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  1. Ummmm...... In his post he stated "Why: being a male couple, the looks from fellow passengers is still disturbing and it's just not worth the aggravation."
  2. Are the desserts in Chops that great as to go there specifically for one? On our recent Adventure cruise, I found the best desserts in the Windjammer.
  3. I think it's when the customer starts eating their 74th.
  4. As is the case with pretty much every program RCCL introduces.
  5. So you posted a completely irrelevant comment, and went out of your way just to let everybody know you are a male couple, which nobody here could give a rat's tail about.
  6. And a horrible one at that. I guess I should have pointed out it was a very sarcastic post.
  7. I split mine up between my checked bag, my carry on, and my front pocket.
  8. Most of the larger ports have taxis that are handicap accessible. They can take you to wherever you want to go.
  9. The lady doth worry too much, methinks.
  10. I remember it taking less than 2 minutes and no problem whatsoever.
  11. A couple $100 bills takes up virtually no space in my pocket. If I'm already carrying $500-$1000 in cash for the trip, another $200 is nothing. I don't schedule my time so tightly that I can't afford 1-2 minutes at Guest services. I probably walk past the desk 50 times over the coarse of the trip. Also, on the last night, they have piles of tipping envelopes just sitting on a table. Might take all of 5 seconds to grab a few.
  12. Maybe they just roll you out on the table and continue the massage during Muster.
  13. My daughter was there! Has the obligatory picture standing in front of the sign.
  14. I may never be able to show my face on CC again.
  15. I posted earlier in the thread what Guest Services says goes to Dining Staff ($6.25) and Stateroom Attendant ($3.55). It is from our February 24th Adventure cruise.
  16. I guess I have never paid that close attention to what is on the Room Stewards cart.
  17. Nobody EVER posts incorrect information on Cruise Critic boards. Just like knowing for a fact that all the auto-tip money goes exactly where RCCL says it goes...actually it covers everyone right down to the guy checking Sea Pass cards when getting off in port. Or knowing for a fact that employees get to keep all the cash tips they are given, errr...they have to turn them into the pool anyway, so why bother. They get a daily printout stating who cancelled auto-tips.....no wait, they don't have a clue. The list goes on and on.......
  18. The only difference is that with the land based restaurant, the US Government is in the place of RCCL. They are the body that allows restaurants to pay tipped employees less of a base wage, therebye making the customer feel more obligated to leave a tip, regardless of the quality of service.
  19. I just had My Time Dining and had the same Wait Staff all week. I removed auto-grats on day 1 and gave cash tips in RCCL provided envelopes on the last night of the cruise. Worked perfectly fine. I know who directly received the tip, and they appreciated it.
  20. I just had My Time Dining and had the same server team all week.
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