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  1. Sailing on Allure on Sunday and still have not heard if my bid has been accepted to jump from a JS to an OS...so I am guessing I will get the rejection email tomorrow. This is fine because we love the JS on Oasis Class ships but thought it would be fun to experience an Owners Suite. Last time we cruised on Allure in March we were upgraded to a Crown Loft Suite on the back of the ship. The room was GREAT but the noise back there from all of the activity on sports deck was never ending. I continued to hear it when we got home!
  2. How much do people tip their genies when they get such great service? I am hoping to be in the Star class one day and don't want to undertip!
  3. Thanks for the great review! It really helped me get excited for our upcoming cruise on Allure on June 9. We will be celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary and my retirement...can't wait! I was wondering if you noticed any problems with the Unlimited Dining Package? Was Izumi Hibachi available any night with this package? (On Oasis with the Ultimate package, they only let you use it the first night and on Allure in March we had to pay $10 pp to use it.) Also, could you use the restaurants for lunch without issue even on days when you were at a port? Thanks in advance for your time in answering these questions!
  4. Here is the email that I got about changes to Mariner's ports of call: Dear Travel Partner, We are looking forward to welcoming your clients onboard Mariner' of the Seas for their March 8th, 2019 sailing. Please share the below update to their itinerary, so they can plan their vacation accordingly. Dear Guest, We have an itinerary change for our Mariner of the Seas sailing on March 8th, 2019. Over the past year, we've been making enhancements to our private destination, CocoCay. Unfortunately, we're going to need more time than expected to finish construction of a bridge between two areas on the island. This needs to take place during this cruise and for your safety and comfort, it is best to not have anyone on the island. So, instead of sailing to CocoCay, we'll now visit Grand Bahama Island, which offers the opportunity to explore caves, swim with the dolphins at Lucaya Beach, or sightsee underwater on a glass bottom boat tour. We are sorry for this last-minute change and while we were able to add a new destination for you to discover, to help make up further for this inconvenience, we're providing you with a refund valued at 1 day, based on the cruise fare paid. This refund will be posted to your onboard account. If your total onboard spend doesn't reach this amount, the remaining balance will be refunded to your card on file once onboard. Below, please find our updated itinerary. Day Port of Call Arrive Depart Fri Miami, Florida 4:30 PM Sat Grand Bahama Island 9:00 AM 6:00 PM Sun Nassau, Bahamas 8:00 AM 5:00 PM Mon Miami, Florida 6:00 AM Lastly, any pre-paid Royal Caribbean International shore excursion scheduled for CocoCay will be refunded to your original form of payment. Within the next 3 business days, you'll receive an email from our Shore Excursion Department advising of your refund details. Then, feel free to browse through our Cruise Planner for additional excursions in Grand Bahama Island that may interest you. We look forward to welcoming you onboard! Sincerely, Aurora Yera-Rodriguez Director of Guest Services Royal Caribbean International
  5. I had some clients that sailed on Mariner of the Seas in March and they changed their stop from Coco Cay to Grand Bahama Island because of the work that is being done on Coco Cay...something to do with the bridge. RCCL gave them 1/3 of their money back because of this change...so I am surprised that they are not doing something in this situation. Maybe because there are so many people on all of these sailings that they cannot afford it??? However, if I were really upset about the changes, I would have to remind them that sometimes they do compensate their passengers. (it was the March 8 sailing...I might even be able to find the email we got if anyone is interested.) Luckily my husband and I are on the June 9 sailing and our stay in Jamaica was just slightly altered.
  6. Just got an email that makes me believe this package covers all specialty restaurants for lunch and dinner regardless of whether or not you are at port or sea. Thoughts???
  7. I wish they would differentiate bids for Crown Loft L1 and Crown Loft L2 suites. To me there is a huge difference between these suites. We have stayed in both and they are great...but if you get an L2, you face the sports deck instead of right over the ocean and we prefer the quiet ocean view instead of watching all of the activities down below. I would for sure bid on an L1 for our upcoming June 9 cruise on Allure if I knew it was just for an L1. Instead, my fingers are crossed that our bid on the Owners Suite is accepted!
  8. I don't think the grand suite is worth it, but I would try the owners suite!
  9. OK...we are sailing on Allure 3/17 and the ship has appeared to be sold out for days. However, I just got notification that our Royal Up offer was accepted...being upgraded from a Jr. Suite to a Crown Loft Suite...with minimum bid. However our friends that have a Jr. Suite guarantee have yet to be assigned a stateroom. We are super excited but have never stayed in the Crown Lofts on the back of the ship....not sure I will like them as well as the ones on the side of the ship...what a problem to have!!!
  10. We are on Allure sailing 3/17. It appears there are no staterooms available on the ship but I got the email to bid last week. Friends that we are sailing with purchased a jr suite guarantee and still have not been assigned a stateroom. You would think they would assign guarantees before having people bid on a sold out ship???
  11. I feel RCCL bares some responsibility with a lost bag since they were the ones transporting it. It has been a month and I cannot even get customer service to call me back. I have called a dozen times and have been assigned different agents that never follow up on the case. Finally, yesterday, a got a hold of an agent that told me the person assigned to this case (3rd different person) is on medical leave. Wouldn't you think that they would reassign her cases....we have waited over a week to get a call from her. Then after being asked to list all of the items in the bag and what they cost, I was told they only reimburse you $300 for a lost bag! That seems really low since it is a 7 day cruise with 2 formal nights. The bag alone is about $300. Sorry for ranting...it seems to me like RCCL needs a better system or they should encourage their customers to walk off with their own luggage instead of having a short window of opportunity 7:00-8:30 to do it.
  12. I am sailing on Allure on March 17, 2019 and have been closely watching prices for suites because my husband and I would love to upgrade from our jr. suite. Final payment is coming up so I was excited to see if there would be a drop in price like sometimes happens closer to the sailing. As of about 4 days ago there were MANY suites available in the different categories but then all of a sudden they all disappeared. Not one is available right now...not even jr. suites. I checked other sailings after March 17 and they were not showing any available either. I find this odd that they would all disappear over night! I am wondering if the Royal Up program is causing glitches in their system? We got the email asking if we wanted to bid on an upgrade and I did but have not heard back from them yet. Has anyone else seen this happen to their sailing???
  13. We just got off of Allure yesterday (Great cruise!) but one of the people in our group was unable to find her bag when she got off of the ship at the new terminal. She filed a missing bag report and the person that she talked to said that they would contact her, but so far, no word. She was told that they had 4 lost bags on the previous cruise and all of them were found. Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if you knew what her chances of getting it back are. If she does not get it back, does RCCL compensate her in any way? Thanks for your replies!
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