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  1. A few interesting things, although seems like most of the anticipated onboard experience is things discussed here on CC in many threads. I don't see us taking another cruise until it sounds more enjoyable, and it's still unknown how long these guidelines or any revised guidelines are going to be in place. We originally took the option one, which at the time was 150% FCC. Then after thinking about if for a couple of weeks, we changed it to option two as not sure if we would cruise again. If we don't, at least we only lose $800 in a FCC compared to what would have been around $6K sitting out there. At the end of the day, we got all our money back and the FCC is just a big coupon to us, if we decided to use it before it expires. Still hoping we can, as have almost two years to use it.
  2. I was just doing the math for 1800 passengers getting off a cruise ship. If they can perform a temperature check, and their health interview at the nonstop rate of 10 passengers per minute, that's 600 per hour. Minimum of three hours if they can maintain this schedule with no interruptions, to get everyone off. Of course this is at the airport, so cruise docking might be different. Visitors who have submitted proof of a negative test during their ED card application will receive a temperature check and health interview by a medical professional, and if cleared, no further testing or 24-hour quarantine will be applicable to them
  3. Cambodia has a lot more visitors than I thought. Over 6 million annually, with 1/3 from China. Looks like about 250,000 or so arrive from the USA, per their stats from 2018.
  4. Too early to see how this plays out. Depending on how long it continues, going to be difficult to plan any trip to the EU, be it by air or cruise ship with these stipulations below. They could change their list right before you arrive on an airplane. We are thinking about a trip in October 2021 ourselves, so watching the decision. European officials said the list would be revised every two weeks to reflect new realities around the world as nations see the virus ebb and flow.
  5. We were not surprised either, as we had been expecting it to be extended. Keeping our fingers crossed this is the last delay before cruising can resume. Really need a vacation about now..................
  6. Just seen this. Cruise Lines International Association, the cruise industry's leading trade organization, announced it would delay resuming cruises from U.S. ports until Sept. 15. Concerns about the coronavirus caused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue a "no-sail order" through July 24. The CLIA, whose members carry more than 95% of the world's cruisegoers, voluntarily decided to extend that suspension. The suspension may even go past Sept. 15, depending on the trajectory of COVID-19. Similar to the CDC order, the suspension will apply to vessels that carry 250 or more passengers. "Although we had hoped that cruise activity in the U.S. could resume as soon as possible after that date, it is increasingly clear that more time will be needed to resolve barriers to resumption in the United States," Bari Golin-Blaugrund, senior director for strategic communications at CLIA, told USA Today. "We want the traveling public to know in no uncertain terms that when we do resume operations in the U.S., it will be with the confidence that we have the necessary protocols and systems in place and that we have done so with the input of the CDC," she added. Some cruise lines, including Norwegian Cruise Line, have individually decided to delay sailing until the fall. The cruise industry has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic after large outbreaks on some cruise ships. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/cruise-industry-to-extend-us-sailing-suspension-until-mid-september
  7. As we read through all of their opinions, if this ends up being being the future of cruising, I don't see us ever going again. It's not the way we want to spend a couple of weeks on vacation, especially at the increased prices we are personally seeing on those voyages in which we might be interested. I don't expect there to ever be a 100% cure for this virus, any more than some of the other centuries old illnesses out there. If they come close, then there is the future COVID20, COVID21, etc., to deal with. Don't get me wrong, as it be great to live in an illness free world, just don't see it happening. Looking back, when we had to decide between Option #1 & Option #2, we seriously thought about the big 150% FCC we could have taken for a cruise we had booked next year. Now I am really glad we didn't as some of the concerns we were thinking about with future cruising, may be what's coming up. I know a lot of people are ready to go, and can respect that & understand, it's just not something we think we will find appealing ourselves.
  8. You might keep an eye on the dispute. Our was 60 days and for whatever reason, it was resolved at day #51. It was about 5 days later before I just happen to sign on to our account, and went to review it, as did not receive any email from Citi, that it was resolved on 6/3 I think it was, and still have not. The status just changed to close and noted it was permanent.
  9. We received our FCC under option #2 last week and a couple of days later, Citi closed our chargeback dispute in our favor and made the credit permanent. When we filed the dispute, Princess had 60 days to respond, and heard nothing else until Citi closed it around day 51 or so.
  10. I will jump is as just noticed this morning our dispute was closed in our favor. Ours was 4/18 cruise, cancelled 3/10. Didn't receive an email about it, just decided to go look at it online. We filed dispute on 4/8 and Citi (double cashback) had until 6/12 to respond (60 days). I was waiting to see what would happen this Friday as not heard anything else out of Princess or Citi. So in our case, it was resolved on 6/3 and took 51 days. It makes me wonder if Princess did not dispute the charge as I would not have expected it to be resolved on it's own, until 6/12. Either way, we got out money back & the FCC's of 25% in our savings account.
  11. We are getting some movement at least. We cancelled our 4/18 cruise on the CB, on March 10th and was in the 50/50 cancellation period. We had Princess insurance and was waiting for the cancellation details from the TA we used to file the claim. Then we got moved into the 3/12 options & took option #2. The 25% FCC showed up on Thursday in our Circle Accounts. Mine first and then about 6-7 hours later, in my brides account. I was getting concerned about hers as was afraid something went wrong and they were going to process hers under option #1. At least that part got settled OK. One nice thing is the 25% was based on the original cruise fare we booked online with Princess, and not the reduced fare the T/A gives us, so ended up being a little more than we figured. We filed a CC dispute around 4/18 or so with Citibank and got a provision credit for what I calculated they owed us. I was surprised Citibank gave them 60 days to respond, which just seems like a long time, given I can get a mortgage fully approved in 30 days or less. Anyway, we are coming up on that 60 days next Friday, and just waiting to see it if they make it permanent or if Princess refunds the amount correctly before then, I can cancel the dispute online with a mouse click. Next go round, I will put this on Amex as just seem to have better policies with things like this.
  12. It would be the Coral for us too, as our favorite ship in the fleet. Two Panama Canal runs & one in Alaska.
  13. Ours is a Citi DoubleCash card and filed the dispute online. When I log on and go to it, there is a button to cancel it. If they decided to credit it back before 6/12, which is the current deadline, then I can just cancel the dispute online.
  14. If so, i think we should be able to use our FCC's to buy stuff. Oh wait, don't have any yet. Never mind.
  15. I agree, and that's from another AS/400 guy with 40+ years in IT. They could have written the software to at least have given the FCC, regardless of which option #1/#2 was selected. Then made a second pass to process the cash refunds as needed, and notified customers with the progress. Instead, we just get very little information, unless they are just telling us they are dragging it out. I am glad we disputed about 30 days ago, even though not a permanent credit yet as Citi is giving them 60 days to respond. The way I figure it, first one who gives us a permanent credit resolves the issue. I don't expect they will go out of business, but we did not want a big FCC out there if they did, as figured could not dispute that with the CC company, or if when cruising resumes and we decide not to take another one, we have the money back and not a big FCC. Different for everyone, and not a one size fits all, it's just the way we looked at when we chose the option #2.
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