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  1. I received an email with my future OBC and called to have them put it on my cruise planner. It took a few minutes because another department needs to release it. My OBC is on my planner, now I'm hoping the prices will go down. Final payment for my August cruise is due May 25. I was told I can ask for an extension because I'm waiting for my FCC to come in.
  2. Casino Comp Chick, try again today. I just booked Thanksgiving 11/21/20 on the Anthem out of Bayonne. The representative I spoke with said there were many changes made overnight to the offer.
  3. Will they scan my Starbucks app for payment?
  4. Thank you for taking time out of your vacation to take pictures of the teen club. My DS and I greatly appreciate it!
  5. That was my experience in October 2019 on the Anthem. On the third night I made Prime and the casino host put the sticker on my card.
  6. Thank you for sharing these great pictures! My family and I will be sailing on Oasis when she comes to NJ. If possible, can you please post pictures of the new teen club? My DS would greatly appreciate it. Enjoy!
  7. When I was on the Anthem earlier this month, we requested extra padding for the bed. We were pleasantly surprised when we were given a MyPillow topper. It was wonderful!
  8. Yes, it definitely is not a lazy river, but the children love it! My son spent hours in there. That lounge chair in the bottom left with the towel on it is the best spot to watch your children. You can see them in the current and wave pools. Since the current pool is in the kid's Splash Zone, I love it when the "mature" guests get in and complain that the children are splashing and being loud. I politely remind them that it's the kids' area and not theirs.
  9. The sign states it's the minimum shoulder height, not the full height of the child.
  10. The sign states 1.10m or 3ft.-6in. Current Pool Minimum Shoulder Height
  11. Yen is fantastic! She is very well respected with the crew and has a good relationship with them. Yen went above and beyond for us. We were celebrating my son’s birthday and she filled our cabin with balloons, had a pastry chef make a Star Wars cake for him, gave him a bunch of presents of his favorite things. Be sure to fill out the questionnaire. Yen definitely pays attention to it. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. I am MLife Gold due to my C&A status. For my March 2018 cruise, upcoming January 2019 and February 2019 cruises I was able to get the $125 onboard credit for each sailing. I called with my reservation numbers and my MLife and C&A membership numbers. The onboard credit was very quickly added to each cruise planner. For the March cruise, I called two weeks before sailing with no issues. The other two were a couple months out so I could put it towards beverage and dining packages.
  13. We were on the Anthem when my DS had turned 12 a few days before we sailed. I was one of those parents who didn’t allow my 11 year old to sign himself out. I liked knowing exactly where he was. He’s an only child. So, that first time in the teen club was huge. My DS loved it! He went the first night and meet many new friends. It is very important to go the first night. Also, your child goes in alone, no need for a parent to go in and sign them up. Apparently that’s not cool ; ) Be sure he has his sail and sign card. My DS has a phone so he would let me know if he left the teen room and went somewhere else. When they did scavenger hunts he needed to be with another person. We have been on the Anthem several times since then and they do a lot of activities in the Living Room (teen room) and Seaplex. I was surprised how many teens stayed and participated. What ship are you sailing on?
  14. That’s what my DS and his friends do. They tend not to communicate through regular text, but through Snapchat and Instagram.
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