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  1. But the bigger question is who wants to go on a cruise with the prediction of a twindemic coming with the Flu season starting this week.
  2. I'm glad to hear that Alaska will be from San Pedro again. If only they would do a cruisetour from San Pedro I'd be even happier.
  3. If it's the best deal then it was several years ago when Princess did a BOGO on her west coast 4 night cruises. That year was the only time I ever saw that happen but they can bring it back anytime and I'll book it.
  4. We are entering a twindemic with flu season starting Oct - Feb and don't even know if cruising will even begin so how can anyone predict 2022. They are selling ships, scrapping ships, redeploying ships, changing itineraries and trying to stay afloat (pun intended). Just check the Princess site continually because nobody knows.
  5. I look for $300 PP PD in a suite. If it's more then that I go to Azamara and see what they have because they run about $300 PP PD for a balcony which is more inclusive so a better value and better ships and food.
  6. If you read the thread title he's not asking for a free upgrade but a PAID one .
  7. I'm booked on the Canada New England 16 night cruise before you in a full suite so I understand the desirability of Club Class but I also would go in a regular mini if that's all I could get. Here's how I make my decision- .....a club class mini VS a regular mini price.......what is the difference in price? How many times can I eat at the specialty restaurant for dinner at their $29 price with that price difference. Now I wouldn't eat at a specialty every night ( but would a few times) but it puts in prospective what I'm paying in club class for the same menu as the regular dining room (with one extra dish). Breakfast and lunch tend to have no waiting time for open seating. Port days usually have open seating with no wait because people stay in port or go to the buffet because they would miss their dinner time.. So how many dinner times would have you waiting in a que when you add up port days and specialty restaurant dinners and a buffet here and there.
  8. So you won't go in the mini suite?
  9. Your gross was $200 so what's the problem? You got full value.
  10. It will be on the ship board account only not on the land portion.
  11. Doesn't bother me in the least. I'd prefer to take a Princess shore excursion to staying home bored 😷
  12. He's not so egotistical he can't revise data as information becomes known and unavailable. That's what a good doctor and scientist does. He's brilliant and when he says it's a safe vaccine and go ahead on cruise ships that's who I'll believe.
  13. Sounds safer to me to be in US waters where the coast guard can get you to medical care where your insurance would be honored and of course you speak the native language.
  14. So you like advise from your doctor but a politician to make the judgement? I'll take my doctors advise and use their recommendations and leave politics out of..It is my life is at stake.
  15. Dr Fauci who is a life long epidemiologist with science and medicine and apolitical.
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