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  1. What if you are sailing solo and, of course, paying double. Do you count as Passenger 2?? I.E., do you fly for free?
  2. That says it all. I need a Plan B or C ??😪😔☹️
  3. I see that Harry Sommer is the President & Chief Executive Officer, Norwegian Cruise Line. Del Rio is listed as the President and Chief Executive Officer, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. As to him in the Owner's Suite, he can afford it. Many times over. Frankie baby makes over $22,000,000 (yes, MILLION) a year. (I wonder what kind of a tipper he is...) Harry said, in an August 2, 2020, interview with Porthole Cruise: "...I've gone on record as saying that I won't open cruising until I am comfortable taking my wife and three children and brother my my
  4. I know there was no NCL in parentheses in the quote, I meant to put NCLH in the parentheses. I should have clarified that it could be an NCL, or Oceania or Regent Seven Seas ship, since NCLH owns all three. I apologize for any misinformation.
  5. "My family and I, my grandchildren, my children, my wife, we will be on our (NCL's) first cruise," Del Rio said. "We will be that confident. I love my family as much as anybody loves their family, and that will be the proof of the pudding." (https://www.azcentral.com/story/travel/cruises/2020/09/21/norwegian-royal-caribbean-cruise-panel-suggests-covid-19-rules/5839739002/) Still no word on when NCL will be cleared to sail. He also said that NCL will start out with 6 ships sailing.
  6. Just to add some more info to the mask mix: Google "face masks shop towels" or some variant thereof. I use a plain ol' cheap blue surgical mask and layer the towel inside. The more opacity, the better the protection.
  7. Wow! Me, too! Do you think Budget Queen might adopt us? 🙃
  8. My guy and I did the Canal on NCL Star in 2011. Yes, it was the partial transit as my cruise in Feb will be. And I have been to most of the ports already. The main reasons I am taking this particular cruise are: 1 - the price, and 2 - the ship. I have never sailed the Joy, and it has some things on-board that I have not done, e.g., the Galaxy Pavilion (virtual interactive animated 3-D experience), race track, laser tag, the American Diner, the Food Republic (sounds like a multi-nation food court - - we'll see), and the Cavern Club. I would like to do the A, B, Cs (Aruba,
  9. My next cruise is (I hope) Feb 2021 Panama Canal. One port is Roatan, so I hope my BOSS tour goes as expected. As to swimming with pigs, yep, Great Stirrup Cay. Pigs seem to be a pig tourist deal in the Bahamas. These on the Cay are NOT feral. NCL people keep them, feed them, etc. Still wanna do it! Nice "talking" with you! Please be well!
  10. You are soooo right about the pricing in the Haven. My Feb 2021 Panama Canal cruise on the Joy that I booked in Oct 2019 (Yes, 2019)as a SOLO passenger (pays double) in the Haven Courtyard WITH air and the "free-at sea" stuff/service charge was $8,520. In mid-June, I priced the exact same cruise. $15,310 NO AIR. The math says a difference of $6790. So, yep, gone up. Way up. The deal I got had the 30% off deal and extra point per day. Another deal like that would ASSUREDLY get my attention.
  11. On some of the upcoming, not-cancelled-yet cruises, there is the "free and reduced air" being offered again.
  12. Hi, farmersfight - Thank you for the info on the RCCL! I'll take a look at those solo balcony cabins. I'm not bound to NCL, but I've gotten some decent deals in the past. Moving forward into the Covid era, we'll see how the pricing shakes out. You are right about the NCL island. On my last cruise we were supposed to stop there, but weather and wind cancelled that. I was really bummed because I was supposed to do the "swim with the pigs" thing. On my upcoming cruise, one of the ports is Roatan and there is a shore excursion available, "B.O.S.S. Underwater Adventure," whe
  13. Hi, farmersfight - I have not sailed in any of NCLs solo cabins, so I have no input on that. Sorry. I'm sure there is lots of info on these Cruise Critic boards. What I said about my guy and the mortal coil comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet, the "To be, or not to be" soliloquy. (Sorry...I majored in English.) Mortal coil is a poetic term for the troubles of daily life. To "shuffle off this mortal coil" is to die. (My guy died on Valentine's Day, 2017.) He and I had 2 cruises together in the Haven, and I have had 3 solo Haven cruises. Previous to the Haven, we'
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