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  1. Is there a particular reason why I'd use a travel agent for Antarctica? The few I've contacted say there are no discounts for Lindblad, except Amex Travel which are giving me a measly $300 after sailing (I've gotten more off a 14 night Celebrity cruise). The economy group airfare isn't of interest to me which is what NatGeo is offering for direct bookings. Only tonight I saw that Expeditions dot com (for Lindblad) they also talk about covering the "bar tab and crew gratuities". But I thought these were all inclusive expeditions? Thanks for advice!
  2. I haven't been around CC in a while, but something made me do a search for you and I was glad to see you had another B2B(2B) review. As usual I enjoyed it and see that as I'm wrapping it up you've just set sail on another! Great! Oh and like someone else said, glad to hear the kids are doing well. Bizarre to think I've been reading your posts on and off for nearly a decade and know CC appreciates your efforts and consistency!
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