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  1. I asked the pre cruise concierge about complimentary Margaritaville lunch for Haven guests on embarkation day and this is the response. "Please note lunch at Margaritaville on embarkation day will only be complimentary if the Concier"ge onboard deems it necessary to open up additional seating for our Haven guests."
  2. Just use this one (J/K)
  3. What is your cruise date? We are on the Bliss May 19 to Alaska in a H4 and our range for a DOS bid was $1000 to $2000 PP. This makes the minimum bid higher than what was offered to you.
  4. What were the max bid amounts for both?
  5. An H4 would be the 2 BR family suite inside the Haven.
  6. He is talking about "excepted". https://www.dictionary.com/browse/excepted
  7. I got the banner but not the external email. I got the banner @ 11Am EST on the 80th day pre cruise. After I bid I got the confirming bid email. Two other cruisers on our roll call (of 30) said they also received the offer to bid for an upgrade.
  8. The second bedroom in the 2 BR has a closet and shelves but no dresser drawers.
  9. It's per person for the first 2. Others in your cabin will not be an extra charge.
  10. We have 4 persons in a 2 BR suite (DW, DD and her BF). Already paid about 12K. Received an offer to bid for an upgrade to the DOS for a range of 1-2K PP (total 2-4K for the first 2 only). I bid. I'll let you know if I win and how the DOS compares to the 2 BR.
  11. Sorry. I laughed because your photo shows that the Bliss has officers but it is too small to read or recognize anyone.
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