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  1. The luxury with Seabourn is on the ships, not the reservations department.
  2. May I ask why if you know which cruise you want put on hold you don't just have your TA do it in the first place?
  3. I don't like the whole included excursion policy. Does that mean Regent will now eliminate it?
  4. Exactly how do you plan to get it right? I'd love to know.
  5. Then obviously you should no longer cruise with Windstar. Good luck finding a cruise line that lives up to your standards. The same issues are occurring on Seabourn, Crystal, Regent etc which are luxury lines. And let's not even discuss the mass market lines. You might want to check out Silversea which has the strictest dress code though not nearly what once was.
  6. On the Shadow you can order dinner in your suite off the main restaurant menu. On the Muse you are limited to the room service menu. Still plenty of options if you care to eat in.
  7. Regent makes nothing if you donate to the Crew Welfare fund. But they will make money if you buy these gift certificates. Case closed!
  8. So am I right in assuming that you didn't enjoy the segment which had more casual dressers any less than the one with the more upscale dressers? Glad to hear that. No one seemed to care and no one should unless there is a flagrant violation of the dress code. I always joke that a plan blue tuxedo with a ruffled shirt and a red velvet bowtie confirms to the dress code for formalwear but I'd much rather look at someone in a nice pair of jeans and a nice shirt.
  9. With the same menus night after night. It simply is not the same thing as having an opens seating restaurant with varied options nightly. jmo.
  10. This has nothing to do with providing the hard working crew with a benefit. It has everything to do with Regent making money off selling these gift certificates.
  11. I'm looking forward to this refurbishment. You get all the nice decorative features of the Muse and still have a main restaurant with open seating and none of that nonsense of having to decide where you want to eat six months in advance.
  12. My main problem with Uniworld is the decor of the ships. Not sure I could spend a week or two with all the fake Baroque atmosphere. I like clean lines which is one of the things I love most about the Seabourn ships.
  13. You say not to trust Seabourn with your valuables. I agree.You should NEVER trust ANYONE with your valuables. You should carry them with you personally at all times. The only things you should pack in suitcases that you turn over to a cruise line or airline are clothes and things that can easily be replaced.
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