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  1. You're welcome. There used to be a website dedicated to connecting with other LGBTQ folks, but it isn't around any longer, so I'm not sure where else to suggest looking. The roll calls on here in the G&L cruisers section don't seem to garner a lot of interest or response. Hopefully you will get to know some people on board. We've made friends while waiting in line to board and ended up spending time together on the cruise. You just never know who you may meet.
  2. The other ones on Royal, in our opinion, aren't particularly exciting or tasty, but the ranger cookies are delicious. Their bakers produce excellent breads and rolls, but the desserts are not great, unfortunately. There is a heavy reliance on mousse mixes and things set with lots of gelatin. There are a few cakes and tarts that are good, though.
  3. They do mostly, and the lights are typically turned down after a certain hour in the promenade. Then, in the morning, there is a sort of "sunrise." We always bring large binder clips to secure the curtain shut, since sometimes they would gap a little or not quite close.
  4. Baked properly, it's a little bit of heaven: oatmeal, coconut and toffee chips--no raisins! If they are not overbaked, they are a little crunchy at the edge and soft and chewy in the middle. And now I'm hungry!
  5. This has been our experience as well. We've sailed in promenade cabins several times on Voyager-class ships. The first two times were on Adventure, one of our favorites. The room feels just a bit more spacious because of the window seat, and if you like, you can move the coffee table out of the way to have floor space (and not trip over it). I would go for the higher deck levels of these, and also would try to avoid ones with connecting doors. It is possible to hear noise from the adjoining cabin through these if the people next door are noisy.
  6. We've always cruised with Royal Caribbean, and their embarkation day lunch in the Windjammer buffet includes a large pan of paella that I like to sample. Of course it's not quite the real thing, but it does have a decent flavor and some seafood on it. That and the Greek salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and feta are my go-to first lunch items. And maybe a coconut ranger cookie if they have them on the buffet.
  7. There has been some discussion of this in other threads on this board, and generally we've found that people have a "live and let live" attitude on board. There will of course always be less accepting people, and even ugly ones, but the worst we've had has been a couple at dinner who did not join us again after the first night. And the staff should also have your back--they do want everyone's experience to be a positive one. If her passport identifies her as pretransition, she may need to board presenting that way, but once on board, I hope you and she will feel comfortable with h
  8. If they were referring to a window to the outside, some of Royal's ships have large saunas with two round windows that look outside, but they are fitted with slats so you can see out a little, but no one walking by on the deck outside can see in. It is enjoyable to be relaxing in the sauna and looking at the waves.
  9. Messaging is disabled. I would think steam/sauna facilities initially would not be available if ships are enforcing social distancing practices.
  10. Sometimes whatever is left! We've been on cruises where they've run out of bananas, half and half, one or the other kind of juice, or other things. On one cruise, I saw a fellow passenger ask for milk for their tea and get coffee creamer (yuck). Since we're usually traveling on disembarkation day, I try to get a substantial breakfast that's not too fatty, because eating at the airport usually isn't great. I'll sometimes grab a box of dry cereal to go.
  11. Pasteurize it? That's at least 19th century ....
  12. Honey has been found in the tombs of Egypt that is still good. Eternal shelf life?
  13. Cream-type liqueurs like Bailey's and possibly the Dutch Chocolate Mint have a definite shelf life. Unopened there's a chance that curacao might still be good, but once opened it needs to be used up. I find the Bols curacaos that I get get in the US (orange and blue) are just as good as what I've tasted on the island. There's a great cocktail I like made with blue curacao--the Blue Star (3 parts gin, 2 parts dry vermouth,1 part blue curacao, and 3 parts orange juice, shaken and strained into a glass of crushed ice), which has an odd color but tastes great. And a gin &a
  14. If you can find a small local place doing curry, that is a treat. We've had curried goat stew and stewed baby back pork ribs that were both incredible, but sadly that restaurant was gone after the hurricane. So many of the small places overlooking the beach were pushed out by more commercial ventures.
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