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  1. Thanks Bermuda ! If I cancel after final payment, I will get FCC of 125 % or can get a full refund. If MSC cancels, I get a full refund or the same FCC if I chose. At least that is what they told me when we booked, many moons ago. I need to discuss this more with our friends. Thanks again!
  2. We are scheduled to sail on the Seaside out of Port Canaveral Feb. 28, 2021 with another couple. Final payment is due this week Do you think I should pay the balance ? If I do not pay, I think I automatically forfeit my cruise. With all the cancellations so far, I am hesitant that our cruise will sail. But, many seem to think the Seaside would be the perfect "trial ship" for MSC because of all the open areas. I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions. TIA
  3. We took our refillable water bottles without any problems. There were enough lounge chairs on all beaches and umbrellas too. I wanted to snorkel so we went to the beach near the wedding chapel but the water was too rough. Even the ship cancelled their snorkel excursion. We did lounge on that beach and it was beautiful with soft sand, turquoise water and no noise. We watched the light show at the light house from the ship. Great day all around.
  4. Thanks MJC ! i packed my snorkel, mask and vest but leaving the fins home. Thank you for the description of the beaches where you snorkeled. I live in Florida and having sharks swimming with me is not something I enjoy. Will find out on Thursday what I can see at OC.
  5. Thanks! With the forecast of rain (which can change) the lighthouse bar may be our only activity possible. I hope not!
  6. Thanks Cellfree ! I looked at the map of Ocean Cay and found the spa area. Also, the sunken ship can only be seen via an excursion from the ship. It is a boat ride away and then 1 hour of snorkeling followed by rum punch. No price is listed. I think I am going to play this one by ear. We are on the Divina one of the larger ships and it seems there have been problems docking the larger ships at the cay. I will find out next Thursday !🏖️
  7. Thanks for the info. I do see the sunken ship on the video but wonder if you need to be on an excursion from the ship to get there or if it accessible from the beach.
  8. Thanks for the info. We are on the Divina leaving on Tuesday. I wonder if the only way to snorkel the sunken ship is to take an excursion from the ship. I am confused as to where the "northern" end of the island is. I see the spa though. Is the beach you went to right by the spa or behind it?
  9. Thanks to all who discussed snorkeling at Ocean Cay !! Since I am only taking a carry on for the 4 day trip, I will throw in my snorkel & mask if I have room. I will pass on bringing my fins though.
  10. How was the snorkeling? Worthwhile to bring my snorkle etc. Where is the beach you snorkeled from ? Near the Lighthouse or all the way to the other side of the island. I am going this Monday but have not gotten much good feedback re: snorkeling. Thanks for all you info !!
  11. Thanks for the info. I am flying with just a carry on bag and am not sure if I should take up space with my snorkel stuff if there is not much to see. I will need to rethink this after your report.
  12. Thanks! Where did you snorkel on Ocean Cay? Was it good? I have my own equipment too.
  13. Can you snorkel from the beach on Ocean Cay or must you take an excursion? If you can snorkel from the beach on your own, which is the best area ? Going in 2 weeks ! First time on MSC.
  14. Thank you ! That sounds like a good day to me!!
  15. How much was the taxi per person ? How long did you spend there and if you snorkeled there, how was it. Were there any restaurants or bathroom facilities there? Thanks in advance for your help !
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