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  1. We are booked on th TA for 11/17 from Barcelona to FLL. We will be in Barcelona for 10 days prior. A few questions... how close is the port to downtown Barcelona ? medallions I understand are mailed 2 to 3 weeks prior to sailing we will be in Spain 10 days prior so what happens if we do not receive the medallions once we board. Can we get back off later as we are in port until 9 pm any suggestions on places to eat in Barcelona??
  2. With medallion...how does boarding work? Do elites still get priority boarding? Makes a difference for us as we like to book the sanctuary
  3. With medallion...how does boarding work? Do elites still get priority boarding? Makes a difference for us as we like to book the sanctuary
  4. CruisrVA..Where did you find the info on the port in Barcelona ? On the princess site or internet ??
  5. Wow. Never had that at embarkation before...so maybe I can buy it then. Thanks so much
  6. Antsp - are you saying there is a duty free shop after security at the cruise port ? That would be great..
  7. Thank you for the responses. I will now try to biy the Gin at one of the ports. Valencia malaga or Cadiz. Any info on liquor stores in these ports ? Or should I just try a supermarket ?
  8. Embarking in Barcelona in November for a TA on the Sky. Will have been in Barcelona for 10 days prior. I want to buy some Gin Mare , a very nice Spanish Gin. Should we carry in on in our backpack? Will Princess hold it for us until the night before we disembark? On our british isles cruise we bought some Irish whiskey in Dublin and got to take it to our room but that was Not at embarkation. I do not care if they keep it until we disembark but I do not want them to take it away totally or dump it out. Anyone have experience carrying on booze in Barcelona onto a princess ship ?
  9. From google: Copenhagen taxis accept all majorcredit cards. If you wish to pay withcredit card - let the driver know up front so he can sweep your card at the beginning of the ride. That is the custom. In Copenhagen you can hail ataxi anywhere on the street.
  10. We stayed near Tivoli Gardens and had the hotel call us a taxi the morning of departure. It was very easy and not too costly. Depending on the amount of luggage, I would recommend a taxi.
  11. We have booked a 2020 October New England Canada RT from Boston on the Sumitt. It will be our 3 celebrity cruise. We had done 16+ on Princess. Wondering why type of tours will be offered. Any suggestions on some good ones. And any advice about the Summit
  12. We do not find it worth it.....as we like cocktails but usually only 2 a night...the package price, I think is 69 + tip per person per day . So that comes to 483+ for a 7 day...which is 5+ drinks at 12$ per to get your money back....now if you get is as a perk sure with the sip and sail sale...
  13. The pool in the sanctuary can be used by anyone and accessed by the 12th floor
  14. We took a simular TA on the Regal in September2017. We choose a tour to Edinburgh from Greenock and it was a bad choice, at least for us, and here is why. 1st you are on the bus to get to Edinburgh for at least 2 hours and then we were supposed to go to the castle and the traffic in Edinburgh is horrible so it look an hour in the city to get to the castle, which left very little time to actually tour the castle. we then had to get back on the bus to go to a hotel for lunch, which was not good and after that we ended up with about 1 hour free time and then back on the bus for another 2 hours back to the ship. I would do the Sterling Castle tour and see the countryside if it allow you more time at the sites
  15. Here are some pictures of the sanctuary on the Coral: it is two levels and has it own pool. The cabana upstairs is the same price as the beds but there are only 2. We did the Panama Canal on the Coral - The sanctuary was ONLY full on Canal day- other days beds were open. Cabana are upstairs and the regular beds downstairs. There is some sun beds but alot of shade. It was the best way to see the canal, Plus we got a scenic package witch was more $ but included breakfast, mimosa's and then lunch and bloody mary's . And they took our picture and developed it and gave it back to us ( Canal Picture Below ). I would go right to the sanctuary when you get on board to reserve. It closes at 5:30 and reopens arond 7:30 AM. So if you miss it the first day - go first thing in the morning. Enter on 14 through the gym and you will be right at the desk- The door is at the end of the gym near the last treadmill. Good luck - it is the best sanctuary we ever used. Santi, Jennifer and Regan will take care of you . They are the best
  16. I have a great one...I would ask princess to assign a different one....if you want to email me..I will provide the name of mine...she is GREAT...
  17. Denmal


    Saw that Carnival corp is pulling out of stopping in Antigua. I assume princess will follow. Anyone know specifically why ? Or already have their Antigua stop cancelled ?
  18. I thought the speciality dining for a suite was only on embarkation day. are you saving I can get it free on another night IF I ask ??
  19. It was an upsell..we paid an additional cost for the suite. The form looks great we will try it
  20. We managed to get an upsell to a suite for our upcoming British Isles cruise on the Crown. Is there a form to complete to swap our some of the liquor in the set up. For example, we really just want Gin and Tonic and some Diet Soda. Or do we just call down when we get into the room ? If there is a form , is there a link to do it in advance. Thanks
  21. We are booked on the sky for its first transatlantic and it personalizer says it is Medalion
  22. I had a problem like that. I confirmed the change with the airline..The airline rep marked the flight that I accepted the change and several days later the princess site corrected itself BUT As others said call princess
  23. Thanks all for your comments and feedback. I think I am going to stick with my BofA travel card. As someone said I can get my cash back monthly as a statement credit. And as a bank customer I get about 3x the points per dollar on all charges not just travel. Thanks again
  24. I am looking at getting a Princess Rewards Visa and was wondering if it is worth it. I have a great Bank of America Travel Visa and I get about 3X the points with that card and have been charging all my princess charges on it, but wondering if the princess visa would be better Any feedback or information would be great Thanks
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