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  1. The Compass says that the fitness center is open from boarding time until 1 a.m. We've always been able to use the fitness center on boarding day right after lunch if not earlier. I can't see why they would prevent people from using it until the tours were over, unless they were keeping people out of a specific area, like the area used for classes. It's been awhile since we were on Allure, and as I recall they don't have proper locker rooms for the fitness center, just a restroom area. I don't remember if they even offer small lockers in that area, but perhaps someone can answer that question.
  2. I'm with you. As each of Royal's ships is "amplified," it makes one less ship we will sail on, until we'll eventually have to move on to a cruise line that hasn't ruined all of it's earlier builds.
  3. Both are lovely ports, but for different reasons. Curacao is great for shopping and is very picturesque. It looks like a bit of Amsterdam touched down in the Caribbean. Bonaire has a little shopping now (more than it used to), but is generally regarded as being a natural treasure with some of the best snorkeling and diving in the region due to the clear water. Woodwind is an excellent snorkeling provider on Bonaire, but book early, as they only take about 20 people per excursion.
  4. Can't help you on Belize, but I would do a beach day in Cozumel. You can go to the Tulum ruins from that port, but it is a long and tiring journey with relatively little time actually spent at the ruins, and an awful ferry ride to the mainland. Costa Maya is definitely the place to do the ruins. We used Native Choice to go to the Chacchoben ruins. Our group of around 20 went in two vans with a driver and at least one guide. On the drive there, the guide explained local culture and history and gave us a background for the ruins tour. At the ruins themselves, we avoided the crowds coming off the buses and had each location nearly to ourselves, along with a trained guide from Chacchoben. It was still a fairly long day, but we felt we'd gotten to really see something (even if it's not as extensive a complex as Tulum), and we didn't have to take the ferry to the mainland at Cozumel (aka the "Vomit Comet").
  5. Culture and nature are definitely the stars on St. Kitts. The beaches aren't as nice as some other islands, but we go for the amazing things it does have: Brimstone Fortress (a world heritage site), the rain forest and island interior, the local food, and many more things you can find described on the St. Kitts board. We've always used Royston, which is a rather adventurous tour, a bit rough and tumble in an open van, no A/C. Many recommend Thenford Grey as well, and that is a more conventional experience.
  6. It's not solid any longer—all of the Royal ships built starting with Oasis and later only have paid areas, and recently they have started "amping" older ships that used to have excellent complimentary facilities and destroying them in favor of adding more cabins. So far this is confirmed on Navigator, and they didn't even put in a thermal suite to replace the lost steam/sauna facilities. It's expected to be the same for Explorer in 2020, and eventually Freedom, but it's not clear what Freedom will be like or if there will be a thermal suite after the reno. The upshot is you have to know which Royal ship you want to go on to get the complimentary facilities yet, and the number of those is shrinking. It is really a dirty shame that they are wrecking the Voyager- and Freedom-class ships one after the other. With smaller fitness center facilities and no locker rooms or steam/sauna facilities, and a higher passenger count because of the new cabins, we will definitely be avoiding these ships in the future. Since my other half doesn't like most of the smaller Royal ships, eventually we won't have many options with Royal at all and will find someone else to cruise with.
  7. Yes, for now, Adventure still has the nice locker rooms with complimentary steam and sauna. Navigator has had these removed, and Explorer is apparently next, as well as Freedom of the Seas, from the layout of the new, post-"amplification" deck plans.
  8. On Royal, the thermal suites are mixed-sex and bathing suits must be worn. Layouts vary by ship, and I haven't specifically seen the one on Radiance. There may be some privacy in the showers in the thermal suite, but not always enough for nudity. There should be separate men's and women's locker rooms in the spa with showers where nudity is ok, and I believe that Radiance also has a sauna/steam room in the changing rooms for the fitness center, and these facilities are single-sex and towels/nudity would be permitted.
  9. Since you won't have a coffeemaker, if you would like to have coffee in your stateroom in the morning, you can order breakfast and have it delivered. There are hang-tag menus that you fill out the night before, and I believe that a limited breakfast is still complimentary (whereas other room service incurs a fee). You could also go to the Promenade cafe at any time to get coffee to go. There are urns of regular and decaf, with sugar, cream, etc., provided at no charge, as well as some snack and dessert items. Specialty coffee drinks are available for an extra charge.
  10. For now you can still enjoy some quiet time in the free saunas/steam rooms in the respective men's and women's fitness center locker rooms. At certain times of the day, these can be fairly busy, but at other times not so much. Early mornings and late afternoons are usually good times. Sadly, these have already been eliminated from Navigator and Voyager, and it looks as if it's only a matter of time before Royal destroys the nice fitness centers on all its Voyager- and Freedom-class ships.
  11. We have also used Native Choice to see the ruins at Chacchoben and would recommend them. Our group of about 20 went in two vans, each with a driver and guide, and the guide spoke and answered questions on the drive out so we felt we had some background before the tour given at the ruins. We were also able to avoid the crowds and feel as if we had the place to ourselves. We did the Cozumel tour to the mainland ruins booked through the ship, and it was exhausting. I wouldn't do that again! We had relatively little time at the ruins, with just a quick guided tour and 20 minutes or so to look around on our own. The travel time to and from the site, including the vomit rocket ferry, was longer than the time spent at the ruins, and we were late returning to the ship (but not the last to return).
  12. If you check the deck plans now showing online, although different from Navigator, the forward fitness center is gone and replaced with a small space aft on deck 12. Locker rooms/sauna/steam gone--they've ruined another one.
  13. The one we know the details of is Navigator of the Seas. In addition to being moved and greatly shrunk in size, the fitness center now has no locker rooms at all, just restrooms and a locker area. There are no free saunas/steam rooms on Navigator, though apparently there is a small sauna or steam room in the spa for paying spa guests only. They did not put in a thermal suite. Welcome to the "crap-lified" Navigator.
  14. Navigator of the Seas no longer has locker rooms for the fitness center. Apparently there is a small locker area to put personal items, but no actual changing room, just toilets.
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