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  1. ol...interesting....all 4 of my bids still show pending....i'm above minimum, but still not much hope at this point.
  2. that's what i keep hoping to see as we sail sunday....but all mine are still pending....so not looking good right now for us.... good luck, I think you got it
  3. Freedom was staffing there later in the week...
  4. Thanks! They will be happy to hear ... i will pass the info on to them
  5. Searches did not reveal nay results....so hoping someone can answer... Last year we were on freedom with the grandkids and they had soft-serve ice cream on the pool deck. Does the newly updated Oasis have soft serve ice cream available somewhere? We are taking the crew on the Oasis in a couple of weeks and they are asking and i cannot answer it even though my wife and I sailed her last year (we dont look for things like that typically) Thanks in advance...
  6. Thanks....i just read the same on another thread in the port of call board saying porters will stop us as we pull in on level 2 more than likely. The poster was quite impressed with the ease of parking. I"m used Tampa and Port Canaveral, but have never driven into Miami before
  7. Are there porters up there to take the luggage or do we have to take it all down the elevator to get it checked? Just asking as we are small group with elderly that will not be able to help, so could be a struggle and multiple trips
  8. I'm curious about this as well....were they still disembarking? Could be some were from the cruise prior?
  9. Curious, was the OS bid the first you made? I have 4 bids out and the one up top never changes
  10. This was my issue. I would be paying more for the balcony than if i had booked it originally...not worth it... as I have said, if you want to give me cruise fare back, i'll jump on it....but be like others and upgrade me - take my royalup bid...i'l not complain then 🙂
  11. ah...right...some always thought we got that but most ports did away with it long time back...I personally never have issue there - i wanna get on board as quick as possible though 😄
  12. I still get DPlus priority boarding....not sure why you think it is gone. We have gotten dedicated checkin area and called as priority for boarding when they start the process. Have you been refused priority?
  13. I have not. The survey period ends tomorrow. Jan 31. I saw on the Feb 23 roll call that some royalUp bids were accepted. Not sure when they might process some of those for the Mar 1 sailing - it could actually resolve some of their JS issues as well.
  14. I have done guaranty cabins a few times in the past and never had a problem. That category clearly states you get that cabin or BETTER....i have seen some topics on people getting downgraded but you should be able to negotiate that if it happens
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