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  1. midasman7

    Cabin Steward Left Envelope for His Tip

    I only tip in person on the last night for "good service".....also often a bartender for making my drink special each time.
  2. midasman7

    Cartagena the third worst???

    Just there....Feb. 8, 2015............Took the ships excursion, saw the fort, old town, ect..........No problems Vendors can be a pain, just don't make eye contract
  3. midasman7

    Who's used Park&Go in Ft. Lauderdale?

    Thanks........ I will try them in Jan. Just worried about leaving some golf clubs in car.
  4. Did you self park or did they park it for you and keep the keys? I like the price, but not having some one with my keys for 10 or 11 days..
  5. midasman7

    St Lucia

    Will there be tours available at pier?
  6. midasman7

    Just off the Zuiderdam

    Did this cruise in dec. 2010......was our favorite, don't remember any problems, but other reviewers had many.
  7. midasman7

    Hotel/Motel area north of Port Everglades

    KC Thanks, will try Boca
  8. Will be driving to port everglades the day before cruise and want to stop about 30 miles north for the night. Would like a area near freeway with good rates and many choices....
  9. midasman7

    Port Canaveral – Offsite parking

    We just did it Jan 28----Feb 4 and it worked great, it was 1/2 price and the shuttles were fast. They load and unload your bags, just a couple of bucks for tips on each end....
  10. midasman7

    Excursion in San Juan PR

    Wonder if anyone knows of any area's to avoid in San Juan?
  11. midasman7

    Religious services???

    Is Mass or other religious services offered on NCL ships?
  12. Wife has trouble with patch (coming OFF it) On last cruise we heard about green apples for sea sickness, but missed the details. Do you eat before cruise, or wait until the rock & roll starts?? Anyone with exp. on this?