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  1. Thanks for your input - I booked today. Celebrity Eclipse, August 1, 2021. Vancouver, BC Inside Passage Icy Point Hubbard Glacier Juneau Ketchikan Inside Passage Vancouver, BC Now on to the port research!
  2. I think I answered my own questions - 1615 is under cabins not public spaces (I didn't realize there are cabins on deck 12). If anyone has other thoughts - I'd love to hear them! Travel planning is so fun, and I have a lot to learn about Celebrity and Alaska.
  3. We are new to Celebrity - would appreciate some opinions. We are looking to book Alaska 2021 in a Celebrity Suite. Do I want deck 10 (with other staterooms above but a more open veranda) or deck 11 (with public spaces above but a more sheltered balcony which would be good for rainy Alaska). Specifically looking at 1233 or 1615 for larger balcony and port side. Thanks! Kathi
  4. I also have the option of one way from Vancouver to Skagway or vice versa.
  5. We have sailed 20 times to Caribbean and Canada on Disney and are looking at Celebrity to Alaska in August 2021. I am very far outside of my comfort zone and would welcome your input. We are a family of 3, daughter will be 17. We are active and enjoy nature and hiking. We generally don't like to be cold - so this vacation is outside our comfort zone. We love dining and trying new food, but daughter is vegetarian. I want to see whales more than just about anything. I'd also love to eat halibut at every meal. No planes or helicopters. Small boats are a maybe, but sea sickness is a concern. Rarely do ships's excursions and prefer small group or private tours (I'm not a fan of being herded.) Options are listed below. Dawes Glacier Cruise Celebrity Solstice Aug 13th and 20th Seattle Sea Ketchikan Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier Juneau Skagway Inside Passage Sea Victoria, BC Seattle Hubbard Glacier (2 options) Celebrity Eclipse Vancouver, BC Inside Passage Icy Straight Point OR Sitka Hubbard Glacier Juneau Ketchikan Inside Passage Vancouver, BC Let's hear it Alaska pros! Thank you so much for your time and expertise. Kathi from NJ
  6. Can someone tell me the difference in level of service/amenities between Sky Suite and Celebrity Suite? Clearly one is larger, but does it come with other benefits? Right now there are no Sky Suites open on the sailing we are interested in (except far aft and that is not a good place for me with motion sickness). Would they take the table out and add a third chair on the Sky Suite balcony? Also - is there a preference for port vs. Starboard when sailing from Seattle? (I can ask this on the Alaska board as well.) Thanks to those who have already responded. There is nothing like first-hand information from people who love to cruise! Kathi
  7. We have been sailing with DCL forever. About 1/2 of those sailings in concierge the rest in a veranda cabin. Their prices are pushing us out and now that our daughter is a teen, Celebrity seems like the obvious choice for us. Service and food are super important to all of us and we want a new cruise line with interesting and varied itineraries I'm looking at Alaska on the Solstice for August 2021 in a Celebrity Suite. I see that the ship is due for a total upgrade in October. Should I wait another year for the refreshed ship? Any thoughts you might want to share with me regarding this ship and Alaska on Celebrity? I've sailed 20 times - but all I know is DCL. Thanks in advance for your input. Kathi
  8. I'm a geologist - I get very motion sick. Visiting a volcano or other geothermal sites has never made me feel ill from the sulfur smell.
  9. I'm on the same cruise and I also get terribly car sick. We are just going to hit a closer beach. I was really looking forward to going back to Martinique, so the port change has me bummed out. Hope you can find something that works for your family.
  10. Safe travels home and thank you for giving us updates. I have been following along and have been so impressed with how you were all treated on board. I know it wasn't what you set out to do on vacation, but I'm glad the crew did their best to keep everyone safe, comfortable and entertained. Kathi
  11. The Wonder is a great ship that has been through multiple upgrades/refurbishments. If it's going to be cheaper/easier for you to sail out of CA, I suggest that is what you do.
  12. THANK YOU!!! This is just the review I was looking for. This seems like a good place for our group of seven (4 adults and 3 teens). My cruise was just changed to include St. Lucia (rather than Martinique). Could you tell me what beach you visited? I just started researching today. Kathi
  13. I just received an email that our Martinique port day has been changed to St. Lucia. We had planned on a relaxing beach day on our own in Martinique. We don't like to take ship tours. Are looking for a nice beach with chairs/umbrellas, food nearby and restrooms that is less likely to have herds, towels or aggressive vendors. Would welcome suggestions. We will be there in July - so as much as I love hiking (I'm a geologist), I think it's just going to be too darned hot. I also get really car sick, so long drives on winding roads are a challenge. We will have a teen with us - so adult only options are out. Thanks in advance for your help! Kathi
  14. Are people constantly pushing you to buy things on Fort James Beach? We are looking for a relaxing beach day where we can swim/eat/drink and relax. My friend was just in Antigua for a Port stop and said she felt the vendors were super aggressive everywhere they went.
  15. We are one of 2 ships in Port this July and are looking for a relaxed beach day. Total cruise passengers in port that day approximately 8,000. Chairs/umbrellas to rent, rest rooms, water we can swim in (so not too rough or rocky). Food/drink a bonus. Want to avoid Towels and Herds. 4 adults and 3 teens. We usually go to Sapphire beach. Would it be safe to try a calmer more touristy beach this trip? Any other recommendations?
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