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  1. Is that price for a refundable deposit? If so & you are happy with the price then say go for it...you can always change your mind before final payment & get a refund on your deposit....if it's non-refundable...then No...I wouldn't put out that much money on a cruise I wasn't positive I was going to take...
  2. That totally bites....I have 10 punches left on my card & my next Princess Cruise isn't until Sept. 16, 2019
  3. And because they are now sharing a lot it's a mess! The last time I parked there the cars were parked 4 deep...and so close together that you could barely open your door...let alone wrestle out your luggage...they used to be my go to parking spot, but not anymore...much prefer parking at the Radisson...closer to port....paved lot with clearly marked normal parking spaces...
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