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  1. That totally bites....I have 10 punches left on my card & my next Princess Cruise isn't until Sept. 16, 2019
  2. And because they are now sharing a lot it's a mess! The last time I parked there the cars were parked 4 deep...and so close together that you could barely open your door...let alone wrestle out your luggage...they used to be my go to parking spot, but not anymore...much prefer parking at the Radisson...closer to port....paved lot with clearly marked normal parking spaces...
  3. My last few cruises I've found the windjammer for dinner to be anything "BUT" relaxing...I even tried going at different times in the evening & it was always crowded...guess the word has gotten out that the food is as good or better than the MDR and everyone wants to eat there now...I'm going back to MTD even though it's not my fav
  4. I mainly cruise Royal because of the number of ships & itineraries available to me here in Florida...I have sailed Princess & found them to be very good...and if they had more ships in more ports here I would probably sail them more as well...
  5. You should receive your block on the cruise that you reach 140 points...it's one of the few perks that you actually receive on the cruise that it occurs...you will not advance to Diamond until after the end of the cruise....as was suggested in a prior post check with the loyalty ambassador early in the cruise to confirm you are on the list to receive a block....
  6. I usually try to cruise the 1st part of Dec. every year....weather is generally nice...the ship is decorated for the holidays...and the prices are usually pretty good...no con's that I can think of off hand...enjoy!
  7. Balcony Discounts..Per stateroom....onboard discounts per person
  8. Falmouth had Free internet at the port area when I was there in April...Labadee...no...
  9. Add me to the Sea Day count....gives me time to pack & still have time to hang out at the pool or where ever...
  10. Park Cafe is a great spot to catch a quick bite to eat...anytime of the day...I think it was my favorite spot on Oasis...always able to find a table either inside or out in the central park area...
  11. Unless there is a problem & boarding is delayed you can usually expect boarding to start around 10:30- 11:00...they go in order of Suites & C&A level...so once they start it goes pretty fast....they don't stick to the "assigned" boarding time
  12. Unless the OP is just getting off for pictures....they would not be leaving the secured area so no need to go back thru security
  13. That link isn't working for me anymore....just takes me to my log in page on the new site...:(
  14. Still that way tonite too...I even copied my number right off my profile page & it still say's invalid..sure glad they don't run their ships like they do their web page!
  15. Meet & Mingle Parties are 7 nt or longer....but every cruise I've been on regardless of length has had the top tier party...even the 3 night Bahamas cruises...
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