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  1. Specific to Vision, there are beverage stations convenient to the pool deck, in the Park Cafe and back by the Windjammer that will have ice water, coffee/tea, and often one or two flavors of flavored water. In the morning they may have orange juice from the dispenser. I'm an iced tea fan, but do not do caffeine, so I make my own by the glass at the beverage station using two teabags, steeping, and then icing it in the glass.
  2. The first time we were on Curacao, we spent some time walking around and shopping. Willemstad is a lovely, walkable town with a mix of touristy and European-type shopping as well as good restaurants. There are a few historical sights and, of course, the famous floating bridge. After that, we ended up taking a small bus tour that covered other areas of the city and island and included some beach time. We didn't plan that ahead, but rather picked one of the tour operators offering tours from downtown. Many people go to Mambo Beach, which has changed since we were last there, but current information is likely available on this board/elsewhere online. You can get a taxi from downtown for your group, and arrange for a return or pick up a taxi from those waiting at the beach. You'd probably wanted to head to the beach first thing and allow some time afterward to look around downtown before returning to the ship.
  3. Bonaire, snorkeling is amazing, and we like Woodwind for their snorkeling excursion. St. Kitts, Royston is an independent operator with an old van who will take you on an adventure, all-inclusive. Aruba is definitely a place to go to the beach if it's your first time there. St. Martin could also be a beach day, but has good shopping and restaurants on the Dutch side where Royal typically docks.
  4. My husband doesn't eat seafood (except for fried shrimp), so when we booked, we requested some non-fish/non-raw substitutes and they did their best to fulfill the request. Overall, the class was fun and interesting and left us with a pile of sushi to eat. We were not allowed to take anything away from the restaurant. Others who knew this in advance had family join them after the class to finish off their creations.
  5. Last time I checked they thankfully had not sent the gin selection the way of the vodka on the diamond drink list and it was still Beefeater. Please don't give them any ideas! NA gin is basically orange-flavored vodka, pfui! Best wishes on your birthday, and enjoy that sip!
  6. My gym has opened where we live, and the information they sent to members is that for now, the pool, whirlpool, sauna, and even the showers will not be available. In this gym, the showers are individual stalls, so I really don't know why they are not letting gym-goers use them. I mean, presumably the toilet stalls are available for use, and those are less closed-off than the shower stalls!
  7. There is a spreadsheet that can be found in a thread in the fitness and spa cruise section: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2488742-list-of-ships-with-free-steam-andor-sauna/page/4/?tab=comments#comment-59540677 It may not always be the most up-to-date source, but it's a good place to start.
  8. A few additional ideas: Aruba: snorkeling tour that takes you out to snorkel over a shipwreck and usually over a coral reef area (usually offered through your ship or right from the beach) Costa Maya: excursion to the Chacchoben Ruins with the tour provider Native Choice
  9. If I understand correctly, the work done on Mariner and Independence preceded the full "amplification" that has been inflicted on, e.g., Navigator that resulted in removal of the excellent fitness center and locker room facilities and replacement of these with a small, poorly designed fitness center (low ceilings, and other complaints I've read on CC) with no actual locker room facilities, let alone steam/sauna facilities. Explorer, like some of the sister ships, lost part of the fitness center and had the inside whirlpool removed in a reconfiguration, but the nice locker rooms with free steam/sauna facilities remained at that point.
  10. It's not clear whether Explorer will now get the full "amping" that would eliminate the original fitness center, or if it will only have less invasive maintenance and updating done. I believe Mariner still has sauna/steam facilities. Independence still has sauna/steam facilities according to recent reports. When I've looked at the post-amp deck plans for Freedom, there's still a large fitness center area. I'm haven't seen any reports of exactly what is there now.
  11. Yes, Grandeur has free steam room/sauna facilities in the men's locker room. There are a couple of showers, one sink, and just inside the entrance to the locker room there is a single restroom. The sauna has two levels, and when we were on in February 2020, it was quite hot. The steam room is fairly large and was not very hot when we were in cooler temperatures (leaving Baltimore), and warmed up as we entered warmer climates. On our sailing it was not very busy.
  12. There usually is a drinking fountain in the locker room on Royal's older ships that still have them. Who knows what will happen with steam/sauna facilities once cruising resumes. If they are going to enforce any kind of social distancing, a sauna is really not possible, being an enclosed space, unless it's one person at a time.
  13. That's great--maybe the novelty has worn off? In any event, there will probably be a period when cruising resumes that such facilities aren't used, until such close contact is deemed not unsafe again.
  14. Cozumel is a tough one, because with the added time for the ferry to the mainland, activities like visiting the ruins are an all-day slog, and would probably go over the 6-hour time frame. The last time we went, we made it a shopping and lunch day right where we docked.
  15. Another option for a non-beach day would be on St. Kitts. Royston does a rustic van tour, and would probably customize it for your group. There's rainforest, beach, Romney Manor and the batik store and gardens, volcanoes (from a distance), animal feeding, local lunch, and world heritage site Brimstone Fortress. You can find more on the St. Kitts board on CC for Royston Tours.
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