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  1. Most important thing I see is that you need to charge your phone!😁 The perks were all there in April, and hopefully will be in September. Hi to your hubby. Andrew
  2. No, they don't on any Celebrity ship. There is a laundry service, but it's pricey enough to make extra luggage fees seem reasonable.🙄
  3. I bring a hamper on every cruise...it's called my suitcase! All clothing I've worn goes in there, but we do try to eventually use our laundry perks so that not everything does home dirty.😁
  4. I know your pain. Have at the tears...it's part of the process, but also hang on to the fact that, while the love and affection won't diminish, the pain will lessen and become less sharp. If you need more crying time, read the rainbow bridge poem(Google it) It's guaranteed to get tears flowing...it's cathartic. But, in an odd way, makes me happy to think of being reunited with all the Corgis I've had in my life. Andrew
  5. Nope. Not me. Extra space is reserved for two things: loafers...and blazers! (But we might knock on your door to borrow duct tape!😉) Always wanted to be able to cruise with our Corgi. Alas, twas not to be. Hubble went over the rainbow bridge 5 years ago. Like GeorgesGal, we are looking for another rescue, and will look in earnest after our next cruise. (Imagine all we'd have to pack for a dog! Fresh kibble, a dog bed, even though he'd sleep with us, a slew of "favorite" dog toys, three kinds of different treats for variety, several leashes, poop bags, brushes, lint brushes, doggie foul weather and swim gear, water from home in enough quantities that he didn't have to drink "strange" water, the list goes on. I'd end up with one outfit and a swimsuit if I was lucky!) Andrew
  6. Yes. Most call liquors are extra for Classic package, although I don't believe it's "well" liquor in classic package. I think Bourbon is Jim Beam. There's a menu somewhere on the website.... Some may sneer, but JB reminds me of my grandmother, so I do drink it at home 'on occasion," but I like Woodford on the ship in my Manhattans. Belvedere in my Martinis. Standard sized drinks like Martinis are the same. The ones at the Martini Bar are larger, in addition to being made with better choices of liquor. Not sure about the Moscow Mules, Pina Coladas or Mai Tai's and the like. Rarely drink them, but I imagine the same thing is true. One note- you can't always get the same thing at every bar- frozen drinks, for instance never seen them at the Martini Bar. And different bars have different selections of liquors. Andrew
  7. And you're still standing???😉. Two before dinner, wine with dinner, and none afterwards, and I've about had my fill...😁 To the OP, we upgrade for both the Martini Bar and for the wines- much better selection in the premium package by the glass for dinner...and better sparkling wine by the glass at the pool. (Maybe we just discovered why I don't usually drink after dinner!!!😊) Andrew
  8. I'm not yet retired, and already changing the way we travel. Fewer red-eyes- too taxing on me, and fewer economy flights- too taxing on knees and back. Just returned to the West Coast from Florida on Sunday, and realized that even extra cost exit rows don't help with seat comfort on "the backside." We've talked about the same kinds of changes OP is considering, eventually, including a Florida Condominium for part of the year, Local cruises are not as easy an option from San Francisco, limited to Alaska, Hawaii and California Coastal, and mostly on Princess. We hope that we won't really face this for 20 years, but, as one poster said, it's why we travel so much now....I won't be able to be hiking the hills above Kotor or the Carpathian Mountains without new knees!😉 We are also feeling that the ship is more the destination, so itinerary will matter less and less. Wishing smooth sailing to the OP, and glad you've found an alternative that works. Andrew
  9. That's the problem....I'm not a fou-fou coffee drinker either...I only drink decaf. I was just guessing about the price of a coffee with an expensive liquor in it. My view is skewed by the fact that I live in a city where cocktails are often $18-$20 each. (No wonder I think the premium package is a deal!😁)
  10. The good news is two-fold. With the Classic Package, you will only pay the difference from the maximum cocktail price and the cost of the fancy coffee, if any. I think the max is $9.00 per drink, but I could be off by a dollar. If so, and the coffee cost $11.00, you'd pay $2.00 plus tip. Again, my guesses about prices are just that. Feckle says premium coffees are included, but if you want to add Bailey's, Sambuca, Grand Marnier AND caramel sauce, I assume the price would be higher, and you'd just pay the difference. (And have a weird hangover.😉) The other good news is that, of you think you'd prefer nicer wines, better top shelf liquor, etc., you can upgrade to Premium package for $12.00 per day. It's what we do, and we find it worth it. Happy sailing. Andrew
  11. D Sorry that didn't work for you- it was my only idea. I will add that I've been the primary cruiser more than my partner, and yet offers from Cunard, Princess and Crystal all come addressed to him. With Cunard and Princess, at least he's sailed with them! Crystal is a mystery, though...
  12. I wasn't getting these offers either. I wanted to investigate the "Move up" program for my next cruise, and they (the website) informed me that I needed to opt in to marketing e-mails. I thought I'd done that already, but ticked the box, and continued checking out the site. Since then (last week) I now get these offers. May not work for you, but I'd give it a try. Andrew
  13. There's also something called the Trio, which includes two dinners and a lunch, all for $100. Andrew
  14. Finally have something to add besides witty (o.k., sometimes snarky) comments. We've sailed on Celebrity when San Juan was just a stop as opposed to a embarcation port, and sailed in and out of the Old Town pier, which was so easy for exploring San Juan. Pan American is used for all Celebrity cruises starting in San Juan because they have the necessary facilities for x-ray screening, check-in booths, etc. I will add that we usually stay in Old Town when sailing out of San Juan, and it's a quick cab ride to the Pan American pier. We've looked at the Shrraton resort on th PA side, but weighed that against the convenience of being near the better restaurants, etc. before the cruise.
  15. Are you saying you don't like waiting behind Ed for his third mudslide of the day😉. (Actually, what am I saying? Ed wait in line????But he certainly keeps the pool drink waiters busy!)
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