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  1. Wouldn't the fact that there is only 1 ship make it easier to book an NCL Cruise? If there were multiple ships, sailing from multiple ports, doing multiple itineraries, on different days it seems that it would actually make the decision making process more difficult.
  2. You said there was NO WARNING issued, but then said that their announcement of what was going to happen wasn't a warning? Huh? warn·ing /ˈwôrniNG/ noun noun: warning; plural noun: warnings a statement or event that indicates a possible or impending danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation Sounds like a warning to me.
  3. Well...you said they were warned, and the poster in post #15 said there was no warning. Again...both of you can't be right. One has to be true, and the other has to be "fake news". You two should figure this out between yourselves. I'm not stating one way or the other. I just want you two to pick a story.
  4. So what you are saying is that the claims made in post #15 are "fake news".
  5. You make it sound as though NCL was given information that was subsequently changed causing them to have to change their previous decisions. Didn't the port make a decision early enough and stick to it so that everyone down the line could adjust? And since the cruise was cancelled, the cruise line refunded all of the money you paid to them for the cruise, correct? Does your contract with the cruise line contain a section where the cruise line accepts responsibility for your pre/post cruise spending? How much did the cruise line get from the port of Miami because they closed the port on them at the last minute? Quite unfair to just close the port when the arrival/departure of the ship was contracted for and thousands of arriving/departing passengers were counting on the port keeping their part of the agreement.
  6. So either NCL ignored the port authority's warnings or NCL wasn't warned. You can't both be right. Can we pick and stick with one set of facts? I'm still wondering when someone will advocate for the port to issue compensation to NCL for not giving them prompt and unchanging information on which to base their decisions. Too many people with their hand out...
  7. Sounds like you were all in the same boat. You complain that NCL couldn't give a quick and definitive answer, but then say they were only warned of a high probability of port closure (why couldn't they just decide on the port...open or closed). I don't see how NCL could inform you until NCL was given concrete information...and the time to weigh and consider their options before reaching their own concrete decision. BTW...never too late to recoup travel related charges. This is what travel insurance is for. You'd have to be willing to assume a big financial risk to travel during hurricane season without travel insurance.
  8. Interesting that you think a company "should do right by it's customers" given the circumstances. Would you advocate in the same way considering that the Port of Miami is the business and NCL is their customer? What do you think the fair compensation should be in that case? Doesn't NCL have a right to complain that decisions on the port weren't quickly made and then stuck to?
  9. Really? I see that you've only been on Cruise Critic since April 20th...barely over 3 months. You would not be able to post to a Roll Call without being a CC member, so am I to understand that in the 100 days that you've been on CC, that you have not only taken two cruises, but also had enough time to participate in roll calls that drew 200 and 350+ participants? I don't see posts in your history that support this claim...😏
  10. Because that is what a Maniacal Cruiser does...not matter what screen name they are using.
  11. To be fair, those aren't two statements, it is one statement and on part of another statement taken completely out of context. As edited, they appear to be contradictory, but in context they are not. If you are going to quote, you shouldn't edit like that, Dave.
  12. While that always "sounds" like a good idea, you really have to wonder if it is. Example 1: Your cruise costs $800 plus $200 in gratuities for a total of $1,000 Example 2: Your cruise costs $1,000 total, gratuities are included Example 3: Your cruise costs $1,000 total, and there are no gratuities anymore Honestly....what is the difference? P and O are removing gratuities in May and moving to Example 3. Don't think that somehow means that these costs won't still be paid.
  13. So many possibilities. How to choose? Norwegian Compensation Norwegian What Does the Butler Do Norwegian I Don't Wanna Tip Norwegian The Rules Don't Apply To Me Norwegian When is Formal Night Norwegian I'm in the Haven, Did I Mention I'm in the Haven Norwegian Can I Make a 7:30am Flight
  14. Hmmm. Sounds more like the onboard rep gave you the wrong thing instead of there actually being a change in the actual benefit/policy. From what I can see in 2015 it was one meal for 2 per cabin and in 2018 it is one meal for 2 per cabin. Exactly the same.
  15. OK, but the 2015 document states 1 dinner for 2 per stateroom. What did the document you were shown change it to?
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