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  1. I got 2 small bottles with my mini club class in Oct and I don't drink much so I brought them home to cook with. I threw some short ribs in a crock pot and the red bottle of wine and it was wonderful. Just a thought if you want to use that wine.
  2. The after dinner mints and tooth picks are also eliminated cut backs I noticed on my last cruise. Soon everything will be cut back or a pay for it if you want it. The eye gel mask is no longer in the gold elite/suite bathroom upgraded amenity either. The more inclusive cruises like Viking or Azamara are getting more appealing by the dollar!
  3. wish I could open this but it says I need office. Is there another way to read the files?
  4. Batteries are haz mat that's why they need proper disposal.
  5. I'm on the July 5 Cruisetour for Japan and have been watching the airfare. Only Busan has a shore excursion listed. I hope to book privately since in Sept. I took a Princess excursion in Boston that was beyond awful and after writing to Princess they never responded beyond "we got your email".
  6. I've been reading that China no longer buys our recyclables so it's becoming a moot point. Here in Calif. Many of our aluminum can recycle centers have closed but they continue to charge us a nickel a can when we buy a six pack. https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2019/03/china-has-stopped-accepting-our-trash/584131/
  7. They are harder to come by because of the Medallion. I just saw some on ebay.
  8. Ever been closer then 8 inches to someone on a cramped Princess elevator. The medallion DOES NOT open your door, it unlocks it so you still need a free hand to place on the door handle and open the door. If someone has a pacemaker they might want to err on the side of caution. I found it weird when I was waiting for an mid ship elevator where there are the standard 4 elevators and 2 glass elevators. The pictures of everyone standing there pops up o the screen. I don't care to pictures every time I walked past one of those over sized screen readers. Those that like the Medallion should use it, those that don't should get a normal cruise card. Nice to have choices. Oh by the way now all those paper marketing pages ( and the evening patter) come under the door so you have to bend ( poor cabin steward has to bend down to all his cabins to slide them under the door) instead of the mail box you previously had mounted outside your door.
  9. There will always be the option to get a regular cruise card at guest services, I got one last month on the Royal. There are some medical conditions like having a pacemaker which disallows one to use the medallion. For that reason there will ALWAYS remain an option to use a cruise card which works for everything . The medallion tracks you and is used for marking purposes. Our friends walked by the Explorer lounge during an art auction and were inundated with "opportunities to come back and buy art. I find the medallion an invasion of privacy.
  10. It's your choice what it's worth to you and what your budget allows. Since you asked for my opinion, I wouldn't cruise with 3 in a cabin nor would I cruise in an inside or outside cabin, much to small and no fresh sea air in anything below a balcony cabin.
  11. It's included in the up charge. You already tipped for the meal you're not having elsewhere in the daily auto gratuity, you tipped a second time in the up charge for balcony dining and you want to tip a third time? Does it ever end all this tipping!
  12. You cannot pre RSVP specialty restaurants when it's been prepaid like yours. You can do it on board , it's simple.
  13. I put mine in the safe and used a regular ole cruise card available at guest services.
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