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  1. Got an interesting deck of playing cards, it's for the MS Sunward, but I have never seen these cards before. I know she was a ferry before becoming the NCL cruise ship, but I don't know if these are from her ferry days or when NCL had her. MS Sunward is the *only* ship name on the boxes and cards which is interesting. Also have a weird color deck for Princess Cruises as it's not blue and white, it's this deep green and white. Also got a nice double deck from Safmarine for the S.A. Vaal (which became the Festivale for Carnival). And a deck for the Sun Vista which would catch fire during a cruise and sink in 1999.
  2. The postmark on the back is Nov, 9, 1965, only 4 days before the disaster, and sure, I'll post a photo of the back showing the message.
  3. I have an interesting cruise postcard, it's a little sad as I don't know if the person who wrote it survived or not the disaster, but I have a November 9, 1965 SS Yarmouth Castle postcard, the ship would catch fire and burn November 13, 1965. I hope she survived, but she must have if I have the postcard now. this is the dated postcard for *that* fateful cruise.
  4. All I have is 4 postcards for the Bahama Star, and I'll post a photo of one of them, but I am also going to include in this post a photo of my SS Yarmouth Castle postcard, as the Bahama Star rescued 489 people from the burning SS Yarmouth Castle, and I actually have a dated postcard for that disaster, the date stamped on the back of my Yarmouth Castle postcard is November 9, 1965 and the ship caught fire on November 13, 1965.
  5. I don't have many souvenirs of the Southward, except a deck of round playing cards, a model of the ship which came in a lil plastic case and a couple of postcards and a nice glass souvenir dish.
  6. The final remainders of my SS United States items arrived today, so can finally post the photos of the last of the items I was waiting for. Just some small things like 2 envelopes, one is for Airmail, a postcard and 2 unused luggage stickers for First Class.
  7. More of my SS United States items came in, I'm just waiting now on the 2 first class sticker tags. Here are the photos I took of the items that arrived today including that one I told you about the deadlights and ports. And a June 27, 1960 Gala Dinner Menu, and a sign saying the dining room is closed. And a daily steward overtime report form (unfilled). More photos will be added as haven't taken photos of everything yet.
  8. lol Oops I made a typo, I mean *Officer Of The Watch* not water. Not sure why I typed water. The form is not what you'd expect, it's more of a pink colored card instead of a sheet.
  9. Once they arrive, I'll take photos of the other items including 2 First class sticker tags, a sign saying *Dining Room Closed*, A 1954 Sailing Schedule, Staff Daily Overtime Report Sheets to keep track of crew hours, and a cleaning sheet listing all the cabin numbers showing all the rooms that need vacuuming and shampooing and a cabin class landing card, a menu and a card from engineering to department heads to close somethings called Ports And Deadlights On The Decks which had to be signed by the Officer of the water, the engineering department and steward department.
  10. I'm not sure, the letter doesn't say, but maybe to keep track of passengers so they didn't lose any? Not sure, sadly no way to find out.
  11. If noticed, I also had a couple of signs from the dining rooms and such too? As for the Chief Purser letters, it has to do with the fact that a purser from each class has to check destination of each landing passenger going to one of the hotels listed on the front page of the letter seen in the one photo, which would be marked with a check on a list and the list turned over to a Mr. Gray upon docking. There is a second Chief Purser letter which I haven't taken a photo of yet and it's in regard to passengers that transfer to a higher class during the voyage and the collection of the difference of the fare will be 50% per diem. Once I take more photos, I will post them.
  12. You'll be happy to know my items have arrived in the mail and I have taken photos of some of the unique items. I have photos of repair pads from the SS United State's Chief Engineer, Board Signs for some of the areas of the ship such as for the dining rooms, linen, baggage, Disembarkation cards, ect. I hope will enjoy these photos of crew items probably we wouldn't normally see. I have more items but haven't taken photos of them yet.
  13. I think the mini shovel spoons and the dangly charm spoons from the ships are some of my favorite, or the unique ones like the spears one for the Britannis. I also have a teensy fork, but it's not really a cruise ship, it's for a Canadian car ferry that's been scrapped, the souvenir fork is only 2 1/2 inches long. I also like the ones where the ship is etched into the bowl part of a spoon.
  14. I only have a couple of souvenirs from *The Big Red Boat*. I have a spoon for the *Starship Majestic* and a nice porcelain model for the *Starship Atlantic* .
  15. I'm not sure, especially why a doctor would have items from repair and engineering, which is a little puzzling to me, but I'm happy to get these items. There are some items not listed as I don't know yet what they are as they were not listed, just listed as extra odds and ends, so should be interesting to see what they are.
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