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  1. Thank you all for your information!
  2. Hi Hank! Is the train station at a walkable distance from the tender port? thanks
  3. Hi, my husband and I will be in Cannes with our cruise. We don't want to do an excursion. We are thinking to walk around in Cannes. Should we also go in Nice ? Spend half of day in Nice then the other half of day in Cannes? How much time is the ride in train between the 2 cities? Thanks for your help!
  4. 800 $ per night! Too expensive for me
  5. Hi, we want to stay for 2 nights in Venuce after our cruise. Any hotel recommandation ? Thanks
  6. Hi, My husband and I will be visiting the port of Catania in Sicily while cruising with Royal Carribean. Any recommandations of what to do there? Thanks!
  7. Hi My husband and I will visit the port of Split in Croatia while cruising with Royal Carribean. Any recommandations on what to do there? Just vist the city by ourselve or do an excursion? Thank you for your help
  8. I just rent a golf kart and I am exciting about that day in Bonaire. I read they give us a map.
  9. I am in the process to rent my side by side (wolverine) with Road Runner - they also have ATV
  10. I will be in Aruba for a long day. We usually like to rent a car or a jeep to do a tour of islands we go. I read somewhere some people renting a Side by Side for the day. Any experiences ? Where to rent it ? Thanks for your help!
  11. Very nice! So existing to do that Golf Kart tour when we will be there :)
  12. I just did my golf kart reservation :) did you do a tour of the Island ? do we have time ? How much time it takes if you only do short stop ?
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