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  1. Hi lorekcarol, Come join the roll call for the last Statendam sailing. We have a large group of adventurous folks and we would love to hear about the world cruises. This is something my husband and I want to do once our dogs are gone.


    I agree with Bob that I think this could be a challenging crossing across the Pacific due to potential storms. My husband and I love sea days so if we miss a port we wont complain. Our route does not provide many alternates. We have been to Fanning twice and agree with Bob that we will just enjoy the ship that day.


    I look forward to meeting you.



  2. We were on this cruise last year. It was a great trip. I hope to book this again in the next year or two. They have expanded the itinerary to 50 days next year with the addition of a few of the Greek Island ports.


    I am wishing I was on the ship with friends I made last year. I have many good memories of this cruise.

  3. We stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn in Dania Beach last fall when we went on our 42 day Atlantic Adventure Cruise on the Maasdam. They give you the first 21 days for free. The second 21 days cost us $55. Their lot is gated and patrolled. Our SUV was in good condition after the 42 days. Since your cruise is only 10 days you can park for free. The cost of the shuttle was $8pp each trip. You can purchase the return trip ticket at the hotel before you leave. They give you a receipt and a sticker to put on your clothing to show the shuttle driver you have paid and they take you back to the hotel. There was a large shopping center across the street from the hotel.

  4. My husband and I have noticed this to after a few days on board. Our theory is the salt in the water used to soften it after the desalination process. We have started to buy large bottles of water to drink in the cabin as we both like to drink a lot of water and at dinner and minimizing drinking the tap water and we have found that has noticeably reduced the swelling of our ankles. We do a lot of walking while on board and use the stairs to help get enough exercise so we can enjoy the food without feeling guilty. We avoid the elevators except when we are dressed up for the evening. It is a simple experiment to try the next time you cruise.:)

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