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  1. You don't have two cruise accounts. One per person and you can only control your own account. Call princess to get your wife's account credited. Married people frequently have different sailings and different cruise credits, which is obvious for second marriages as well as many other reasons.
  2. I also was told the first responder and stockholder credit were not stackable. only use one.
  3. I booked the Grand for Alaska because I was able to snag a window suite, one of the best deals on a Princess ship.
  4. This has been discussed for years. Some feel it's not fair others don't care. If you have traditional dining and miss your time due to an excursion and still want a sit down dinner there is no other option.
  5. How about anybody I say is a VIP Like MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!
  6. It is allowed. Go through the motions of making a booking and after you pick your cabin the options for dining (pick a club class or suite cabin) are inclusive of all dining options. There aren't huge numbers of club class, very limited number of mid ship cabins.
  7. You know the cliche, money talks bullsh*t walks !! Technically everyone gets great service on a cruise but some categories do get extra perks and services. https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/ships/club-class/ClubClass-eFlyer.pdf
  8. The reason it's not been brought up is because it's allowed. Club Class guests have the option of Club Class, Anytime or Traditional as do full suites. When you pay 3 and 4 times the fare as an inside passenger you get choices.
  9. If your friends haven't paid for club class based on their cabin they may be embarrassed to be turned away. It's a bad suggestion to try to get something you're not entitled to.
  10. I'm protected but of course I wish everyone was protected
  11. I'm protected but of course I wish everyone was protected.
  12. Yes I have the yellow fever vaccine with a yellow card from when I went to South America and I have Kaiser too. What's interesting is that Kaiser has no idea I got my moderna vaccination at CVS. I will let them know to add it to my medical record when I have my next appt but that won't be soon. There will always be scammers who might forge a vaccination card but it's them who would get sick, not me since I really am really vaccinated.
  13. I sure hope so. I wouldn't want to cruise with passengers who haven't been vaccinated. There is the flip side of this, if I'm protected through vaccination the risk to me are minimal even if I get exposed.
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