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  1. Hi There, I am trying to access cruise planner for a cruise I have booked in Jan 2021. Is it true you can't access cruise planner until 90 days out. I can't see any shore excursions, drink packages, dining. I rang royal Caribbean and they said I can't see any of these until 90 days before my cruise. Please advise
  2. Hi There Can anyone tell me what the bedding is in a interior virtual balcony stateroom. How do they sleep the 3 and 4th person on a sofa bed. I have 2 children that do not want to sleep on the same bed. Pictures would be great. Thanks
  3. I have booked a cruise for Jan 2021. Why can't I look up anything on cruise planner it just tells me Sorry we cannot reserve this right now. I wanted to look up drink package prices
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