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  1. Good point. We ended up doing the "all in" All inclusive package, because we were going to get the laundry package and planning on only doing two excursions, which means we'd have lunch on the boat nearly every day, and spend the afternoon on the boat, which means more alcohol would get consumed. So for us it also kind of boiled down to shore excursions or drinks. We wanted to relax and not be running around. Windstar does not make everyone in the cabin get the drink package. This is usually the honor system, and they loosely keep track. You will not get away with just one person getting drinks for two people. The first day of the cruise they offered the all inclusive plan on wind spirit for the same price as we pre-paid. The deal is good if you are going to drink 6 drinks per day (of course depends on what you drink - beer is much cheaper than cocktails). They did not change VAT on anything as far as I know. I signed about 10 receipts for the whole cruise (with the drink package). The crew seem particularly bad at recognizing people compared to other cruises. I am generally friendly. I am from a small town and for me it is rude to ask for a drink without talking and making a personal connection. (I am not being critical of those who do not make small talk it is just in my DNA). In the past, in one day they would all know me. Not on this cruise.
  2. As promised, Here is a sample of prices that were on the Wind Spirit for My May 30th Cruise, 2019. Note - I heard that a previous charter cruise which had open bar had cleaned out some of their stock which meant there are some non-normal selections as a result. There was a Rioja not on the list that I enjoyed. This is just a sample, that should give you an idea of what the costs are. I think they are reasonable for "eating out". All the wines by the glass that were listed were in "the package"
  3. Again. Sorry. I hope you feel strong soon. I think it is worth fighting. I have not read the document lately - but there could be an option of arbitration (very common these days) . Asking for arbitartion might get them to change their mind. Best of luck. Happy cruising.
  4. I will second that. A GOOD TA is worth their weight in gold when things go sideways. I had dinner with the captain, the night before the incident. He told us they were planning on rebuilding an 'engine' while we did our overnight in Bora Bora. They had taken on two extra crew for the work. During the returning guest cocktail hour (first night of Bora Bora), I asked the Chief Engineer how the rebuild was going in Bora Bora. He said the 'generator' rebuild was nearly done. I asked a few more questions. He was not interested in chatting. We left Bora Bora the next night without incident. I was not paying attention. We had just gotten back from the "fire dancing" - I was not paying attention. However leaving Huahine we seemed to be a drift for a little bit before heading out. We started to turn to head out, but then stopped unexpectedly. We eventually did begin to move, but it was not a normal departure in my opinion. Also we used a tug boat to help us into Papeete. I would not have expected it. On the way out we only brought on board the harbor pilot. It is a tad trickier pulling out of the harbor when they have to back out and turn around, then just pull in. I would have expected a tug more on the way out, not on the way in - unless there was an issue. It is unclear if it was the work in Bora Bora, the bump in Raiatea, or if it is a third unknown issue that caused them to cancel the itinerary. It is becoming less likely it has anything to do with Raiatea, they would have skipped Bora Bora, Taha'a, and Huahine, if that were the case on the cruise I was on. I am a sailor. I have always been disappointed in the "sailing" effort of windstar crew. This crew, specifically the second officer seemed to take pride in trimming his sails regularly. I would often say something like that sail needs to be let out, and usually in a minute it was. Leaving Huahine the sails were in odd positions. Either they were not paying attention and preoccupied with something, or they could have been using them to steer. The sails at times were being filled from the wrong side. This would slow us down a little, but primarily it would have in this case caused the bow of the boat to move to port. Based on their track yesterday it looks like they were testing systems in the open ocean. Also their AIS system did not broadcast a destination, which leads me to believe they were not actually cruising - just going out to test. I have resisted publicly speculating, but there seems to be interest in this and figured I would share the info that I have. Hopefully - she will be back sailing again. I love both the MSY Wind Star, and MSY Wind Spirit.
  5. I was on board when it happened. Two smaller fiberglass sailboats were hit. I would guess 45 ft (approx). They looks so small compared to wind spirt. One was charter boat. We did not even feel hitting them. We only felt a small bump when we hit the pier before being tied off. One of the articles suggested that the worst of it was "fear of what might have happened".
  6. 210 is a very convenient room. Easy access to the stairs, water platform, and straight up to the pool deck. It is quiet except when the engines are on. There is a constant, engine noise. It is very noticeable. It is a very low HUM. If that kind of noise does not bother you, it is a great room.
  7. Wind Spirit is again moving. She left Papeete at about 10 AM local time.
  8. Sorry about that. It stinks when it happens I have always been able to to get the "better" price with Windstar, even after final payment as close as 3 weeks before departure. The one catch is that it is like a new booking - technically it is a cancel and rebook without penalty. Previous perks are all lost, any new perks you will get. My other experience is that cruises tend to stay the same price, and just options are added and subtracted. Sometimes at the last minute they do go on sale, and a few sales are real, but most time it is just adding and and deleting options that appeal to what different people want. For me personally - I just book when the price and dates are right for me - so I never have buyers remorse. I typically do "bare bones". Most of their perks do not mean much to me. So I have always "floated" down to the lowest price. Booking late means fewer good cabin are available.
  9. June 1st is the day it happened. The damage even to the pier is very superficial, in my opinion. Those pictures make it look kind of worse than it was. One of my criticisms is that the information did not flow freely while on board. Everyone was VERY tight lipped. It was minor in my opinion, but please do not act like it did not happen. I feel for the passengers on her now. I am curious what is happening and the long term impact. It happened on Day two of my cruise, and we continued normally after that.
  10. I just got off of the Wind Spirit. If you do not know the boat lost power (complete black out) losing all propulsion while docking in Raiatea. After drifting the rear of the boat came to rest on the public dock next to the "Shell Gas Station". Power was restored quickly (15 mins). We docked normally, about 15-20 mins late. I believe the damage was very light. A scratch is all I saw on the MSY Wind Spirit. The concrete of the dock was damaged, but no rebar was showing. It seems that its current cruise is NOT happening (so far). The ship is still in Papeete https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-149.568/centery:-17.536/zoom:18 When I left all seemed normal. They were taking on fuel (done once every three weeks or so). Supplies were being loaded. I saw several sprinter vans get unloaded onto the ship. They were slightly delayed in getting luggage off, and a tug boat helped us dock. I am not sure if it normal, or if it was requested. We left port without a tug, I did not expect one on the way back. ADDED NEWS LINKS: https://www.radio1.pf/le-wind-spirit-endommage-le-quai-de-uturoa-video/ https://la1ere.francetvinfo.fr/polynesie/tahiti/polynesie-francaise/paquebot-wind-spirit-percute-quai-uturoa-716865.html https://www.tahiti-infos.com/A-Raiatea-le-Wind-Spirit-percute-le-quai-de-Uturoa_a181870.html Anyone know what is going on?
  11. So, the behavior might be different. My message from T-Mobile on my last cruise, was only for text and voice charges only. There was no mention in the text message for data. It was also odd that the T-mobile text message came after I had regular service again. My experience is "on waves" appears after I have lost cell service from land. I just turn my phone cell service during the sail away.
  12. For those that are interested, or who are critical of other generations, I recommend the book, Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy. It talks about cycle of generational evolution. It is a a very good read. It might give you some tolerance and explanation why a certain generation "acts" they way they do. I am just off Windspirit. The first night, the destination manager made a very clear statement about dress code at Amphora. It was simple and to the point. For the Men: Pants, shirt, NO tank top, NO flip flops, NO shorts. The "girls" (as she said) can wear anything. This was enforced. I saw someone get turned back for shorts. T-shirts are ok. Sandals are ok. HOWEVER, including destination event, deck BBQ, candles, and Amphora. I saw most people exceeding the dress code with nearly every man wearing a collar, which for me sets a the tone of the attire being worn. There were no jeans, probably because jeans are too bloody hot in Tahiti. For me, it is important that Windstar have a clear policy, and that they enforce it. People spend real money for their cruises and should get what they expect and written policy should be enforced. I am not a fan of language like "casual elegance". If you ask 10 people you are likely to get 12 opinions. It seems to me Windstar was enforcing the dress code. Change is happening. As long as windstar communicates the changes, they may gain and lose customers based on these changes. That is business and it is their decision. I believe in the free market, if there is a need and no one is filling it, someone one will step in take those customers. All the best. Please keep it civil.
  13. I will post updated menu. I am in Tahiti and will be on board in 2 days. As far as if it is worth it depends how much and what you drink. Going to the lounge after dinner and having two scotches (whiskey) neat adds up quick. According to our math, two scotches and two wines, two mixed drinks breaks us even.
  14. THere is a $15 corkage on the Champagne. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. Glad you enjoyed it. When my schedule allows, I will also do another TransAtlantic on Windstar. They are a fantastic way to relax and unplug.
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