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  1. I would not want to be next to the Teen Center. And regarding if Princess "being in business", that is why you will check the rates each day to see if there is a drop in rates and also purchase travel insurance to CYA.
  2. The Regal is a beautiful ship. If you want a balcony, be sure and select a cabin with a decent sized balcony. And I hope they get their act together regarding their recent health inspection. When we were on her in September 2018, she got 100% and the crew was elated!
  3. Many people take the train from Vancouver to Seattle or even Portland and fly out of one of those.
  4. Thank you to both of you! A few years ago, I was introduced to a Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc and fell in love with it (grapefruit in a bottle). Now I want to try lots of New Zealand wines.
  5. We in Washington State understand. When asked where we live, everyone assumes we mean Washington D.C. and that we sure have come a long way!
  6. We will be embarking and debarking in Sydney in March/ April 2021. Does anyone know where Princess ships are and any hotel recommendations? We hope to be in Sydney at least 3-4 days pre-cruise and want to do some exploring. Wine country is also on my mind. Thank you for you thoughts. 😁
  7. We will be doing a New Zealand itinerary in beginning at the end of March 2021. Sydney is pre- cruise for a few days. Please share information regarding your suggestions for private winery tours that are fun, informative, and relaxed (not rushed like cattle). We still have nasty memories of a ship sponsored "winery tour" in Santorini which was horrible. Our ports are: Dunedin (Port Chambers), Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga, Auckland, Bay of Islands Thank so much!
  8. YES!!! Be careful about that!
  9. You will need to go through your TA if you have one. Be VERY SURE to do the math involving the bottom line. That is where many people make a mistake in changing to the current offer! I check every week or so to see if there is a better offer or if the rates have changed. This has always worked well in our favor. If it is past final payment, I do not think you can change anything.
  10. I also worked in food service for many years and it can be quite disgusting how restaurants are run in the back of the house. A few years ago I became very ill with a massive infection which was found to be due to the lack of sanitation in the walk-ins and other areas. I had to be hospitalized and it took a while to recover. (I worked there but not in the kitchen). Two co-workers also became ill. We were on the Regal in September 2018 and they were late boarding due to an inspection, but the staff was elated with their high score! (Brooklyn port)
  11. Alaska ports are fine- they are in the USA. Many people wait until they go to port to make their calls and check in at home. Sometimes people "forget" to put phone in WiFi mode and come home to a $2000.00 phone bill. We have not tried the WiFi mode but we are now Platinum and get some complimentary WiFi to send e-mails to home.
  12. We have found that passengers show up when they want to, regardless of what their instructions say. As far as lunch not being available... there is always lots of food and drink available we you board. As far as you getting "a bad egg", unfortunately, this happens often- information is conflicting and they need to go by what they have been instructed to say. Previous posts are right on.
  13. The Diamond Princess is not alone in this matter. There were other ships quarantined; a Royal Caribbean ship in Rome and a HAL in Asia as well. So I guess HAL and RC will be off the table too. From what I have read, Princess is moving forward with compensations. I think Princess was thrown a doozy and did the best they could while trying to deal with the Japanese government; many international laws going on...
  14. Mary Beth- How lovely you and DH were able to take your in laws on their first cruise- and such a great ship! Thank you for your review and pics!
  15. We actually preferred Hubbard Glacier to Glacier Bay but both are wonderful. I understand what EDDT0827 is saying. I guess that is why we have never cruised on NCL or RC. I really do not want ice skating rinks, a Sea World, rock wall, or whatever on my cruise ship. Cruising out of Seattle is so easy for us, however, cruising out of Vancouver is also so impressive.
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