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  1. Received the text too - cruising March 8.
  2. I also sailed on the Edge in its early inaugural days. And to the OP, I've also sailed on Allure and Grandeur that you mentioned, plus other RC ships and even more Celebrity ships going all the way back to the Zenith days. As far as the Edge is concerned, it is really a personal preference and depends on how you cruise. For me, I do not like the Infinite Verandas, which I was in, and would not sail in one again unless it was in a cold weather itinerary (think Alaska or Baltics) where I would not use a balcony anyway. I much prefer a regular balcony as I love to spend time out there. If you are a person than doesn't really care about the balcony, the extra cabin space of the IV would serve you well. I really missed the Sky Lounge, and the other bars/lounges that the M & S Class Celebrity ships offer, and even the variety of other lounges that RC and other cruise lines offer. I do feel that if you are booked in a suite on the Edge class you will experience a totally different cruise than someone not in a suite since you have access to other areas. The Martini Bar just doesn't cut it IMO as it gets way too crowded, and I did find the seating in the Eden Lounge to be uncomfortable for the most part, and The Club Lounge atmosphere was not to my likely as well. I loved, loved the 4 MDR concept! And the theatre design in the round was great as well. I know, Celebrity has tweaked things since I was on the ship, thankfully. And, because of that, I have actually booked the APEX with some friends for Dec 2020, but in a Sunset Balcony. Willing to give it another try, but at least I will have a REAL balcony! We will see what happens The Second Time Around.
  3. Thanks for your review. Glad you enjoyed sailing on Celebrity.
  4. Looking forward to another live thread. One of my favorite X ships and itinerary as well. Enjoy!
  5. The IV's are also locked whenever they wash the windows, which X does on a regular basis. If you are not in your cabin at that time, you wouldn't have experienced them being locked. I was also on the Edge last December, and the IV's were locked several times.
  6. True about the Club being easier to monitor. But on Allure(the only Oasis class I've been on) , the Diamond Lounge had windows and a view. Totally different feel to the room than the Club IMO.
  7. Trying to figure out how this actually works. Do you get two separate log ins? Can two unrelated people use it - ex. I'm traveling with a cruise friend. It would be less expensive for one of use to buy the 2 device package and share if that is possible.
  8. So shocked to hear this very sad news. While I never met her, I am so grateful for all her Edge threads and knowledge. Her Edge threads are invaluable and have helped so many of us. Sincere condolences to her family.
  9. I wish they would move it from the Club to Eden. IMO, The Club is not anything like the Sky Lounge, with or without the view. I found The Club to be dark and dreary and the seating horrible. I didn't care for the chaise lounge type couches. Maybe they replaced them since the first few cruises. I would hope so, because there really wasn't adequate seating for all that was in the room when I was there last year.
  10. The square inside cabins have a chair, not a couch. Actually the one I stayed in 9260 had 2 chairs. The square configuration makes them seem roomier. It felt like there was a bit more room between the bed and the dresser/TV area. I didn't measure it so couldn't say for sure.
  11. Hope you are having a great time! Did you get a chance to actually measure the SV balcony yet? And, I thought I read on another thread that they were changing the chairs on the balconies for ones that are a little more compact in size? Or was that happening only in the Infinite Verandah cabins?
  12. How was the Soller Train and that area? Last time I was there we only made it to Valldemossa.
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