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  1. Having been on all the ships the OP mentioned, I like the M Class as much as the S class equally. The aft balconies on the M class are huge and those cabins and all the Concierge balcony cabins on the M class are slightly larger which is nice. I don't find a difference in the main dining room chaos, but I do try to stay away from the MDR the first night because it is always crazy on any ship. Sometimes I would prefer one ship over another based on itinerary or cabin category I'm looking to book. Storage in the M class is very plentiful as already mentioned. Bathrooms are definitely larger than Azamara which had the smallest I've experienced out of all my cruises. Entertainment is on par with the S class as Celebrity shares among all the ships, if anything, guest entertainment varies by itinerary or region of cruising.
  2. Thanks. Reminds me of the M Class aft balconies.
  3. Thanks for the comments. The SV is appealing.
  4. VTCruising or C-Dragons - you can probably answer this for me, but anyone else can chime in too. I was on the Edge Inaugural and I know I met C-Dragons on that cruise. Had an infinite Balcony on that cruise - just not for me. I have not been keeping up on this thread because of that. And I'm hoping that one of you or both, can fill me in on exactly what changes Celebrity is making to the Apex as opposed to when the Edge was launched. I have a couple of friends booked on the Apex in Dec 2020 and considering joining them. Thanks in advance.
  5. This has probably been mentioned before - but is this the first cruise the family has been on or have they cruised before? including the grandfather?
  6. Hard to believe your B2B is almost over. Thanks for another live review.
  7. Also did Oli's Trolley last month and was happy. Sat on the drivers side as per what I read online too.
  8. Pictures of the Chef's Table are great! You two look good. An African Safari is on my bucket list, too. Do you already have one booked? If so, care to share the info? And, all your pictures of Bermuda tell me it is definitely time for me to get back there and explore all over again as it's been awhile. Enjoy Boston! It's a lovely day.
  9. Some things to consider.... 2112 - Consider that the oceanview cafe is above it and there maybe noise from chairs, etc. I have stayed in the slant angle balconies like this one on other decks. 9366 - Has cabins above it, so will be quieter. If it was me, I would definitely switch just for the slightly larger balcony. Which one.....I'm not sure. I'd need to read reviews first. Good luck deciding and enjoy!
  10. Well said...to each his own. Just like I will book Aqua for access to Blu.
  11. The foot stools in the cabins were almost chair seat height. The footstools you have pictured on the left at least, is not as high or has a large enough surface, as I have a couple at home. I wouldn't use it at home for a footstool. The best use I have found for them is when my grandson comes over and needs a boost to wash his hands in the sink.
  12. A footstool was a perk or feature of booking a certain class of balcony cabin (concierge & aqua, I believe), and now that was taken away. That is what is upsetting to me, at least, and probably others. Yes, I will miss the footstool and Yes, I will make do and improvise, but there is absolutely no way I will bring my own. I try to minimize what I pack, especially on long cruises to Europe, etc.
  13. I can't believe the mild cartons are still there. You would have thought X got the message to throw them overboard.
  14. Great pics of the Zenith lunch! wish there wasn't such a big gap between Elite Plus and Zenith. πŸ™
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