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  1. Strange indeed. I have never experienced shrinking sleeves. However, I do find my shirts, shorts and cotton slacks all come back from a cruise somewhat tighter around the waist after they have been laundered by Seabourn so I guess that must explain it.
  2. Agree on all the above Markham. Think the David referred to may be “Portuguese David” now one of the Asst M’d in MDR who just rejoined in Lisbon having recently married we understand.
  3. We have sailed a couple of times before with Robert as ACD. He moved up to CD earlier in the year on Sojourn in Alaska. English, with a fine tenor voice, he got through his first session of Team Trivia today without any challenges or blood letting, however it is only Day One of the crossing! His ACD is also English, a young woman called Beth.
  4. Belated Happy Birthday in that case, M. Best from me'and'er.
  5. But I think you are sailing on Sojourn? OP asked about Odyssey where the CD will be Robert Brendan, who was CD on Sojourn in Alaska earlier this year.
  6. Really nice story Airtana. Does your spell checker know something the rest of us have only heard whispered??:evilsmile::evilsmile:
  7. Think your spell checker may have had a slight wobble here!;p;p;p
  8. It can, equally , be that - usually made of metal or plastic and fixed to a garment with a pin. However, in the context used in the original post referring to a blazer, it would usually be as described by pedro3gb.
  9. Wondered where my mother in law had disappeared to..:evilsmile::evilsmile:;p
  10. How unnecessarily sarcastic. Every cabin IS a suite - so the OP knows that from the brochure. Suite Guar tells OP s/he has a guarantee, i.e. suite number not specified at this point as s/he has paid a cheaper fare to have whatever suite is allocated at/nearer boarding time. Therefore that is all s/he CAN be told at this point. If you don't have anything helpful to say, I suggest you don't get involved:cool:
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