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  1. Hoping someone can help. Looking for mobility scooter access for the islands of Barbados, St Kitts, St Lucia, and Antigua. Are any doable? The scooter does fold down automatically, just not sure if I would be able to taxi anywhere that is accessible. Amy info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a children’s menu available at Food Republic? Also, can you use a dinner credit to eat there? thanks
  3. Hi All, I cruised the Escape 14 days after Thanksgiving, I had a wonderful time, but could not tolerate the salty food. I think it was the two week cruise that did me in.Anyway, has anyone ever cruised while requesting a low sodium diet? Thanks
  4. Hi All, Do any of the Celebrity Casinos have any live Hold Em poker games or tournaments? Thanks!
  5. I tried to call Guest Services to remove erroneous drink charges in Sept on the Escape. and they said I had to come to Guest Services to have it removed. I did not purchase drinks, other than soda, but was charged on three different occasions for bar drinks. I challenged this. and was told they would look into it, but no, I had to go to the desk to have it cleared. Check your bill.
  6. I was looking at a recent review, and it had the some of the new menus. Cagney's rib eye entree, and pork belly appetizer was not on the menu. Can anyone confirm if the rib eye was on your cruise. We used to like the steak in Cucinas, and that was missing from the menu also. Anyone?
  7. Get dropped off by the entrance doors, and it is a very short walk from there. I cannot walk very far, and it is not a problem at all. You will see the scooters lined up, the desk is right behind them Have Fun!
  8. Please don't give using a scooter a second thought. It will make your cruise much more enjoyable. It does for me. I have never had an accessible cabin, but either leave my scooter near the elevator, or call guest services, and they will pick up, charge. and deliver your scooter back to you. You are not allowed to leave your scooter outside your door if it is the narrow hallway. It was a steward who explained this process to me, and I have been on over ten cruises since using my scooter. I ask that they knock on my door when they deliver, so that I can tip them. Almost all guests are very good about a person with a scooter, if they are not, they probably are not a person you would have cared for anyway. (At least that's how I look at it) I hope you will not let the scooter deter you from traveling, Go, and Enjoy!
  9. And I was able to play my own music on my small JBL bluetooth speaker I think a personal speaker is extremely selfish behavior. (that's why headphones are made)
  10. Is there in cabin babysitting? Thanks
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