done and the other can't but I don't make the rules!)
  11. Yes, Westerdam has fridges in all cabins. It is only the R class ships (Volendam & Zaandam) that do not have fridges in the inside/OV rooms.
  12. Would you please report back on your timing and the process? I'm boarding on July 27th and have a similar question. I've boarded in Boston once before; we were lucky and got seats within the terminal but others waited outside for quite some time.
  13. I have no personal experience with this (yet) but have read reports here on CC about others who have done it. Mostly with shorex but it also works with dining reservations. Just make sure to do the dining at Guest Services and shorex at the shorex counter.
  14. I would book now for all four of you, using your HIA credits for two. Pay for the two additional meals. That way you are ensured of getting a table for four. My fear, if you book two now and then add two more onboard, is that you may not be able to get a table for four, or the time you prefer. Then, once onboard, go to the Front Desk and ask them to credit the prepaid meals to your folio and use the OBC to pay for the two meals.
  15. That is one expensive fish, at US$440, including the cost of the excursion!!! I hope you savour every morsel. But you did have an experience, gain a story to tell and a fish to eat later. Hope Susan's fish was good. I think I would have the chefs prepare it, too, if I took this excursion.
  16. What is the cost of freezing/shipping the fish home? Thanks very much for your reports! They're most enjoyable!
  17. Huh, I'll have to try again. I was speaking with someone in Reservations yesterday and after all attempts failed, she told me to have my TA fill out the form. I knew they were closed yesterday for the holiday so didn't bother. Haven't had a chance to call yet. But maybe I'll try HAL again.
  18. Thank you! Now I have to figure out how to get/use a VPN. I’ll talk to the IT people at the office this week…
  19. How did you complete the verification process? I could not get any links to work on the HAL website (got the dreaded 404 error multiple times). I then called HAL and got transferred to Reservations. She tried to help me. I used three devices and two browsers and still could not get the form. I have to try going through my TA but I'm not holding much home with that since it's the big box store.
  20. I think just one membership. When I registered this afternoon, I was given the opportunity to add a second person from my household (for free). I did not need to add a second person so did not do that. I assume that if your spouse cruises without you, he/she would still be able to get the HAL OBC offer.
  21. Can we only get one year memberships? I first selected a 5 year membership but once I entered that I was from Canada that option disappeared. I have a few cruises already booked but am about to embark on one so thought I would get the membership now, in case I book a cruise onboard.
  22. Or use a credit card and avoid that altogether. I get that that is unfair but why, oh why, do Americans think the USD should be accepted in every country in the world?! It will cost that cabbie time and money to exchange those USD at the bank unless he holds onto it until his next trip to the US (which delays his payment for a period of time). I cannot use CAD in the US, nor anywhere else in the world, but some Americans seem to think that their currency should be accepted anywhere! Rant over.
  23. It seems to still be on according to the local tourism website: https://saguenaylacsaintjean.ca/en/attraction/quoi-faire/la-fabuleuse-histoire-dun-royaume The actual website (https://fabuleuse.com) for the show was not available this morning so I couldn’t check that. The name of the show is La Fabuleuse Histoire d'un Royaume. As I recall, it is usually performed in French but on cruise ship days, there is a performance in English for passengers.
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