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  1. On Royal Caribbean you will get catered food, not food prepared to order. The ingredients won't be of the same quality as a luxury line. But you won't be hungry. If that;a ok and yo are aware of it prior to sailing then go for it. Perhaps you should post on the Royal Caribbean board and get feedback from its passengers.
  2. And opinions are all you ever really get on these boards. What you like may not be someone else's cup of tea and vice versa.
  3. Which only goes, once again, to prove that these are not free. If they were free there would be no credit if you don't take them. You are paying for them in the price off your cruise.
  4. They dock at the newer cruise terminal which is much more convenient than the old one. Easy to get anywhere in the city.
  5. I'm pretty sure I will try one of these expanded "little sisters" if just our of curiosity. My hear has always belonged to those ships.
  6. Roadmaster, Even though you say your OBC will cover your alcohol for the cruise don't forget about gratuities which can add up during a 32 day cruise. And Oceania excursions are notoriously expensive imo. PLUS in my experience Oceania is the one line that tends to omit ports or shorten time in ports more than any other line I know. Use,s they always blame the weather or things beyond their control but all cruise lines are subject to the same events and others do not cancel ports as frequently.
  7. No, but don't give them any ideas. Most lines do charge a $100 or $200 fee.
  8. Sorry, there were no wet landings or zodiacs on my sailing. But do remember even when completely full there are only 200 passengers so it should move quickly.
  9. Maybe when passengers board everyone should get a can of Febreeze!
  10. The trouble with Oceania and Azamara is that although the public spaces may be lovely and the food and service good unless you book into a suite level you will be in a tiny cabin with a tiny bathroom and a tiny shower. Even on Oceania Marina and Riviera the cabins themselves are small. Only the bathrooms have more square footage. If you want a cabin comparable to an entry level suite on Seabourn or Regent or Silversea you have to book a penthouse and by the time you do that and add all the extras included on the luxury lines you'll pay as much or even more. Th
  11. That's the time to go find a nice bar with a spectacular view, have a drink or two and wait for the crowds to dissipate. A lot of the mass market ships depart Santorini in early afternoon so by three or four it should be much easier.
  12. Please look at "value received" rather than just amount paid when booking a luxury cruise. So many things are included (like tips and alcohol) for which you'd have to pay extra on a premium line.
  13. I simply do not understand why anyone ever does a ship's shore excursion. I can't think of a less interesting way to see any spot on the planet than to get jammed into a bus with forty other people, listen to a guide who recites by rote, and be subjected to the inevitable fellow passenger who keeps the rest of the bus waiting because "I lost track of time." Frequently private tours cost the same or even less when shared and even if they cost more it's worth every penny to have your own car and driver and be able to set your own agenda. And PLEASE no one tell me that if you do a ships excursion and it's late the ship will wait for you. Of the literally hundreds of private excursions I have done never once have I gotten back to the ship late. These guides know how to get you back in time. And when I do get back to the ship it's just me getting on, not a busfull of people. JMO.
  14. Definitely do private tours. Check out TonyAnn Tours. You can choose your own agenda, be in a private vehicle and in Viet Nam the private tours are not that expensive. You can also check to roll call board to see if anyone want stop share the tours. If there's no thread for your cruise start one. Personally, I'll do anything to avoid touring on a bus with forty other people.
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