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  1. I have a great one...I would ask princess to assign a different one....if you want to email me..I will provide the name of mine...she is GREAT...
  2. Denmal


    Saw that Carnival corp is pulling out of stopping in Antigua. I assume princess will follow. Anyone know specifically why ? Or already have their Antigua stop cancelled ?
  3. I thought the speciality dining for a suite was only on embarkation day. are you saving I can get it free on another night IF I ask ??
  4. It was an upsell..we paid an additional cost for the suite. The form looks great we will try it
  5. We managed to get an upsell to a suite for our upcoming British Isles cruise on the Crown. Is there a form to complete to swap our some of the liquor in the set up. For example, we really just want Gin and Tonic and some Diet Soda. Or do we just call down when we get into the room ? If there is a form , is there a link to do it in advance. Thanks
  6. We are booked on the sky for its first transatlantic and it personalizer says it is Medalion
  7. I had a problem like that. I confirmed the change with the airline..The airline rep marked the flight that I accepted the change and several days later the princess site corrected itself BUT As others said call princess
  8. Thanks all for your comments and feedback. I think I am going to stick with my BofA travel card. As someone said I can get my cash back monthly as a statement credit. And as a bank customer I get about 3x the points per dollar on all charges not just travel. Thanks again
  9. I am looking at getting a Princess Rewards Visa and was wondering if it is worth it. I have a great Bank of America Travel Visa and I get about 3X the points with that card and have been charging all my princess charges on it, but wondering if the princess visa would be better Any feedback or information would be great Thanks
  10. I always just contact my cruise consultant and see what sales are applicable with my casino discount. Sometimes my casino discount is WAY better than any promotion/rate.
  11. If you want the sanctuary go there as soon as you board the ship and book the whole cruise. We loved it on our 10 Caribbean cruise. Peaceful and best place to be on the ship
  12. No sale for us..my price withthe Casino discount is better than the current sale rate. I have the previous all aboard sale.
  13. Please explain what ship and cabin type
  14. I have never seen this...Can you tell us which cruises specifically so we can try it
  15. We are sailing on the Coral for a full transit of the Panama Canal on April 5th. Wondering if any recent sailing actually stoped in Nicaragua?? With the unrest I was wondering if Princess just skips this port or goes elsewhere ? any feedback from recent sailing would be appreciated
  16. We are on the 4/5 sailing of the Coral Princess full transit of the Panama Canal. We love the sanctuary and plan to book for the whole cruise. We are platinum and will be there early to get on so no too worried about getting it BUT I notice on the Coral , the sanctuary is 2 levels. Can anyone tell me what deck number the entrance is on where you go to book? In addition, would love to know if there are loungers that are both sun and shade... My husband will tolerate the sun but would love some shade later or sometime during the day . Most of the sanctuary loungers are numbered.. any suggestions on which numbers would help too. Thanks
  17. Can you give more details like error messages etc..
  18. Interesting....does the color actually match the status...so Elite would be black ??
  19. We used the princess protection last year with a flight delay...Our FLL flight was cancelled so we decided to drive home to Carolina from Lauderdale rather than sit in the airport...we rented a car..stayed in a hotel in Savannah overnight...had dinner and drinks...submitted all receipts and got paid back for all of it from the insurance...including our drinks we had with dinner....ALWAYS get Princess insurance
  20. Call princess...they can fix the name as EZ air pulls the information from Princess.
  21. Denmal


    Thank you Colo Cruiser...that worked perfectly and today I saved another 368.00 on our flights for the British isles cruise😁😁😁😁. I will check flight now about once a week until I have to make the final payment. I check cruise prices daily , hopefully that will go down too
  22. Denmal


    Can someone give me specifics on how to check prices on Ez after you have booked flights....I want to check prices but not lose the flights I have. I only see a cancel or modify button...
  23. I would wait and call princess today. They should be back working today. They should be able to do it with the 15% penalty
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