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  1. In 2023, we are on the Grand for a Transpacific. The Grand can have 2600 passengers. We were really looking forward to the South Pacific.
  2. @ontheweb Thanks! We shall see... @Babr I am curious as well.
  3. Agreed! And as has been mentioned, this could also be addressed on the Insurance forum.
  4. Agreed. I posted the possibility because I have worked with insurance companies and I can see potential issues down the road. Just trying to address the concern of the OP in Post #7.
  5. After looking at pics online, the Dolphin deck is at least partially covered.
  6. How exciting! We are booked on this for 2023 on the Sky. It is great to hear such lovely comments about this itinerary.
  7. The highlighted sentences would/ could be a red flag for an insurance company and be a detail on filing a claim.
  8. So sorry and you are not alone. Many of us have missed celebrating milestone birthdays and anniversaries. Hopefully, all will be be back on track soon!
  9. We have two booked cruises on the Sky for 2023. I am sure we will enjoy!
  10. @tikcho Travel Agent, as a vocation, does not negate or downplay the true experiences of others.
  11. LOL! We are Platinum and really have no hopes to become Elite. Covid really interfered with that, but who knows?
  12. We did the East Coast cruise twice and went to the Canadian ports you have mentioned. This is not a wildlife, whale, glacier cruise unless Greenland offers something We really did enjoy the Canadian ports as well as the ports in USA.
  13. I was able to select seats on American flights but this was 3 months ago. I did a mock booking today and the seats for American were totally available for selection.
  14. An upgrade can be as simple as moving from one floor to another or from aft to mid ship. We ALWAYS request No Upgrade because we know what we like. An upgrade NEVER implies moving from an inside to a balcony, etc. Yes, it can happen nut upgrade is totally the discretion of Princess. On our first Princess cruise, we were "upgraded" from an inside cabin (I do not remember the location) to another inside cabin which was considered an upgrade because it was one floor higher. It was also ALL OF THE WAY forward. It was a good thing that we do not get sea sick!!!
  15. Thank you so much for this info. We have quite a bit OBC on a few upcoming cruises and this would work well. This way, we can book ahead. Even though, we usually do not book shore excursions through Princess.
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