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  1. Just got my refund from our cancelled Summit cruise (not) sailing 4-25-20. I must admit that I was getting frustrated, but posts here kept announcing refunds for sail dates leading up to mine, giving me hope! Thanks, everyone! Andrew
  2. We have one booked for September that is looking iffy. Northern Europe. But if we are able to fly and not be quarantined for 14 days, we may still do the land portion, and extend it. Time will tell.🤞
  3. Original plan: to write a fun distracting travel blog to keep my sanity Reality: I think this blog has "jumped the shark." Nonetheless, I will soldier on through my last post, as today is "disembarkation," and I predict we will be off the ship, home and unpacked in the blink of an eye. Yesterday, Chef Andre ran out of Banana bread, and reports from the recycling plant are that my Chocolate Coconut Banana Bread has nary a crumb remaining. So it was back to bagels this morning with my coffee. Ed was dutiful in his delivery...last day, and seeking good tips I'm sure!
  4. If you have champagne, he'll be right over! Hope you both are safe and well. Andrew
  5. Vacation Day 7 Cruise Day 6 Original Plan: St. Croix Reality: Nothin' Atoll. Well, here we are at another one of these little-known islands in the Caribbean. "Turkeys, wildflowers and deer" translates roughly to "Lather, rinse, repeat." Although we did go to a beautiful nature preserve...well, an arboretum of sorts...actually, a garden centre. O.k., it was a plant store. It was as though the floodgates had opened, and all of humanity had decended on this place. They all must have been tired of hunting for souvenirs at the local Piggly Wiggly
  6. Vacation Day 6 Cruise Day 5 Original plan: Day at Sea Reality: Is there a difference between being at sea versus being out to lunch? Because it feels like there isn't... Somehow, even with a day at sea, we managed to see wild deer, wild turkeys and wildflowers...I am assuming that I'm just hallucinating while doing my laps on the deck above the pool. They seemed so real... Meh, sanity is overrated. The view off the stern of the ship is spectacular- enjoying it with a glass of wine as I type. The seas are a leafy shade of green at the moment, and the seagulls appear to
  7. Vacation Day 5 Cruise Day 4 Original Plan: Grenada Reality: literally Nada. Another fun-filled day on our imaginary cruise, and I realize I haven't reviewed many of the ship's amenities, so here it goes: Pool deck: The deck itself is nice, and we are enjoying the lack of bad pool bands. In fact, the canned music on the whole ship is much more our taste, thanks in part to the ship apparently using my Amazon Prime account for any and all selections...hope the other passengers don't mind! And, most importantly, no chair hogs! Pool butler Ed is always
  8. Vacation Day 4 Cruise Day 3 Original Plan: Tortola Reality: Puerto Casa Nuestros Good morning, campers! ( I know you've all been waiting patiently for the next installment. How sad that THIS is the highlight of your day!😉) Cruise day three, we sailed into our next port. If you've ever sailed in the Caribbean before, you've probably heard someone complain that it's hard to tell the difference between the island ports. I have a feeling it was never moreso than on this cruise. Steward Ed managed to get me coffee and a bagel on time today, and even sc
  9. Vacation Day 3 Cruise Day 2 Original Plan: Dominica. Reality: Port Cheznous. The second day of the cruise has been nearly perfect, with just a few niggling complaints- it hasn't ruined the cruise, or anything, but certainly not like cruising in the good old days. Our trip ashore was nice- easiest disembarking ever...of course, it wasn't a tender port...we hiked through the local trails outside of Port Cheznous, and saw wild flowers, deer, and wild turkeys. The local roads were empty, so we walked into the local village to see about souvenirs. Unfortunately, all the sho
  10. Vacation: Day 2 Original Plan: boarding a cruise in San Juan. Reality is overrated, so we're taking the cruise in our heads. (If you've ever read a cruise review...) First day report. Embarkation day: we magically woke up in our stateroom, with all of our clothes unpacked. And we didn't even spring for a butler! What a breeze compared to other trips. Because most restaurants are closed on embarkation day, we wandered up to the buffet. No staff in sight, so we helped ourselves to coffee and a bagel. I'll have to train the "cabin steward" (I'm not sure, but I think his
  11. Vacation, Day One: Original Plan: having dinner in Puerto Rico. Reality: A bottle of J Sparkling Wine in isolation...
  12. All, I've writing over on FB about the cruise that I should have boarded yesterday, and a few people asked me to post here as well. Hope it bring a laugh or two...
  13. We enjoyed LPC, and went twice on the last cruise- they have two different menus. But I have to agree that it would either be at a significant discount, or travelling with new cruisers that would get me to go back. I felt the same way about Qsine, though. Disco Shrimp isn't so novel the 3rd or 4th time. I liked Silk Harvest well enough. Bo5 was o.k. We go to Tuscan mostly for the variety from other Specialties, but it's just o.k.. The only one we consistently opt for is Murano. Sushi on 5 is also good, but one of us isn't a fan of seafood, so there's only so many
  14. Well, I really liked the personally engraved drinking glasses...and the caviar and Dom Perignon service at 6:00 every evening. 🍾🥃🥂 The personal secretary to type up my cruise musing was only so-so...she could only type 70 words per minute, and my creative genius needs a much quicker response. 🤔 I found the tuck-in service from the Captain a little creepy, though. For me, perhaps because it was Captain Kate...still in her costume. Send one of the tall Greeks next time, and I might change my mind. 😁 The golf cart for getting from one end of the ship to the
  15. It's $10. per day plus automatic gratuity, so plan on $12.00 per day to upgrade. We do it every time. We are always in the Martini Bar before dinner, and also like the World Bar. We also ask for Belevedere, Woodford Reserve, etc., which are included in the upgrade. As mentioned above, the choice of wines with dinner is also improved, so for us, it makes sense.
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