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  1. I’m a Bourbon drinker, and I can confirm that Jim Beam is the included Bourbon. I don’t feel that Jim Beam, Smirnoff or Gordon’s are bottom shelf spirits, but I wouldn’t say they were top shelf either. The Nespresso machine is a Virtuo, with the larger pods, and larger coffees. I’ve never had a Vertuo coffee that I’ve liked. I think only the classic line machines make a decent coffee. All the normal fancy coffees like cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato, etc, can be had from the baristas, made with a very good machine, but the results vary wildly with the skill of the barista, of course.
  2. And I should have specified, we were told that we could change the cruise once without paying the $150/person admin fee/penalty/whatever they’re calling it. That seems fair to me.
  3. We booked on board on our most recent cruise. We were told that we could change the cruise once, without penalty, and keep the book-on-board perks. I assumed this was the new policy to go along with the partially-refundable deposit?
  4. I climbed the tower not too long after it was re-opened to the public a few years ago, and it meant a lot to me. I liked knowing that my feet were walking on the same steps that Galileo had walked on. The Baptistry is a best-kept secret, too. Many of the guards will sing in there during the day, and the way it’s constructed, they can sing in several-part harmony with themselves. It’s fascinating. The Jewish cemetery is also well worth a visit. I agree with cruisemom. If all you’re going to Pisa for is a cheesy photo, make better use of your time somewhere else.
  5. lisiamc

    New Survey

    I had the same trouble, but then I tried it on my phone, and it was fine. Since the operating system was split for the iPhone and iPad, people don’t always write things to be compatible with the iPad as well as the iPhone any more.
  6. To each his own. For me, the short answer is yes! Very subjective.
  7. lisiamc

    Casino on Journey

    For some of us, it will be happily gone. The former casino space works so well as The Den on Quest. The casino was often a ghost town on our recent Journey cruise.
  8. Yes, there’s at least one flavour every day, although I don’t think it’s particularly Keto-friendly. I think there are still quite a few carbs from lactose and other things. You’d have to ask on board to get the full info, probably. They will bring you berries if you ask, although they tend to bring a huge portion, and there’s always my favourite, the cheese plate with no crackers. Celebrity usually has some really good cheese.
  9. We vary ship by ship. We book the first two one each in Prime C and Aqualina. Then we change the third one (if necessary) to the restaurant that was the better of the two. Normally, that’s Prime C, but not always. We like to eat late, so changing isn’t usually a problem if we want to eat at 8.15.
  10. lisiamc


    I am a dedicated hand washer. I wash well and often, and use the towel to turn the water off, open the door, etc. I also use the hand sanitiser gel because people approve when I do, not because I think it kills any viruses. It doesn’t irritate my skin, so I’m not causing myself a problem, but I can see where other people might have trouble with it.
  11. There are certainly vineyards to visit in Tuscany, but you could easily visit an enoteca in Florence, and sample the wines of several growers in one stop - maybe have a wine tasting lunch?
  12. We were on the Journey Christmas as well. I requested the Dover Sole on one of our visits to Aqualina, and was very disappointed. It was filleted in the kitchen, I was told, but it looked very uniform and rectangular, as though it was filleted before it was frozen. The texture was rather mushy and overcooked as well. I was told that they wouldn’t fillet it tableside, because “other diners would complain.” About what, I don’t know. It wasn’t a patch on the Dover Sole served on Quest in the summer, and filleted tableside with appropriate aplomb.
  13. Thanks for that Phil! I had heard that a new menu was coming when we were on Journey over Christmas. It looks good. As long as they leave the Chateaubriand on, I’m happy. Maybe they’ll have it on Pursuit in time for our next cruise.
  14. When you notice a sudden price rise like that, it’s often worth deleting the cookies from that website, or borrowing a spouse’s device and trying again. I notice that particularly with budget airline sites. Maybe cruise lines are taking a leaf from their books?
  15. I can see you won’t have any worries about the hair dryer then, either! 😄
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