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  1. We will be on a Celebrity cruise in May. We've arranged for a car and a driver to take us from the ship to our hotel. We've been told that sometimes taxi lines are big and the lines are long.
  2. We are doing Premium Tours to Highclerce Castle in May. They start at Victoria Coach Station and it is an all day trip to Oxford, Bampton and Highclerce. Its not cheap but since we have done the exact tour before, it was quite good.
  3. My experience is that it doesn't matter if the email is read by the actual CEO, they don't like getting complaints directly to them and usually, someone from their office or someone at a higher level at customer service will get back in touch.
  4. Oh come on everybody, the stupid spy movie is not that bad or stupid!
  5. With a multiple night dining package you have to wait to be on board to finalize reservations. Booking individual specialty restaurants for date and time can be done on line and in advance.
  6. I did this for our British Isles cruise in May. I cancelled and then re-booked for all our excursions and I saved about 30%.
  7. I always take a copy of the booking confirmation with us, just in case. I have never had to use it but it does make me feel better.
  8. I disagree. If you simply cancel the cruise, it is just one more book and cancel. They get thousands of these all the time. The email is the best way to start the complaint process. Telling them on the phone about your complaint is OK but a written letter to the president of the company is the best way to go.
  9. On our next British Isles cruise we will be carrying Euros, UK Pounds and USD for the express purpose of tipping.
  10. Agreed. You are paying for the perks as they are factored into the price. Nothing is free.
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