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  1. After my Mardi Gras and my Radiance was cancelled I rebooked for Aug 2021 on the Magic, hopefully thing will be back to normal my then, I PRAY.
  2. I didn't cancel, Carnival did, and they didn't wait for the final payment before they cancelled. I did a transfer each time didn't forfeit anything got future cruise credit and $850 OBC for 2 ($425) pp. which was $250 from the first cancellation and $600 or the second.
  3. Our Sept 2020 to Canada on the Mardi Gras was cancelled, switched to the Radiance for Sept 2020 also cancelled so now we have the Magic booked for Aug 2021. Used our fcc for both and now we have $850 obc. Hope this is the last change we have to make.
  4. Thank you all for the info, I opened an account at E-Trade, was that a good choice?
  5. I've never bought any stock, how would I go about it? TIA
  6. I also received that email for my Sept cruise.
  7. My first ever cruise was on the Sensation December 2009. Was always afraid to cruise but was I wrong, I had such a great time and never thought about being in the middle of the ocean. I've been on 14 cruises since then mostly Carnival. I was 65 at the time and so sorry I missed so many years not cruising.
  8. I'm really enjoying this review, it's 1:30 am here in NYC now and I think I should go to bed. I'm only on page 12 and have many more to go. Tomorrow is another day.
  9. I don't even leave mine in my bathroom, I once had people over and when I went to brush my teeth before bed, my toothbrush felt wet, from that day on I keep mine in a case in my bedroom.
  10. Check-in time and boarding times are not the same, you do get earlier boarding time, but check in time has nothing to do with it. Someone can have an earlier check-in time then you but because of FTTF you'll get on earlier. Also you have access to your cabin as soon as you get on board, this is my main reason for getting FTTF, I hate walking around the ship lugging my carry-on luggage. Without FTTF you have to wait until around 1pm to be able to unload and unpack.
  11. I always get free tea, because I'm always cold in the dining room. LOL
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