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  1. Hi Pat & Rod - Two ships passing in the night. Dee & I are on the Equinox due back into Fort Lauderdale on November 16. Too bad we couldn't connect with the timing. It's been a while. Enjoy!
  2. I also retired from a school district this summer after 30 years. And, the last few years, we noticed increasingly that parents are taking off according to "their" schedule or what is convenient for them, not the "school" vacation schedule. Never would have done this years ago. I, too, try to stay away from school vacations when I cruise, but I have seen more kids in the last few years also.
  3. Just found this today. Can't wait to hear your take on the Edge. You will love Mt. Etna and Taormina. I'm especially looking forward to your reports on Nafpliion & Olympia, Greece as those are the only two ports I haven't been to. Safe Travels, Enjoy your Cruise, and once again Thanks in Advance for the live blog!
  4. Since you are sailing from Boston and obviously have several sea days before you reach the islands, I would concentrate more on whether you want the morning sun coming in your balcony doors or the afternoon soon coming in as you sail south. Often, the side that faces port when you dock depends on port times, the preference of the captain, other ships in port that day, etc, etc.
  5. I've been catching up reading this thread with interest as I do remember the song. But, now you just made me laugh uncontrollably. Love your comment!
  6. Ah....another wonderful live thread to follow. Have a great cruise. Thanks again for taking the time to do this.
  7. Loving your review! The Baltics is one of my top favorite cruises.
  8. I hope that is not the case. Sometimes I'll go, sometimes not.
  9. Having been on all the ships the OP mentioned, I like the M Class as much as the S class equally. The aft balconies on the M class are huge and those cabins and all the Concierge balcony cabins on the M class are slightly larger which is nice. I don't find a difference in the main dining room chaos, but I do try to stay away from the MDR the first night because it is always crazy on any ship. Sometimes I would prefer one ship over another based on itinerary or cabin category I'm looking to book. Storage in the M class is very plentiful as already mentioned. Bathrooms are definitely larger than Azamara which had the smallest I've experienced out of all my cruises. Entertainment is on par with the S class as Celebrity shares among all the ships, if anything, guest entertainment varies by itinerary or region of cruising.
  10. Thanks. Reminds me of the M Class aft balconies.
  11. Thanks for the comments. The SV is appealing.
  12. VTCruising or C-Dragons - you can probably answer this for me, but anyone else can chime in too. I was on the Edge Inaugural and I know I met C-Dragons on that cruise. Had an infinite Balcony on that cruise - just not for me. I have not been keeping up on this thread because of that. And I'm hoping that one of you or both, can fill me in on exactly what changes Celebrity is making to the Apex as opposed to when the Edge was launched. I have a couple of friends booked on the Apex in Dec 2020 and considering joining them. Thanks in advance.
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