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  1. Exactly! That is what is silly and ironic. It is ok to explore if you flew in, but not from a cruise ship. We would just explore the British Isles for ourselves. We adore cruising but not with "our herd" in a bubble at every port.
  2. Correct. There is another thread like this titled "They're serious about shore excursions". We are not happy about this either. We prefer booking private excursions or just exploring on our own.
  3. Wow! Reading the comments on this thread has really inspired me for this itinerary!
  4. That is such a bummer. Actually, I research and research and forget that not everyone does that. I would have known from research that I would have been unable to book anything else due to the lack of it even existing. Still.....
  5. If you are using the cruise line's air, then they will typically not book you on an unreasonable departing flight. Or you can also call the cruise line.
  6. As we all know, not all cruisers are aware of Cruise Critic. And we also know that people in general may receive the written "memo" regarding going onshore but do they really "get" and process the memo for what it really is? I can just see a ship docking and very excited passengers waiting to disembark at their port of their dreams. Then they are told that they can not do that unless they have booked an excursion through the ship.
  7. You may want to ask separately on the Norwegian board for a description of the Club Balcony Suite. Do not let the term "Club" lead you to believe that they are easily compared. Also, ask separately here for a description and name the Princess ship.
  8. We have been in aft balconies (our go to) and have been in the very front Lido balcony. The Lido balcony is ENORMOUS! However, the negative is that the railing is metal and blocks any view unless you stand up.
  9. SOMEHOW and I really do not know how this wine came to be in my possession, but it was so FABULOUS! I had a 2014 Robert Mondavi Private Selection Heritage Red Blend which I decided to open. WOW! I wish I had a few cases! So smooth and velvety!
  10. Thank you for saying this. Having done a private tour in the Vatican, I know for a fact that it is close quarters. regardless which kind of group you were in. I guess the Vatican and many other sights will be of limits as well. I know that I feel sorry about all of the fabulous "private" tour guides and companies who thrive on our business that we bring to port.
  11. caribill and mevs904- I respectfully appreciate your comments and explanations. And now sarcastically, I was unaware that this virus is so intelligent that it will only infect the Princess ship Group A touring the Vatican and not Group B who has booked a private tour.
  12. I am thinking that a land based British Isles (England, Wales and Scotland) land based trip would be much more informative and not so restricted. I just think that is VERY IRONIC and ILLOGICAL to allow people into the country to travel and sight see, but if they are there getting off of a ship that this will be forbidden! It would be really strange to cruise and not be able to get off at a port at your own leisure and wander a bit.
  13. So, does this just boil down to: You will not be permitted to leave the ship UNLESS you are booked for a shore excursion through the ship? So, it would be better to NOT cruise, and just do land based tours?
  14. Hi ROWSE! Thanks for the info. We are on the May 2 British Isles with you (the 2 from WA State).
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