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  1. Seems to me like the hanging space is not long enough as all your clothes are dragging on the bottom. This was also a complaint in one of the suites I toured on the EDGE. (Sorry forgot which suite it was.)
  2. I find the hairdryers on all the Celebrity ships to be adequate. Haven't brought my own in years. I do bring some duct tape so that you don't have to keep the on button pressed. Just wrap it around the handle part a few times and you are good to go for the whole cruise. Just plug the dryer in when you need it and unplug it when you are done.
  3. Not necessarily so... if I wanted a nice comfy chair to read with a view out a window, I would hang out there. The only other place to hang out and read in comfort during the day on EDGE with a view Is Cafe al Bacio, IMO. So, I would be taking up space reading that could be revenue producing. PS This opinion is based from actual experience of my time on the EDGE. There is a balance that Celebrity needs to strive for, to keep loyal guests and attract the new demographic, but with EDGE there were so, so many things new and different, it turned a lot of the loyal crowd off.
  4. The Reading Nook sounds like a great name. And, that space outside Eden would work well IMO. I can already see it filled with people during the day, as long as there are comfy chairs for reading.
  5. I just hope that at least half of the IV's become regular balconies on the EDGE 3 & 4. Then, they can call those ships whatever they want. That would definitely increase bookings.
  6. Wonderful Review and Fantastic Pics! Question - Did the chairs on the balcony recline like the old ones did? They don't look like they do from the pic.
  7. And, I see that the EDGE coral pieces that take up valuable space in the IV's are also on the Millie. I see at least 6 corals in the penthouse pic. Guess Celebrity got a discount on them!
  8. I don't think the Infinity will be gone by then. They are putting a lot of money into "revolutionizing" it next year.
  9. The Pan Pacific as a pre-cruise hotel is a must, as someone else mentioned. Allow at least 2-3 days pre-cruise. The float plane is a must do also. I'm already looking forward to your blog!
  10. So sorry for your loss. Words really cannot express the feelings. I have enjoyed all of your posts, blogs and reviews. Your reviews have helped plan my adventures and tours in port. My wish for you, when the time comes, is for you to continue to enjoy cruising and all the wonderful people you have met along the way.
  11. You are not alone, I love Murano too. Tuscan has been sometimes good, sometimes not. The only time I really enjoyed Quine was with a big group but I know that had to do with the company rather than the food.
  12. It looks like I may finally get to meet you. I'm booked in Aqua on the Equinox for Nov 9th. Thanks again for your blog.
  13. I've flown from EWR to Amsterdam on Delta. I have also done IcelandAir with a stop-over in Iceland. Sometimes, it's much more economical.
  14. Since I also sailed the EDGE in December and am Elite Plus, I can agree with just about everything you said except that I did enjoy the 4 MDR's but Tuscany was my last favorite. To each his own. I do think if you cruise in a suite on the EDGE, it is a TOTALLY different experience and I also think some things like music in the Grand plaza have improved reading recent reviews. But there is nothing X can do about the infinite balcony aka the oceanview with a window that lowers. (I know some people like it, but the majority do not.) However, the Club does remind me of places I went to when I was quite young and just of legal age to drink. Mainly dark nd dingy. I did not find the Club inviting at all and I so missed the Sky Lounge.. And I kept thinking, who is going to relax in those brown chaises in the Club? Not great layout of seating by the bar area at all IMO. This is why I think I'll be sticking with the M and S class ships for now. At least the updates to those ships are not taking away true balconies, the Sky Lounge, Rendevous Lounge, and hopefully, not the Ensemble Lounge. I would love to be able to afford a suite each time I cruise, as I do enjoy Michaels Club/ Luminae, but then I would be. cruising a whole lot less. i know some will not agree with me, but this is just my opinion.
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