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  1. Thanks for your updates, @Charles4515. The photos in these threads bring back good memories🙂
  2. As for beaches, we saw on the tour Warwick Long Bay, Horseshoe, and some beaches near St. George's (maybe Tobacco Bay, one near an unfinished resort where Quinton was very unimpressed with the Bermudan government and how they handled the permitting, etc. But we were docked at King's Wharf so those beaches were too far away for a full beach day). We chose Horseshoe for the next day because I am a woman north of 60 and I want bathrooms😀 I did the isolated beach numbers when I was young, and that was great, but I ain't young no more😉 And I actually enjoy people watching, including people who were literally jumping off of a cliff, better them than me. If you have enough people, some folks can stay with their chairs and umbrellas, and others can walk toward Warwick. I don't know that we made it all the way, but it was low tide, and we were able to walk beachside over the rocks and through the gullies and it was beautiful. Our youngest cruiser was 15, so we did not need to account for young children. I have only been to the one restaurant that Quinton took us to, the Flame. Just a hole in the wall sandwich place, but with 1) fish caught daily, very tasty, and 2) a view to do for right waterside. And you can walk down the ladder to the water and cool your feet. We did book for six hours, which could be long for very young cruisers. Happy cruising!
  3. Well, I really enjoyed our day, although I don't know what would be perfect. But I liked it. 🙂 We left from King's Wharf, worlds smallest drawbridge, was OK, not anything I would normally stop for. But Fort Scaur and the scenic sights, I really enjoyed, Gibbs Lighthouse, I wasn't climbing, but probably great for those who did, Hamilton was fun for a brief stroll, and I really liked St. George's, including the main church and the unfinished church. There were all sorts of scenic stops along the way. Quinton also took us to a cemetery for a "how do you do that on a small island" and showed us the roof collection of water. Presumably his friends will know too. Really liked seeing all the beaches on the way back, isolated, not so isolated, Horseshoe Bay. We were very amused when Quinton said you see how crowded it gets when showing us Horseshoe. We had to explain we as a family spent innumerable (happy) summers in Wildwood, NJ, and Horseshoe Bay was *not* crowded 😄 I also did say, I understand, I've been to beautiful isolated beaches in North Africa and I get the appeal, but those "crowds" weren't going to be the determining factor. The next day we went to Horseshoe😉
  4. We toured with Quinton last August, and truly, gave him nothing but the most general of guidance (historic sites, local restaurant, churches, and on the way back, beaches to scope for the next day). He was excellent with very little help whatsoever 😉 After all, if I knew where I wanted to go, I wouldn't need a guide. So, from my point of view, I wouldn't do research if you don't have the time. Just let Quinton do it. And the Flame was a wonderful lunch. Just take shoes you can remove so you can down to the water 😸
  5. Quinton Bean took us to the Flame. I have no idea whether it is good or bad compared to other Bermuda fish places, (we really enjoyed it, but I can't say we were connoisseurs) but the location was fantastic. Take your shoes off and go down the ladder to the ocean and swirl your feet in the water. Just lovely.
  6. I will never understand why cruisers p!ss and moan about the staff giving the 10 speech. really, your personal ideology/religious beliefs/political affiliations/hair color/whatever are *that* offended by the speech, I don't care if it's 8 times a day at every venue. I'm on a cruise and I'm living the good life. These poor people are working. I'm fine with it. And if I do fill out the survey, I give the 10s, with absolutely no thought to how the speech fits into my personal ideology/religious beliefs/political affiliations/hair color. It's all good😎
  7. Sailed on the Anthem in August. The CL was great. Spacious, not a lot of folks in there (except the last day), we were drinking and snacking every day from 5 to 7. The sun did get in your eyes if you were in the wrong seats, but I never felt hot. The DL was a mob scene and not relaxing to me, but I was only there once. I would take the CL in a heartbeat and move with the sun🙂
  8. I do not know if you can get reclining chairs. I do know that my brother, who slept in a recliner at his home due to bad back, bad neck, bad knees, and other issues, would cruise in the disabled suite and ask for pillows. Lots and lots and lots of pillows. Both in RCCL and NCL. Which they brought. And fashioned a semi-recliner. I don't know if that would work for your DH, but it's a thought.
  9. I am sorry your cruise did not go as planned, and very sorry to hear of your mother's illness. I hope she is feeling better. What do you mean by "not resolved"? You are surely not expecting compensation from RCCL for your mother's illness, or the cruising interrupted because of your mother's illness, are you? If no one else in your party became ill, and no one else on the ship became ill, it will be impossible to prove that any conditions you saw at Chops contributed to her illness. No matter how many folks you talk to.... I hope you and your family have better cruising in the future!
  10. Our tour was six hours; I believe that is the maximum that Quinton will book, although we had such a good time we went over and we didn’t mind. We left it up to Quinton where to go, although he will gladly accommodate requests. Our only request, other than a “local cuisine” lunch, was to stop at some beaches on the way back to the ship so we could make up our mind about which beach to go to the next day: out of the way, popular, in between. And it was very helpful. happy cruising!
  11. As you will see from some other threads, we toured with Quinton Bean and loved him. We did exactly the kind of tour you appear interested in, history and local sites. We saw, in order: 1. World's smallest drawbridge 2. Ft. Scaur 3. Gibb's Hill Lighthouse 4. walk around Hamilton, stopped at Cathedral 5. walk around St. George's, with a stop at the church, which was fascinating (including the page in the Parish register of the date where they stopped noting the race of the baptized) 6. Unfinished church also stopped at various beaches, lookout spots, stopped at a cemetery to learn about interment, stopped at a home to learn about gathering water off the roofs, and stopped at a local fish joint right on the water for lunch. That's just where we stopped. Not to mention the drive-by's... If there is something in Bermuda's history that Quinton doesn't know, or a person on the island (s) he doesn't know, I would be shocked.😉 Good luck!
  12. That's really hard to answer without knowing more. Are you a beach person? I would say Horseshoe Bay on your first trip. Are you a see the sights from high up person? Ft. Gibbs Lighthouse Are you a nature preserve, cave, see the local towns and churches person? Enjoy your cruise!
  13. We booked Quinton for seven hours, on the day that we were in Bermuda overnight. We did the "cram as much as you can into one day" tour. That may or may not be your idea of a good time. He picked us up at the Dockyard. The scheduled stops were the Ft. Gibbs lighthouse, Ft. Scaur, Hamilton and St. George's. We like history, so the city stops were heavy on the churches and old buildings. We also stopped at a home to learn about rooftop collection of water, at a cemetery to learn how Bermudians inter those who have passed on, scenic views, famous people's houses, and three different beaches on the way back to scope out our options for the next day. Oh, and the tiny drawbridge and a small fish joint on the water with hoppin John and fish sandwiches. Yes a full day, but this was our choice, Quinton kept asking, do you want to go here? Do you want to go there? Am I helping you see what you want to see? It really will be what you make of it. 🙂
  14. As others have said: 1. The paper set sail pass will NOT let you into the CL if no concierge is on duty. I tried that in August. Nope.😁 of course, if the concierge is on duty, your set sail shows your eligibility. But by that time, you’ll probably have the plastic......
  15. I don’t know, we emailed him two months in advance of our cruise. But it certainly couldn’t hurt to email and ask🙂
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